DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards for the Artsy

‘Tis the season to be artsy! Give your Christmas cards a heartfelt homemade touch by making some yourself with these simple watercolor Christmas card ideas! Don’t know where to start? These 20 DIY watercolor Christmas card ideas should get your creative juices flowing!

20 DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards for the Artsy

1. Easy Tree Holiday Card

Tombow dual brush pen tutorial, Easy Hand Painted Christmas cards

The simplicity of watercolor trees makes for an elegant Christmas card. You can work with any color you like and make it as festive as you want, or you can stick with two or three colors to keep things simple. Check it out @ Tombow USA Blog.

2. Snow Globe Holiday Place Cards

snowglobe placecard

The best part about this simple watercolor Christmas cards is that you can get your kids involved and let them make absolutely stunning holiday cards no matter what their skill sets are in drawing! Such a unique low cost idea to add a personal touch to your dinning room table this year. Check out the tutorial @ Make and Takes.

3. Watercolor Gift Tags

pretty gift wrap ideas

Attach your sentiments and love by adding a splash of watercolor to your gift tags. I love how they pop on the butchers paper. Ashley says most local paper stores sell butchers paper by the foot, she scored some for $0.35/foot. Check out the gorgeous designs @ Lolly Jane.

4. Watercolor Brush Indent Cards

Painting Watercolor Brush Indent Designs for Gift Tags

Feel like trying out a new technique? The brush indent uses the back of your brush for an indented look. It’s easy, and it adds a fresh and fun little twist to the usual watercolor art. Check it out @ Make and Takes.

5. Easy DIY Christmas Card in 10 minutes

Easy DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards (less than 10mins each)

Allan makes this stunning designs in no time flat! Watch his tutorial to make your own DIY Christmas cards that’ll be sure to impress everyone that you send them too! Allan breaks down how to make 3 cards–gold ornaments, Merry Christmas wreath, and a Christmas tree card.

6. Wreath Watercolor Card

watercolor christmas wreath greeting card 9

If you want to try your hand at a more meticulous and intricate pattern, this cute and charming wreath card is perfect in bringing out the painter in you! Just follow the steps @ Inkstruck Studio.

7. Oil Pastel Resist Snowflake Watercolor Card

Snowflake 3 300x200 1

With oil pastels as your resist, you can watercolor the whole card to reveal a beautiful snowflake! This fun and pretty project is one of the easiest DIY watercolor Christmas cards to make, which makes it a perfect craft to try at any age. Check it out @ Arty Crafty Kids.

watercolor christmas card 1
Our attempt on this card

We didn’t have any oil pastels so, we tried to make the background snowflake with a white crayon. It did not work! Instead, I had my daughter paint with watercolor on the background of our Christmas cards. Then I used watercolor brush pens to draw a snowflake on top. Although it didn’t turn out as I’d hope; it was a fun and simple design to do on all of our Christmas cards in no time flat.

8. Cut-Out Ornament Card

1merry bright social media 33 of 36

Useful and beautiful, this cut-out ornament card works both as a thoughtful greeting and a chic Christmas tree decor! Learn how to make one by following the steps @ The Postman’s Knock

9. 3 Last Minute DIY Christmas Cards


I love the look of these cards! Kristina makes these designs look amazing with limited supplies and in little time. Follow along as she breakdown what supplies you’ll need and how to complete.

10. Festive Shapes in a Christmas Tree

Watercolor holiday cards with Tombow watercolor effect

Beautiful, simple, and geometric, this watercolor card is great for those who’re used to following patterns and aren’t quite comfortable with freeform watercolor just yet. But, if you’re feeling up to it, go ahead and free hand! Check out the tutorial @ Smiling Colors.

11. Artistic Ornaments

1ornament holiday card 18

Artistic and purposefully imperfect, this beautiful watercolor Christmas card is a unique craft that yields different results every time! Try making one and see for yourself the perfection that imperfections can create @ The Postman’s Knock.

12. DIY Watercolor Christmas Paintings

5+ DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards Painting Ideas 🎄\ Easy Xmas Crafts To Sell

Want to add a splash of festivity and nostalgia to your cards? Watch as Karinka Oli demonstrates how to recreate all 6 of their designs.

13. Christmas Lights on Snowy Pine Trees

Christmas Lights on Snowy Pine Trees: DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards

Nia makes this beautiful hand crafted water color card look magical! She takes you through each step to replicate this design and breaks everything down even to the colors that she uses to complete. This card does take some time, patience and artistic skills to complete but, have fun and enjoy!

14. Watercolor Christmas Tree Cards

Watercolor Christmas Tree Cards Pin7

These Christmas tree cards look artsy yet, are simple to complete. Customize the color and design as you see fit or follow along as Nell walks you through this design.

15. DIY Christmas Card Tutitoral with Watercolors

DIY Easy Christmas Cards Tutorial with Watercolors - Handmade Gifts Ideas

Karinka Oli Makes 3 Christmas cards (an ornament, a rainbow Christmas tree, and a warm wishes card) in under 10 minutes! Of course it may take you a little longer but, it might be fun to try your hand at a few different designs for your Christmas cards this year. I like how these designs are completely done with watercolors, down to the writing and all.

16. Step by Step Tutorial Watercolor Christmas Cards

easy watercolor christmas cards

Follow along as Anthony shows us how to complete these unique watercolor designs. Theses are a little more time commitment and maybe at times a little bit more advanced but, that’s what makes them more appealing!

17. Snowman Watercolor Christmas Cards

*NEW* Watercolor Snowmen Tutorial/ Step by Step / for Beginners/ Christmas crafts/Christmas cards

How professional do these look? Theses are more advanced designs and require some watercolor expertise. Wouldn’t you love to send them to friends and family and enjoy how they’re handmade by you!

18. ‘Tis the Season Watercolor Christmas Card

So simple and sweet! I love the look of these evergreens with a short and simple message. Again, you can customize your message or add a little more to the trees or background as you see fit. Faber-Castell also has a youtube tutorial for this design too.

19. Merry Christmas and Christmas Wishes Card

DIY Easy Christmas Cards Ideas - Watercolour Tutorials

Both of these cards are simple and sweet. I love how the watercolors are bright yet, soft. Watch as
Karinka Oli shows us how to make these two cards

20. Snowflake Watercolor Powder Resist


To complete you’ll need more than just watercolors although, this design is worth it! Check the tutorial @splitcoaststampers

Turn Your Sentiments into Creative Cards This Christmas!

Now that you’ve seen the many things we can do with watercolor with these DIY watercolor Christmas card ideas, it’s time for you to paint your own masterpiece! Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine through these cards, and remember that there isn’t really a “wrong” way of painting your cards; it’ll all depend on your sense of style and the person you’re giving it too. Just let your imagination take flight, and don’t forget to share with us your latest creations in the comments section! Happy painting!

Once you’ve completed your Christmas cards it’s time to finalize or maybe start your Christmas gifts! Check out some DIY Christmas Gift Ideas here to find your next project!

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  1. For our Christmas cards this year we put our twist on #6. My toddler painted with water colors and then I drew a snowflake on top of her drawing with a watercolor marker. It turned out really well!

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