DIY Christmas Card Ideas for Festive Season

In this modern age of technology, we somehow forgot how it feels to receive or write an intimate and heartfelt letter to someone. We just greet someone through text, put some emojis and call it a day. How about we bring back the tradition this holiday season and pour out our hearts through handwritten words and handcrafted cards? Here are some ideas to help you spread the joy and love this Christmas.

Christmas Card Tree

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Card at Omiyage Blogs

Don’t worry, you don’t need impressive skills for this card. It’s pretty simple to make this washi tape Christmas card. You only need two things: a blank card and washi tape of your choice. 

This also makes a great kids christmas DIY activity as even the smallest ones will be able to stick some tape on paper (and their noses, most likely!) Another fun thing about these is that you don’t need any tools beyond a scissors, so you’ll have less mess, and much less cleanup – hooray!

You can also buy some good quality card stock and feel comfortable giving these cards out to people outside of your family – they’re such a fun and attractive craft project!

IMG 9791

Button Snowman Card at Scrappin With DeeDee

Do you wanna build a snowman… with buttons?

This one is a quickie and a cutie! It’s really simple so you can totally get some of the older kids involved, plus you can re-purpose these for cards, or for gift tags, or even just some Christmas ornaments. Having this on card also gives you a ton of options to personalize. You can doodle in the background, you can put them on an existing watercolor Christmas card or similar, or you can put them over pictures. Really the buttons are just garnish.

Of course if you already have some craft buttons lying around, you’re ready to go – no supplies needed! Super fun for everyone!

watercolor christmas cards tutorial

Watercolor Christmas Card Tutorial at The Postman’s Knock

The Postman’s Knock is one of our favorite sites for in depth tutorials on beautiful craft projects. Lindsey is in high demand for appearances and guest blogs all over the craft and artisan world, and you can quickly see why!

This tutorial for making hand painted watercolor Christmas cards is easy to follow, honestly you don’t even need to know how to draw ornaments because Lindsey’s instructions are so clear. Plus, the great thing about these super artistic holiday cards is they can double as ornaments – wouldn’t you be happy to have these on a tree, or in a wreath?

Let me know in the comments if you’ve had success with these awesome DIY watercolor Christmas cards!

scrappy tree card 02

Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments at Darice Blog

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Burlap is a state of mind, nor a fabric! Burlap seems to be all the trend in arts and crafts right now. So many ideas and crafts done with burlap! It’s an easy material to work with, plus it gives everything you do a fun country vibe. Maybe the most laid back fabric out there?

This burlap tree ornament can even double as a fabric Christmas card. This craft project might be a little more advanced than some of the smaller kiddos will be used too, but it’s definitely one you’ll feel comfortable giving out to family and friends.

Plus, these will look awesome hanging over the fireplace – but maybe don’t let the burlap get too close to the fire! Get your scissors out and get crafting!

homemade christmas cards

Boxwood Christmas Card at Earnest Home Co

Erin makes some of the cutest little craft projects anywhere on the internet, and this is no exception. These awesome homemade Christmas cards feature a wonderful earthy touch courtesy of the sprigs of boxwood hot glued to the front of the card.

Erin took some good quality card stock, printed a simple message on the front, and with a touch of boxwood, had one of the cutest, most modern looking DIY Christmas cards I’ve seen in forever. Best of all these cards come in at a whopping $0.35 each – that’s a steal!

16f50898d543cc6f90f89c610634c442 1

Magic Santa Card at Hello Wonderful

This one is way too much fun not to share! I mean Christmas is about fun, right? Why not give the gift of laughter with this adorable and show stopping card!

This is definitely one that will have to be saved for the older kids, that or heavily supervised as it can be a little tricky to put together. But your kids will love them, and they’ll love to give them.

BlackandGoldOrnamentCards Top Image

Black & Gold Watercolor Ornament Cards at Fox And Hazel

Black and gold are easily the best pair of colors together. They make everything look elegant and chic. So much so that these cute cards would double as an ornament – you can hang them on the wall, or over the fireplace.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your watercolor and craft along.

056p1 230x300 1

Christmas Card Wreath at The Mountain Eagle

While not strictly a Christmas card plan itself, it’s definitely an idea for how to display your christmas cards! Why just put them on the mantle when you could create a whole new wall hanging just to celebrate the season.

And while it looks tricky, it’s actually super simple – you just need an embroidery hoop, some clothespins, glue, a ribbon and a few other small bits, and you’re good to go!

holiday card 2

Cut-Out Tree Card at Tinsel And Trim

Most Christmas cards feature the traditional tree shape that we’re all familiar with. However, not a lot of cards have a tree as attractive as the one on this card. The multi-layered tree is also easy and enjoyable to make, which is a bonus!

This card only requires cutters and papers. Plus, the great thing about this one is Tinsel And Trim have provided all of the printable plans you need to make these stylish cards. How neat is that? You’ll be able to create an innovative gift for your family, and you’ll gain skills in the process!

IMG 5247

Handprint Card at Learning Lessons In Mummography

Mommies! Daddies! Grandparents! Involve your little ones and have fun together while making these handprint cards. Don’t be scared to get a little messy! Start them young and bring out their creative side.

Plus, these aren’t only seasonal cards – you can use this technique for so many other holidays. And when you’re done, you will have these little hand-prints to cherish as your babies get bigger.

pipecleaner christmas tree craft for cards

Pipe Cleaner Card at Crafty Morning

In the process of making this card, you’d want to squish it or hug it if it was possible! Pine trees are prickly in real life, but not on this card! Who doesn’t have some pipe cleaners hanging around in their craft supply box? If you’re anything like me this will be a free project as you already have everything necessary. It’s also a quick project to make in a pinch when you realize you forgot to get someone a card!

Christmas WreathPinterest 1

Button Wreath Card at Hopeful Honey

The bright green color isn’t the only good thing about this card. It’s also pretty easy to make. Not to mention that it’ll cost you nearly nothing. You only need a blank card, some green buttons, a red ribbon, and a glue gun. You may need a pen for marking as well.

After you’re done, you can write a thoughtful message to your loved ones on the card. Alternatively, you can doodle some festive shapes to give it an artistic touch!

Holly Leaves Fingerprint Cards Mass Produce 578x788 1

Fingerprint Holly Berry Card at Paging Supermom

The fingerprint card will help you create a memorable Christmas with your kids. They’ll make the cards themselves, using some colors and their own fingers. That way, your relatives and friends will receive a card that was made with love.

The cards are available in two shapes, featuring a mistletoe leaf and a wreath. You can have one or two framed after you’re done sending them out!

Kids Stamped Holiday Card Craft

Eraser Stamp Holiday Cards at Lia Griffith

Another Christmas card that’ll get your kids crafting skills up a notch. The eraser stamp cards are available in three colorful designs that feature a holiday wreath, a Christmas tree, and a cheerful snowman. Along with the cards, you’ll receive ink cubes that include the colors. Your kids will get to leave their imprints on the cards using pencil erasers. They can use their fingers too if you don’t mind the mess!

Yarn Art Kids Craft 0006

Yarn Art Card at Lia Griffith

These yarn cards are a creative way to wish your loved ones a happy Christmas. They’re thoughtful and easy to use. You only need to purchase the set, and you can use any yarn you have in any color you want! Your kids can join in on the fun too. The making doesn’t include any needles or hooks, so they’re safe for the little ones. You can use the cards as a part of your Christmas decorations. Alternatively, you can hang them on the tree or attach them to the gift bags.

dsc 8684 1

Confetti Snow Globe Shaker Card at Mayholic

This confetti shaker card is a piece of art, to say the least. It seems challenging, but its making is easier than you think. You can also customize it according to your preference. You can make it in a different color, and the sequins inside can be replaced with anything else you want.

Your relatives will love receiving this confetti card; it’s beautiful, as well as fun to play with! You can get it framed if you want; it’ll serve as a pretty addition to any room. Additionally, it’ll give you plenty of blank space to write your thoughtful holiday message!


Mountain Card at krokotak

There’s nothing like an atypical card. This card is fun, yet easy to make. Follow the video tutorial from krokotak on home to make this design and put your own custom flair on it.

Christmas Cards 2013 10 of 14

Good Tiding of Comfort and Joy at Delia Creates

So simple, yet stunning design with easy to follow directions and video from Delia. I love how she shows you how she customizes her cards with a family photo taped to the inside with some fun tape.

DSC00623 header

Snow cover pine trees at From My Craft Room

There’s nothing like a white Christmas! I love the look of the snow covered trees. What a great idea to turn that beauty into a DIY Christmas card.


Fabric Heart Cards at Sweet Tidings

Have any leftover fabric laying around? Or even some fabric things you plan to donate? They could come in handy to make this simple and heartful card that your family and friends would love to receive this holiday season.

10 More DIY Christmas Card Ideas That Will Make Your Holiday More Merry

Snow Globe Card

This card is both festive and fun! All you need is a small snow globe, some white paint, and a black Sharpie. Paint the inside of the snow globe white and let it dry. Then, write your Christmas message on the outside of the snow globe using the black Sharpie. Finally, put the snow globe back together and send it off to your friends and family!

Candy Cane Card

This candy cane card is simple but sweet. All you need is a piece of red construction paper, a piece of green construction paper, some glue, and a candy cane. Cut out two identical candy canes from the red construction paper, then cut out one smaller candy cane from the green construction paper. Glue the green candy cane in the middle of the two red candy canes, then write your Christmas message on the card.

Reindeer Card

This reindeer card is sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face! All you need is a brown piece of construction paper, some google eyes, a red pom pom, and some glue. Cut out two antlers from the brown construction paper and glue them onto the back of the google eyes. Then, glue on the red pom pom for the nose and write your Christmas message below.

Christmas Tree Card

This Christmas tree card is both festive and easy to make! All you need is a piece of green construction paper, some scissors, and a glue stick. Cut out a Christmas tree shape from the green construction paper, then write your Christmas message at the bottom of the tree. You can also decorate your tree with glitter or sequins if you’d like!

Santa Card

This Santa card is sure to make your friends and family laugh! All you need is a piece of red construction paper, some scissors, a black Sharpie, and a glue stick. Cut out a Santa hat shape from the red construction paper and write “Ho Ho Ho!” at the bottom of the hat. Then, glue the hat onto the front of the card and write your Christmas message below.

North Pole Card

This North Pole card is perfect for kids! All you need is a piece of white construction paper, some scissors, a black Sharpie, and some glitter glue. Cut out a North Pole shape from the white construction paper and write “Merry Christmas!” at the top of the pole. Then, decorate the pole with glitter glue and write your Christmas message below.

Snowman Card

This snowman card is both cute and easy to make! All you need is a piece of white construction paper, some scissors, a black Sharpie, and some cotton balls. Cut out a snowman shape from the white construction paper and write your Christmas message at the bottom of the snowman. Then, glue on two small cotton balls for the eyes and one larger cotton ball for the nose. You can also add a scarf, hat, and buttons if you’d like!

Angel Card

This angel card is perfect for Christmas! All you need is a piece of white construction paper, some scissors, a black Sharpie, and some glitter glue. Cut out an angel shape from the white construction paper and write your Christmas message at the bottom of the angel. Then, decorate the angel with glitter glue and write your Christmas message below.

Stocking Card

This stocking card is both cute and festive! All you need is a piece of red construction paper, some scissors, a black Sharpie, and some cotton balls. Cut out two identical stockings from the red construction paper then cut out one small stocking from the green construction paper. Glue the green stocking at the top of the red stockings, then write your Christmas message on the card.

Christmas Ornament Card

This ornament card is perfect for Christmas! All you need is a piece of red construction paper, some scissors, a black Sharpie, and some sequins. Cut out an ornament shape from the red construction paper and write your Christmas message at the bottom of the ornament. Then, decorate the ornament with sequins and write your Christmas message below.

Thank you for taking time to read through these cute DIY Christmas card ideas! If you are into DIY this festive season, check out DIY Christmas Trees and DIY Christmas Decor. Put a smile on someone’s face and write them a letter. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to share your DIY Christmas cards with us in the comment section! We LOVE to see how they turned out!