DIY Christmas Card Ideas
DIY Festive Holiday Ideas

DIY Christmas Card Ideas for Festive Season

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In this modern age of technology, we somehow forgot how it feels to receive or write an intimate and heartfelt letter to someone. We just greet someone through text, put some emojis and call it a day. How about we bring back the tradition this holiday season and pour out our hearts through handwritten words and handcrafted cards? Here are some ideas to help you spread the joy and love this Christmas.

12 DIY Christmas Card Ideas

1. Washi Tape Christmas Tree Card

Don’t worry, you don’t need impressive skills for this card. It’s pretty simple to make this washi tape Christmas card. You only need two things: a blank card and washi tape of your choice. For the tutorial, read here.

2. Painted Artistic Ornaments Christmas Card

The beautiful details of this craft may be intimidating, but, take heart! It’s easy and not time consuming to create. Make a bunch of these for or with your friends by following the instructions here.

3. Button Snowman Card

Do you wanna build a snowman… with buttons? This one is a quickie and a cutie! You can doodle in the background and personalize it more. Get the full tutorial here.

4. Burlap Tree Ornament Gift

Burlap seems to be all the trend in arts and crafts right now. So many ideas and crafts done with burlaps! Here’s another one: a burlap tree ornament gift. This is how to do it.

5. Felt Christmas Card

Making these texturized felt Christmas cards are an easy craft for the whole family. Read through the instructions to know how to make them.

6. Magic Santa Card

Expect the unexpected with this adorable and show stopping card. It is a playful magic trick you can show off the kids in the family to amuse and impress them. Know how to create this magical card here.

7. Embroidered Holiday Card

You don’t need to be a cross snitcher to pull off this card! Even the people with basic sewing skills can easily nail this project. Here’s how to make an embroidered holiday card.

8. Black & Gold Watercolor Ornament Cards

Black and gold are easily the best pair of colors together. They make everything look elegant and chic. Grab your watercolor and craft along. Here’s the tutorial.

9. Cut-Out Tree Card

This attractive cut-out card is a little different from the traditional ones. The metallic touches changes the game and modernizes it. Make sure to give it out to your millennial friends and they’ll praise you! Get the full tutorial here.

10. Handprint Card

Mommies! Daddies! Parents! Involve your little ones and have fun together while making these handprint cards. Don’t be scared to get a little messy! Start them young and bring out their creative side. Look how adorable this is!

11. Pipe Cleaner Card

In the process of making this card, you’d want to squish it or hug it if it was possible! Pine trees are prickly in real life, but not on this card! Know how to make this card here.

12. Evergreen Wreath Card

Keep it traditional yet sophisticated and stylish with this Christmas wreath card. Read through the process of making this simple card here.

Thank you for taking time to read through these cute DIY Christmas card ideas! If you are into DIY this festive season, check out DIY Christmas Trees and DIY Christmas Decor. Put a smile on someone’s face and write them a letter. Enjoy!

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