DIY Christmas Elf Costume
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DIY Christmas Elf Costume Ideas for you

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Elves are happy, helpful creatures that help Santa make presents and take care of the reindeer. They are well-loved, timeless creatures of Christmas that bring smiles to everyone they meet. Whether you’re diminutive or gigantic, you can be a happy helper too with these awesome DIY Christmas elf costume project.

12 DIY Christmas elf costume ideas

1. DIY Elf On The Shelf

No-Sew DIY Elf on the Shelf Kid Costume

This simple no-sew christmas Elf On The Shelf costume can be adapted for baby, adult, and everyone in between. Your little ones will be so busy looking out to see if each other are naughty or nice, you just might get the night off! These outfits are also reusable and can be used as matching Christmas PJs or even just re-purposed for Halloween or other holiday outfits. Enjoy!

2. Elf Felt Shoe Covers

These adorable felt shoe covers are perfect for the little happy helpers in your life! They’re a bit fragile, but they’re also low-cost, making them easy to replace. Check out the guide here!

3. Easy Felt Elf Hat Pattern

Looking for some low-cost elf-based props for the holidays? This easy felt elf hat pattern is perfect for photo-ops or as part of an elf outfit. A bit of sewing know-how is required for this DIY.

4. Stocking and Elf Costume from Sweaters

A lot of us probably have too much Christmas sweaters that pile up every year, some of them no longer wearable but hold a lot of memories. Now you can keep those memories alive by upcycling them into an elf costume and stocking by following the instructions @ instructables!

5. Elf on the Shelf Costume

Not a lot of people are familiar with the elf on the shelf; they’re usually used to the green helper elf. If you’re itching to try something new but don’t want to give up the elf look, this DIY Christmas elf costume @ instructables is the way to go.

6. Felt and Faux Fur Elf Costume for Adults

Have a knack for sewing and an eye for design? This fabulous felt and faux fur elf costume for adults is a fun challenge to try. Check it out here.

7. Easy Elf Costume

Want to dress to impress but don’t have the time? This easy elf costume requires only a bit of sewing know-how and a bit of imagination to impress your friends and family.

8. Three-Step Elf Costume

This three-step elf costume not only is easy to make, but is also robust and looks absolutely adorable on little kids. Check out the tutorial @ Costume Pop

9. Santa and Elf LED Hats

Help Rudolph light up the foggiest Christmas eves with these Santa and Elf LED hats! Simply follow the instructions here.

10. Costume Elf Ears

Simple and distinct, these elf ears are easy to make and definitely much easier to wear! If you’re looking for a no-fuss, no-frills elf-inspired look, look no further than this simple elf ears tutorial.

11. Christmas Elf Dress

Sometimes, store-bought dresses are simply too plain and too boring to wear. This DIY Christmas elf costume, on the other hand, brings a touch of class and elegance to the well-loved classic elf outfit. Check out the tutorial @ Fancy Dress Ideas

12. Dog Elf Costume

Dogs are one of mankind’s most adorable little helpers, and it makes sense to dress them as such this Christmas. This simple tutorial will give your dog a fabulous elf makeover in no time!

Get Ready to Help Santa Make Christmas Extra Special This Year!

Pick out a costume for you and your family, and let your creativity bring out the happy helper in you and the people around you! Make the holidays extra cheery with a fun DIY Christmas elf costume.

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