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16 Creative Bulky Yarn Crochet Pattern Ideas

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Bulky yarn crochet is where a lot of us start off.

Bulky yarn looks like simple spun thread until something cute is crafted out of it. Once it does, the results can be quite amazing.

There are numerous bulky yarn crotchet patterns to make the item of choice look super, whether you wish to craft a chunky yarn sweater for your chunky baby, a thick yarn scarf to keep your neck warm during the cold winter months, or a simple gift for your pet cat or dog.

Bulky yarn is used for two main reasons. Perhaps the first is to make something heavier than usual. It also tends to be soft and smooth to touch and feel. They are therefore the most ideal for baby clothes.

There are a number of chunky yarn crotchet patterns to think of beyond just bulky yarn crochet hat patterns that we all love. Below are some of the best that I found on the net. Do check them out.

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My Top Pick for Bulky Yarn Crochet Ideas

Snow Queen Blanket – During the cold winter months when you and the baby need more warmth than usual, this is the perfect blanket for beating the cold. The lacy edges with their delicate touch makes the bedroom look very sophisticated.

Easy Crotchet Angel Cloud Afghan – When in need of a thick blanket that is luxurious as well, this is it. Quite easy to make, this super blanket is quite warm and cozy too.

Berry Delight Bennie – It is an easy pattern to stitch. It also lends some pattern to the complete fabric. It helps both kids and adults remain cozy during winter.

Rainbow Lace Crotchet Poncho – The Lion Brand yarn would be an ideal choice for this one. With the cowl neckline, it looks very trendy.

Interlocked Granny Throw Blanket – This is a cozy one for most seasons. If plenty of matching colors are patterned professionally, it can be such an eye-catcher.

Crotchet Snowman Gift Sack – It looks really small but when those items begin streaming inside this gift sack, you realize it isn’t really small.

Aurora Borealis Crotchet – The scarf is amazingly warm with the bulky yarn.

Magic Baby Blanket – The numerous colors entwined together ensure the end result is nothing but a fascinating blanket. Its soft features make it a good consideration for the baby.

Camel Stitch Easy Crotchet Blanket – This blanket can be crocheted along the length running from top to bottom. With the right measurements, nothing could be so appealing as this warm blanket.

Colorful Caterpillar Toy – Thinking of a great baby shower gift? The caterpillar toy would be an ideal item to think of. The oversized toy offers more than comfort to a baby.

Newborn Caterpillar Cocoon – Using bulky yarn makes the results quite amazing. It can be a great last minute gift idea for a friend and definitely a nice bulky yarn crotchet pattern you should try.

Cuddly Newborn Crotchet – This is definitely something to keep the baby warm during the cold months and when taking a stroll in the evening.

Scrap Happy Scarf – Can be made using leftover yarn yet still look great.

Zigzag Watermelon Cowl – This colorful cowl can be a great way to approach summer or spring. With a wide neckline, it is worn off the shoulders.

Button Cowl Crotchet Pattern – It is different from the usual cowls since it has a button. With a beautiful scalloped edge, it is best made of chunky wool. Although there are numerous scarf patterns, this one definitely stands out.

Baby Snow Owl – It spots beautiful big eyes and fuzzy patterns. Fun fur may be added with crotchet stitches for a cuter look.

Go On and Give It A Try

These amazing bulky yarn crochet patterns are a great way to throw a gift to a friend or for personal use. Check out all the different ideas above and pick something to start on using bulky yarn. Feel free to post your finished pattern on the comment section below. Happy crocheting!

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