DIY Christmas Shirts and Sweaters

Looking to show your Christmas spirit to the world? No worries; there are plenty of ideas for fabulous and festive DIY Christmas shirts that range from easy to difficult, so that you can choose the one that works best with your creativity and sense of style. We’ve even got you covered for all your ugly Christmas sweater needs!

20 Fun DIY Christmas Shirts and Sweaters

1. Glitzy Reindeer Sweater

Make your own Glitzy Reindeer Ugly Sweater Perfect for the Holidays uglysweaterchallenge

Classified as an ugly sweater, which means that it’s an attempt to capture the over-the-top nature of old Christmas sweater, this glitzy reindeer sweater is perfect if you’re looking for a sparkly outfit to wear to a Christmas party. Check out the tutorial @ One Krieger Chick

2. Christmas Morning T-Shirt

0032572 300x300 1

Miss the days when you were a kid rushing to the Christmas tree on a peaceful and blissful Christmas morning? Capture the nostalgia and magic of Christmas morning with this pretty Christmas morning t-shirt!

3. Simple Kids Glitter Christmas Tree Shirt

Sparkle and Shine DIY Christmas Shirt for Kids

This adorable Christmas tree shirt is simple, yet sweet! It adds just the right amount of Christmas cheer with a DIY Christmas shirt and is easy to complete. With the focus on glue, paint, and glitter, I’m sure this is a must do for my daughter this year! I know Shaunna says this is a kids shirt but, I could see having matching mom and daughter shirts of this design and my daughter would love that even more! Check out the tutorial @ Fantastic Fun and Learning

4. Colorful Christmas Tree Shirt

colorful christmas tree tee

I know I thought that last tree had some glitter, which don’t get me wrong it did! But, I’d say it was a nice pop of glitter. But, this shirt if perfect for you if you’re really into glitter art! With dazzling Christmas trees placed against a dark backdrop to really make theChristmas trees sparkle! Check out the tutorial here

5. Ribbon Christmas Tree Shirt

178 0599 thumb7

This adorable ribbon Christmas tree shirt has all the frills you need to make your child’s outfit fun and fabulous. You can even pick the colors and style of each layer of the tree based on you or your child’s preferences. You can check out the guide @ Stuff by Ash

6. Christmas Cheer Tree Shirt

christmas cheer tshirt 1

Looking for a fun craft to do with your kids? This painted Christmas cheer shirt is a safe and easy craft to make, and is highly customizable based on you and your child’s aesthetic preferences. Kristen breaks down what materials you’ll need and how she created this design. Then, you can follow along or let your creative juices flow and customize it. Check out the tutorial @ All Free Christmas Crafts

7. Felt Christmas Tree Shirt

009 225x300 1

Want something with a bit more pizazz but don’t have the sewing skills for it? No worries, glue guns are easy to work with and will make your design hold up well. I like how this tutorial even provides an idea for making the festive hair clip pictured above the shirt. What a simple and fun idea! Check out this glue gun-based felt Christmas tree shirt @ A Girl and a Glue Gun!

8. Snowman Sweater or Shirt

snowman shirt 3

With some basic ironing skills, we recommend giving these snowman shirt or sweater a try! The snowman is a well-loved classic. I love the added twist that Amanda uses to customize the snowman’s mouth. But, feel free to adjust this design to suit you! Check it out @ Crafts By Amanda

9. Christmas Tree Shirt with Buttons and Ribbon

IMG 6342

Another beautiful craft from Mod Podge Rocks, this Christmas tree shirt is a button for the win! This simple design would be great to complete with kids and let them pick out the different buttons and ribbon. Plus, it’s easy to complete with use of a shirt or sweater, Mod Podge transfer medium, graphic of your choice, foam brush, wax paper, and scissors.

10. Knitted Heavily-Embellished Sweater

christmassweater21 300x295 1

Love to knit? Show off your knitting powers with this heavily-embellished Christmas sweater filled with Christmas cheer! This sweater will surely turn heads with its bright and highly festive design. It even works as a men’s Christmas sweater, as per the picture!

11. Lighted Christmas Tree Sweater

DIY Christmas Jumper Sweater with Lights | Paige Joanna

Can’t decide which design to go with? Why not go with this lighted Christmas sweater? It may take a little more effort but, it’ll definitely impress! And truth be told, it’ll not be too hard to make and will certainly bring that Christmas joy!

12. Lighted Christmas Tree Sweater

DIY Ugly Sweater for Men

Another great lighted Christmas tree sweater! If you want a bit more structure to the decor you’d like to wear, then go ahead and try out this lighted Christmas tree sweater; now you have a proper structure to place all your decor on! Got to love how this Christmas tree even has a skirt!

13. Light Up Christmas Sweater

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater with Lights

Here’s another great light up sweater that isn’t a Christmas tree. What a cute festive sweater! You won’t be able to win any ugly sweater contest with this DIY sweater. You will need glue, scissors, battery powered lights, a sweater, and some pins–but, you won’t need to sew unless you desire too.

14. Be Merry and Bright

3 Ugly Sweater Party Kim Byers

Nothing like some sparkle to bring out holiday cheer! These iron-on really transform this basic tee into a fun design. I like how it’s a got a fun holiday saying with some Christmas lights. It’s really a nice festive shirt that fun and simple. Follow the directions @ the celebration shoppe

15. Snow Globe Sweater

How to DIY an Ugly Christmas Sweater Snow Globe

Watch as Jenelle makes an easy to complete sweater snow globe. I don’t know about you but, I’ve yet to see anyone with a sweater like this for the holidays–here’s to being the first with this original idea!

16. Tie-Dye Snowman

DIY Tie-Dye Snowman Hoodie

A fun and non traditional Christmas shirt with the use of tie-dye. This would be a great way to incorporate teens into getting into the holiday spirit. Even though it’s non traditional it really does still remind you of Christmas and it’s design is easier to complete then I expected!

17. Gift Paper Vest


I know this isn’t per say a sweater but, what a neat idea! We all have some left over wrapping paper, this could be a very good use for it! I’m sure your friends and family would get a kick out of it too! Best of all this will only take approximately an hour to complete. Check it out @ All Free Holiday Crafts

18. Garland Christmas Tree

Ugly Christmas Sweater Baby and Kids Christmas Tree Glue The Mommy Promotion 225x300 1

See how Beth @ the mommy promotion creates this simple Christmas tree sweater with a few ornaments and garland. She also has pictures where she adds more ornaments and lights to really spruce up the look! This would be a great DIY Christmas tree sweater to make in a pinch when you realize you don’t have anything to wear and need to find something fast!

19. Grinch Sweater


There are a few Christmas movies everyone loves and I feel like the Grinch is one of them. Why not watch your favorite Christmas movie while wearing your Christmas sweater?!? See how to recreate this design @ Instructables

20. Abominable Snow Monster

DIY ugly Christmas sweater (abominable snowmonster) 🎄

Another favorite is the Abominable Snow Monster and how fun is he with the added Christmas lights and the “snow”! This design is going to take some extra time to create but, it surely looks worth the effort!

Some More Ideas

1. Get a plain white or red shirt.

2. Cut out a Christmas tree shape from green felt.

3. Glue or sew the felt onto the shirt.

4. Add decorations to the tree with sequins, beads, or other small craft items.

5. Wear your new shirt with pride!

You can also use this same method to make other Christmas-themed shirts, like reindeer or snowmen shirts. Just get creative and have fun!

Wear Your Holiday Spirit Today!

Now that you’ve seen just some of the things you can do with a shirt or a sweater, pick a project from our DIY Christmas shirts list and mix in your own personal touch to make it extra special! You could give it as a diy christmas gift or wear it yourself for a more festive and fun Christmas! We’ve also got some fun diy elf costumes you might need to check out next! Don’t forget to share the ones you’ve made in the comments section below. Happy crafting!