DIY Wood Christmas Tree Crafts

Whether you’ve just grown tired of having to buy real pine trees or have simply grown fond of rustic, upcycled crafts, DIY wood Christmas tree crafts are a great way to turn your unused pallets into well-loved decor! Check out these 20 low-cost crafts we’ve compiled. Check out more DIY chritmas tree ideas here.

22 Low-Cost DIY Wood Christmas Tree


1. Rustic Verse Pallet Tree

The beauty of pallet trees that you may not find in regular Christmas trees is that you can write messages on them, and this one has a verse perfect for Christmas! Check it out @ The Thinking Closet. Lauren and Mark show you how to complete this deign and share the design for free.

DIY Easy Wood Tree Plans Rogue Engineer 1 730x487 1

2. Easy Geometric Christmas Tree

Love geometric furniture and decor? This easy geometric Christmas tree looks like it was taken straight out of a 3D retro game. You’ll love the dimensional effect this tree has to offer. Check it out @ Rogue Engineer. He breaks down what materials you’ll need, gives step by step directions, and even has a video tutorial.


3. Faux Pallet Tree

Can’t cut wood? No problem! This DIY wood Christmas tree only needs paint and twine to work. This is absolutely perfect if you want to be able to add other designs apart from the tree, (i.e. angels, snowmen, etc). You’re basically working with a blank rectangle canvas limited only by your imagination! Get the tutorial @Average But Inspired.

4. Embellished Pallet Christmas Tree

Who says pallet Christmas trees can’t have nice ornaments? This embellished pallet Christmas tree looks charming with the use of pretty little buttons, napkins and paint. Check out the tutorial @ Wildflowers and Pistols. Heather provides you with the exact measurements to replicate these designs.

9 Pallet Wood Christmas Card Tree making it in the mountains

5. Pallet Christmas Tree Card Holder

Each year the holiday cards arrive and I’m not always sure what to do with them–that is until now! With a pallet and some silver bells, this functional and sentimental pallet Christmas tree would make for a great display of all those holiday cards from Making It in the Mountains.

Advent Tree

6. DIY Advent Calendar Pallet Christmas Tree

Make your holidays extra special with this beautiful, stunning, and kid-friendly advent calendar pallet Christmas tree! You can check it out @ Tamara’s Joy. Tamara walks you through each step, tools and materials needed to complete, and provides detailed measurements for easy completion.

reclaimed wood You Cut Tree Farm Christmas sign Funky Junks Old Sign Stencils Fusion Mineral Paint 012

7. Farmhouse Christmas Tree Sign

A playful mix of rustic and farmhouse chic, this pallet Christmas tree and sign will blend in beautifully anywhere – modern or classic. Check out the tutorial @ Funky Junk Interiors. Donna makes this design look easy to complete as she gives you step by step directions.

Easy Pallet Tree Tutorial

8. Christmas Lights Pallet Tree

Want a fabulous pallet tree but don’t have the woodworking skills for it? No worries! This Christmas lights pallet tree produces a distinctly beautiful Christmas tree outline with a string of Christmas lights, so you don’t need fiddle with power tools! Turn your regular old pallets into a lighted masterpiece @ Redhead and Decorate.

scrap wood christmas trees 550x367 1

9. Leftover Christmas Tree

If you have smaller pieces of unused wood lying around, don’t throw them away just yet! Turn them into beautiful, stacked wood Christmas tree from Refresh Living. These would make for great simple decorations for Christmas. Also, I love the idea of upcycling unused items you’ve already have.

Upcycled DIY wooden Christmas tree s

10. The Salvaged Tree

If you live in an old house, chances are, you have quite a bunch of unused hooks, knobs, wood, and all sorts of unused, yet rustic items. Now you can combine these and make the perfect upcycled rustic tree! I love how Claire upcycles with a little use of paint to give these knobs a new life. To complete you’ll need some power tools but, it’s a pretty straight forward design.

IMG 1151

11. Outdoor Pallet Christmas Tree

Perhaps one of the quickest and easiest to make, this outdoor pallet tree is perfect for the no-fuss, no-frills crafter. It’ll happily withstand most kinds of weathers. In fact, it’ll look even prettier as time and the seasons wear it down. Check out the tutorial @ Beyond the Picket Fence.

DIY Christmas Trees with Marquee Lights

12. DIY Wood Christmas Tree with Marquee Lights

If you love all things bright and beautiful, you’ll definitely light up when you see this marvelous wood pallet Christmas tree from Christmas Lights Etc! For approximately $25 you can complete this design.

tree shelf 6

13. Pallet Christmas Tree Shelf

Putting up a Christmas tree can surely get you into the holiday spirit, but did you know that your tree can also be functional? This pallet Christmas tree doubles as shelves that you can use to store books, Christmas trinkets, or any other items you want to keep up there all for around $10. You can check it out @ Ana White.

pallet christmas tree 006

14. Plaid Pallet Christmas Tree

There’s nothing that screams vintage farmhouse more than a plaid shirt. Now combine that with a pallet Christmas tree and you’ve yourself the ultimate DIY country house wooden Christmas tree! You can hang small cuts of the flannel on strings and fix them onto the pallet tree, or straight up glue them on. Don’t forget to top your tree off with a burlap star to boost the rustic vibes! Check out the tutorial at The Country Chic Cottage.

copyright 4235 683x1024 1

15. Stacked Driftwood Christmas Tree

If you don’t have pallets to work with, no problem. This Bohemian Christmas tree is made using driftwood stacked on top of one another to create a modern yet cozy design. You’ll need to collect several driftwood pieces in different lengths, then position them in a zigzag format to end up with the silhouette of a Christmas tree. After that, you can go crazy with decorations since it can go with any theme. Check out the tutorial at Sustain my Craft Habit.


16. Painted Pallet Christmas Tree

“Less is more” can be an awesome guide to follow when crafting your own DIY wood Christmas tree. This is especially true when you have kids who you want to involve in the process without making a mess or failing altogether. Here, you just need pallets with slats evenly placed. Then, you can proceed to paint the shape of a Christmas tree in white or green colors, and finally, decorate it as you see fit. Take a look at the full tutorial at Valu Home Centers.

DSC3762 768x513 1

17. Hanging Stick Christmas Tree

If you’re searching for a truly innovative wooden Christmas tree design, then this hanging stick Christmas tree may be exactly what you want. Start this quick and simple project by collecting hard branches and sticks of similar thickness. Then, connect the sticks in a descending order using strings, hang the tree on the wall, and just add your favorite ornaments. You can read the full tutorial at County Baskets.

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar Wall Mounted Advent Calendar Rustic Christmas

18. Wall Mounted Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a Christmas tradition for many families. The DIY Dreamer shows us how to make a simple and low cost advent calendar that can be reused year after year.

Ladder Christmas Tree

19. Wooden Ladder Christmas Tree

Ready to get rid of that old wooden step ladder that’s taking up space in your garage? Well, why not transform it into an unconventional yet fun Christmas tree instead? Repurpose your old ladder and stack plenty of decorations under it or add shelves to make it even more unique. Check out the tutorial at instructables living.

Branch DIY Christmas tree gk 2s

20. Branch Christmas tree

This tree would be great to make with kids. You could find the branches outside together. Then, follow the simple directions from Pillar Box Blue to assemble. Finish off by adding your own ornaments and maybe adding a classic popcorn string to finish your look.

21. Natural Wood Log

One idea is to create a rustic tree by using natural wood logs. You can stack them vertically or place them in a pyramid shape. Then, decorate with string lights, garland, and ornaments.

22. Geometric Tree

If you want something truly different, try making a geometric tree of plywood or other wood shapes. You can get as creative as you want with the shapes and colors.

Craft Your Very Own Masterpiece Today!

DIY wood Christmas tree crafts are perfect for upcycling or recycling old wood, but they’re also perfect for adding just the right touch of classy, rustic chic to any home. Try your hand at these projects and don’t forget to post about your latest creation in the comments section! Next, you may want to think about making a DIY Christmas shirt or sweater or even try your hand at a crochet Christmas tree skirt. Happy crafting!

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