The Best Tape for Fabric to Easily and Quickly Hem Clothes and Other Materials

Whether you are looking for ways to ease out your sewing projects or looking for a method to avoid sewing in the first place: fabric tape is the answer. A high-quality tape in this category can help you hem clothes or seam almost any fabric instead of using a needle and thread, but it can also assist you by keeping the fabric in place while working your stitching magic on it. 

This type of tape used for fabric, also called hem tapes, are the perfect solution to modify your projects more than once. Founded years ago, it is still as widely used as back then. As you may expect, there are several variants to this kind of tape. Luckily – as for different weights, types, and sizes of fabrics, you will have to find yourself the perfect tape for it. Aside from that, hem tapes come with many other factors as well, such as if they need to be ironed on or not, and if the tape works as a permanent or just a temporary bond. 

To help you find the right fabric tape for you and your project, we have put together a concise but complete guide on the best tape for fabric. Below, you will find a list of reviewed hem tapes for the most common fabrics, how to use them, and where to purchase them. Last but not least, we have completed our guide with a few frequently asked questions to help you along more while using this DIY-product. Read on below to find out what our take is on the best double-sided tape for fabric and our reviews!

#1: Best Overall Quick-Fix Choice: Dritz Stitch Witchery Fusible Bonding Web in White

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Permanent: yes

Iron needed: yes

As the name says itself: with this fusible bonding web by Dritz, you are immediately able to do perform some stitch witchery! This hemming tape has a permanent application, and with that, it bonds two layers of material. For application, you will need an iron to finish off your seams with this iron tape. This means that – for the ones amongst us that do not prefer sewing, it is a perfect choice. 

Dritz Stitch Witchery is suitable to bond many types of fabric and is next to that ideal for machine washing and dry cleaning. Not only for hemming but also to repair malfunctions in clothing, home accessories, and more, this hemming tape is your best choice. This package contains a roll of 5/8 inch by 20 yards of fabric tape for a very fair price in a plain white color. But, if you are seeking anything other than that, Dritz has many other options. 

#2: Easiest in use: Scotch Essentials Permanent Hem Bonding Strips

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Permanent: yes

Iron needed: no

The reason that Scotch Essentials permanent bonding strips are our chosen number two on the reviews list is that this tape for fabric is extremely easy to use. The pieces of double-sided tape are pre-cut, meaning no hassle when cutting the right size. You can simply take as much you need and even repair urgent clothing malfunctions on the go. The application of these bonding strips holds up through washing and dry cycles. The package contains no less than 30 strips of 3/4 inch by 4 inches.

Also, this tape works good on most fabrics but is less suitable for more delicate materials such as silk. Another great option when you are seeking a no-sew solution! Even though the tape is permanent, it doesn’t mean you can make slight mistakes; the consistency of the tape is comparable to gum that holds cardboard labels inside cookware when you buy it. It sticks strongly but can be peeled off.

#3: Best for Outerwear and Activewear: Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Fabric and Vinyl Repair Tape

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Permanent: yes

Iron needed: no

We have mentioned earlier that different types of tape match different types of fabric. So, for the outdoor-enthusiasts, or just the ones that need a more strong solution to quick-fix their (winter) jackets, for example, Gear Aid Tenacious Tape is, according to us, the best choice. This tape is made to fix holes, bond tears, and other malfunctions on more advanced, technical materials. Most of these fabrics are synthetic and need some extra strength. 

A big plus to this fabric tape is that it is weatherproof and easy to use: it is a simple peel-and-stick application. No iron is needed to apply this strong fabric tape, and it is not suitable for natural fabrics such as cotton or other more delicate materials. It is solely meant to fix heavy duty items, such as outerwear, tents, and even rubber or vinyl is fixed in a second using this Gear Aid tape. 

Last but not least, Tenacious Vinyl Repair is available in seven different colors to match your project, on a roll with the measurements of 3 inch by 20 inches.

#4: Best Heavy-Duty Iron-On Tape: Singer Heavy Duty Iron-On Fusing Web, Fabric Adhesive

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Permanent: yes

Iron needed: yes

In case you are on the hunt for a heavy-duty tape that can fix items such as your favorite pair of jeans, corduroy fabrics, or heavy fabrics used for curtains, Singer just might have the right product for you. This iron-on strip fuses two materials as a breeze, no-sew! The strips can be heat-pressed, and once the tape is securely applied, the fabric can be washed, dry-cleaned, and worn without the tape coming off – it is that strong!

Each package of fusing web contains an 8-yard long and 3/4-inches wide adhesive strip. Also for tears in the fabric, this is a great no-fuss option. The only thing to keep in mind when this tape is applied is to let it rest long enough before washing it, as the bonding might weaken when washing it too soon. All in all, this fusing tape is perfect for those running short in time and who wish to bond heavier fabrics together! 

#5: Best Non-Tape Version: Aleenes Fabric Fusion Adhesive

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Permanent: yes

Iron needed: no

Not only can you spice up fabrics with embellishment by using this adhesive, but it also works incredibly well for no-sew hemming and fixing any tears or holes in materials. When you are a fan of crafting, there are numerous other situations and projects you can use Aleenes Fabric Fusion as well. With its permanent application, you can rely on its long-lasting abilities. Another pro to this adhesive is that it is clear-colored, based on water, low-odor, and non-toxic formula. Which makes the product safe to use for children’s items as well. 

Similar to the other four reviewed products, this one is also suitable to machine-wash and dry-clean. It works well on a wide variety of materials, such as cotton, (faux) leather, and jersey, and doesn’t stiff. Although, as this is a glue-type of application, it will need a little more time to dry in and let it sit. As for the price, that is slightly higher, but given the many applications, it is still a fair price for this kind of product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have listed a few commonly asked questions with an answer to guide you a bit more.

What does fabric tape do?

Fabric tape or hemming tape is a good and useful product that allows their user to melt seams (with an iron), hem seams, or different bond fabrics by sticking them together without using a needle and thread. It also assists sewers in keeping their project and fabrics in place while sewing. In this case, temporary-type tape is used.

What tape sticks to fabric?

For different types of fabric, there are suitable tapes. For example, when you seek to fix or hem outerwear or jackets, Gear Aid Tenacious Tape could be a good option. For the most common fabrics, including cloth, denim, and corduroy, Singer’s Heavy Duty Iron-On Fusing Web will do. However, there are many more types than the five above-listed options, so make sure to gather enough information before you stick any tape to the fabric of your choice to avoid malfunctions.

Does Gorilla Tape stick to fabric?

Although Gorilla Tape (or similar duct-tape) is known to be extremely multifunctional and sticking to many types of surfaces, to stick fabric to fabric, it is recommended to use tapes especially designed to do so to avoid disappointment and achieve the best results.

Does masking tape stick to fabric?

Yes, it does, but it is more of a quick solution. Also, masking tape is often one-sided and makes it hard to stick and bond fabric to fabric. 

Is hemming tape permanent?

Not all hemming tape is permanent. You can find out by carefully reading the packaging and user information on the fabric tape. Many tapes are temporary and can be adjusted and removed; others, often iron-on tapes, are permanent.

The Takeaway on The Best Tape for Fabric

Using special adhesive or tape for fabric can help you out with all of your emergency fixes but also assist you while you are sewing; this type of adhesive is of great value. There are infinite options for each kind of project, but there are also many items suitable for the most common fabrics. Please mind that the above list of reviewed items are not meant to be used on skin, and all come with instructions on how to use them. 

In case you are looking for a tape that is suitable to use on skin, fashion tape might be the right option for you. This tape is also double-sided but is more friendly to the skin and absolutely not permanent! It is also widely used by many famous stars.