DIY Christmas Gifts: 15 Heartfelt Gift Ideas

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year… also, the most wallet draining time of the year (yikes). But, don’t worry! Who said you have to buy expensive gifts to be appreciated? DIY Christmas gifts are so much more personal and intimate; your loved ones surely wont re-gift your gifts!

DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas

1. Handmade Vinyl Record Book

If you know a music lover that is dear to your heart, this handmade journal or notebook could be the perfect DIY Christmas gifts you could ever give them!

2. Wine Cork Vases

This thrifty idea is ideal for heavy, or shall I say, healthy wine consumers.

3. Gem Pull Boxes

Sneakily put in little treasures and gems in these DIY gemstones pull out boxes for a special treat!

4. Homemade Lip Balm

Some lip balms can be costly but they’re actually a lot cheaper and easier to make at home. Avoid your loved ones from having chapped lips this season by giving them nourishing and lovely lip balms.

5. Sliced Cake Wall Clock

Have a quirky friend that has a sweet tooth? Make them this sweet, sweet wall clock that will make anyone who look at it swoon.

6. Crushed Glass Coasters

Help your friends protect their tables from scratches by making them these pretty crushed glass coasters. If their tables could talk, they’d thank you forever!

7. Terrazzo Style Slice Soaps

Have you ever liked a product so much that you would feel bad using them? Your friend will exactly feel like that once she receives these terrazzo style soaps from you!

8. Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Coasters

These beautiful DIY snowflake coasters are so fun and fast to make! They’re perfect for the Christmas season and for adding a little holiday touch to the table.

9. Ornament Pillows

Giant and huggable ornament pillows!!! Do I need to say more? They’re the cutest addition to the couches for the holiday season. You might never want to leave your friend’s house after giving them these!

10. Pressed Flowers

Even dried up flowers and plants look beautiful! You can display them in glass frames and give them to your nature loving friend. Know how by reading this.

11. Ring Dish with Gold Tattoo Paper

Need a gift for your girly and sweet sister or best friend? Design her this elegant ring dish with a touch of gold.

12. Rudolph Hot Cocoa Holiday Gifts

This is the perfect last-minute gift idea for someone busy like you! Warm someone’s heart by giving them this custom-made Rudolph hot cocoa treat.

13. Felt Tablet Cover

Wondering what you should get for the techy man in your life? Make him a felt tablet cover and personalize it to make it even more special. This is definitely one of the many great DIY Christmas gifts that you can get for someone.

14. Travel Laundry Bag

For the friend that travels a lot or is always on the go, this is the ideal choice for a gift.

15. Leather Cord Organizer

As early as Christmas, some people have their new year resolutions all ready. Before the year ends, help your loved ones get a little more organized by handcrafting them a leather cord organizer!

Spread the love this Christmas season by surprising your dear ones with homemade and personalized gifts! Hope you picked out some good gift ideas from here!

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