Crochet Elf Hat Pattern Ideas for the Holidays

Santa hats are probably the most common hats worn during Christmas season, but there is another kind of hat that’s just as adorable, if not much more so – the elf hat! Elf hats come in different shapes and sizes; from short tails to long tails, and from ones with long, pointy ears, to simple ones that don’t come with ears at all. Unlike Santa hats that come usually with just a solid red color and white accents, elf hats are widely customizable and gorgeous to look at. Below are some crochet elf hat pattern ideas you might want to try.

20 Crochet Elf Hat Pattern Ideas

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  1. Long tail Striped Elf Hat for Babies – An adorable and comfortable striped elf hat for your baby. This free pattern fits 12-24 month old but, Heather describes how to adjust this pattern to fit your desired size.

2. Simple Red and Green Elf Hat – This simple crochet elf hat pattern comes with the classic green and red colors, making it the perfect festive hat for the holidays. There is no picture for this design however, Sara breaks down step by step how to make this design from newborn to adult size. How fun with that be to make matching family elf hats!!

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3. Nature-Inspired Elf Hat – The color combinations for this pattern makes it so that it blends right in with the seasons, while being especially useful during the winter with its ear warmers – perfect for both adults and children. Enjoy this free pattern in English and French.

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4. Santa’s Helper Elf Hat – This crochet elf hat pattern has sizes for both babies and adults. After all, nobody’s too young or too old to help Santa out!

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5. Classic Elf Hat – Need a classic, simple elf hat to help Santa out for Christmas? This classic elf hat is easy to make and goes well with the classic green elf shirt and pointed shoes we’ve all come to know and love. All you need is Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo Yarn, Soft White and Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo Yarn, paddy green.

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6. Fun and Easy Elf Hat – Looking for a super easy, colorful hat to make for your kids? This crochet elf hat pattern comes packed with vibrant colors and a simple design that beginners could easily follow. Breann shows her 3,5, and 7 year old wearing this pattern with no modifications made. Due to the nature of the pattern it’s able to easily fit all her kids. She does recommend using a crochet hook a size up or down to adjust the size as needed.

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7. Long Striped Elf Hat with Blue Accents – A splash of playful pastel blue with bright red and white stripes exudes excitement and anticipation for any festive celebration. This pattern does come in baby and children’s size and is an intermediate crochet pattern. But with a little adjustment I’m sure you can make it adult size too.

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8. Jingle The Elf Hat – This hat sets itself apart from other elf hats not just by its more elegant design, but by the bells that jingle as you walk! There are multiple designs here and modifications to the jingle bell location plus, color ideas. You must check it out!

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9. Rounded Elf Hat with Ears – This enchanting elf hat is inspired by goblin ears, so the ears on this hat are a bit larger compared to other hats, therefore making this stylish hat stand out in a crowd of little-eared elves.

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10. Pink Striped Long Tailed Baby Elf Hat – With more subdued strawberry and almond colors, this crochet elf hat pattern shows off one’s sweet, angelic side. This pattern does cost $1.49 but, it’s adorable and worth it. I like how it looks with worsted weight yarn.

11. Crochet Pixie Elfie Elf – This pattern isn’t your typical elf hat, but the results are stunning. It comes as a hat and a scarf combination, making it an extremely useful for the winter. This is a easy and free crochet pattern you’ll want to check out.

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12. Cute Elf Hat With Ears – With the signature big elf ears and festive green and red stripes, this crochet elf hat pattern looks absolutely adorable on kids. What kid would not LOVE this crochet elf hat and spark the holiday spirt with a little elf giving? Another one of my favorites and it’s also a free pattern.

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13. Baby’s Elf Hat with Pompom – This adorable hat comes in a single, simple solid color in bernat softee chunky emerald, but comes packed with personality with its ridged stripes. Enjoy this free pattern and it’s instruction to adjust the design from newborn to toddler with a 13” head circumference. This is a good design to level up to if you’re new to crocheting because this is an intermediate design.

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14. Festive Elf Hat with Ears – This elf hat comes with gorgeous striped patterns and fairy elf ears – a perfect embellishment to enchant even the simplest onesies. I can’t seam to stop smiling when I see this crocheted elf hat! Stephanie has this design available from 0-3 months all the way to men’s.

Tutorial Elf Knitting Hat Easy (All Sizes)

15. Olive Green Elf Hat – This is a simple, no-nonsense elf hat perfect for keeping children adorable and comfortable. The free directions for this pattern are available in English and Spanish. There’s also a video tutorial available. Good recommendations are made on how to size the hat accordingly for a correct fit, regardless of size.

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16. Adult Snowfall Elf Hat – This soft, comfortable elf hat is the perfect for a little extra fun for the holiday season or any cold time really. Have fun with the colors to customize this free design for the person you’re creating it for. This is a elf hat that is made by knitting.

The One with the Free Crochet Pattern for Dobby the House Elf (Harry Potter)

17. Dobby the House Elf Hat – Need a simple Harry Potter-inspired costume? Just add tattered clothes and you got yourself a magical house elf costume! Tawny provides the details on how to make the Dobby the house elf hat, once you’re created the beanie in Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in buff color.

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18. Sugar Plum Dreams Elf Hat – This soft knit-look baby hat is deceptively easy to make, but results in a beautiful, elf hat that looks like colorful, dream-like rainbows protecting your baby’s head. The yarn that is used in this pattern is no longer available but, I found Lion Brand Yarn Comfy Cotton Blend Yarn, cloud nine or really any of their multicolor yarns would work nicely. This is another easy/intermediate pattern that would be great to test out your skills if you’re a beginner looking for something more challenging.

Elf Hat 2

19. Bright Crochet Elf Hat Pattern – This simple yet elegant combination of blue and green stripes is perfect for adding a splash of color and dash of whimsy to the holidays. For this free design you can find in baby to adult size with recommendations on how to make each size. there are also numerous color ideas shared, so do check them out! This hat is made in Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Spring Green and Red Hart Super Save Yarn, Turqua.

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20.Newbown Crochet Elf Hat Free Pattern – With this cute pompom, and simple Christmas colors, what’s not to love!?! This hat is a quirky accessory for both babies and adults with Jillian providing recommendations and a chart on how to turn this newborn crochet elf hat into an crochet elf hat to fit all. This design in made with Bernat Super Value Yarn in white and Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn in burgundy.

Have Fun You Little Elf! In Your Elf Hat of Course!

While the crochet elf hat pattern isn’t as common or easy as the Santa’s hat, these beautiful elf hats give the wearer a bit more personality, and a lot more color. Try your hand at some of them and see what you prefer. And do share with me your elf hats by commenting below. Happy Crocheting and Just Crafting Around!