The Best Stamps For Card Making

I have always found that making a card is so much more rewarding than buying one. Not only does the recipient get something completely personal and unique, but you get the joy of putting your feelings into the card making process. Card making is easier for some artistic types than others. If you like to get creative and enjoy crafts but aren’t so imaginative or skilled in fine art, what can you do?

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The answer may lie in finding the best stamps for card making. Stamps give you pre-made images that you can replicate on paper over and over with colored ink or paint. It is a brilliant way to create something unique and add a personal touch while still achieving a more “professional” look. If this sounds like a great idea, keep reading to learn more and to see my recommendations for different types of card making stamps.

The Best Silicone Stamps to Add to Acrylic Plates

Let’s start with the adhesive silicone stamps for card making. These stamps are a little more problematic and aren’t my personal preference. However, they do serve their purpose for the right user and offer a much wider selection of images. These products showcase the range on offer.

1) Outus 4 Pieces Clear Silicone for Card Making

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What I like about this product is that it has a nice selection of stamps that suit a range of card making needs. The spring theme lends itself to a range of occasions at the start of the year, from birthdays to anniversaries. Some elements would work well on Easter cards. It is nice to see the blessing words in with the floral and butterfly images too. However, be aware that some users find that does don’t stick as well as others.

2) Wintertime Crafts Special Delivery Clear Stamps

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This set takes us in a completely different direction and lets us add some different elements to letters and postcards. There are 10 different stamps here, with an index card for reference, that focus on postmarks and similar ideas. There is a vintage feel that looks great and you can use these for all kinds of projects. A bonus here is that there is a much stickier adhesive for reliable results. Just be careful not to confuse the postal service with anything you might put on an envelope.

3) Zonon 10 Sheets Different Themes

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This final option in this category shows that you can get a lot of different designs for your money if you shop around this set has 10 sheets of silicone stamps, with 170 pieces in total. This could allow for a large and diverse collection for all kinds of card making projects across the year. As with other options, there are always going to be stamps that are fiddly or that don’t want to behave. Also, you won’t get the same print as a rubber stamp. But, this is still a great introduction, especially for teens.

The Best Sets of Wooden Rubber Stamps for Card Making

This is the category I lean towards when recommending rubber card making stamps to newcomers. They are nicer to use than the adhesive silicone and a great starting point. The following sets showcase the fun range of available themes – two that are more traditional and one that is a bit niche.

1) Inkadinkado Wildlife Friends Woodland Animals Mounted Rubber Stamp Set

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We couldn’t go through this list and not have something animal-themed, as there are so many animal lovers that will appreciate a hand-made card. This set only has six stamps, so you will find yourself repeating patterns and images. But, it is nice to see such a cute take on a woodland theme with the fox, squirrel, duckling, owl, rabbit, and sparrow. It says squirrel, but it looks more like a chipmunk to me. Either way, the hand-drawn style is a nice change from some of the more stylized options.

2) Cliocoo 20pcs Wood Rubber Stamp Set, Cherry Blossom

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Botanical themes are very common because they work so well with card making and similar projects. You can turn prints into bunches, use other materials for vases of flowers, or just create some nice patterns. The 20 images here are soft and simplistic and will allow for attractive designs. The “Sakura” theme also brings in a Japanese feel. Just be prepared to trim the edges of the rubber before starting for a cleaner finish.

3) RisyPisy 16 Pieces Vintage Wooden Rubber Stamps, Universe & Galaxy Decorative Rubber Stamp Set

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This is another set where you get a nice amount of stamps for your money. There are 16 pieces to use, all with a more niche theme of the universe and galaxy. This means images of planets, stars, the moon, and even some adorable cartoons of astronauts. The style does lean towards a younger audience, so is great for making cards for kids or for teaching kids the craft. The set also comes in a kraftpaper box.

The Best Sets of Wooden Rubber Stamps with Storage Box

Finally, we have three sets of stamps that come in their own stylish cases to keep the stamps safe and add some professionalism to the craft. I think that the 70 piece alphabet and number set is a must-have for more experienced crafters, while the others are a lot of fun for the right user.

1) ALIMITOPIA Diary Stamp Set

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What I love about this one is that you get 17 really interesting travel-themed stamps. They come in a neat little case, 21cm long, with a catch for security. When you open it up, you can see the images on the interior of the lid. These include different ideas and sizes, from the bigger statue of liberty to place names, a suitcase, and more. The only potential downside here is that the rubber on the wooden blocks is a little shallow. This doesn’t always lead to the crisp image that users had hoped for.

2) Ning 70pcs Alphabet Stamps Vintage Wooden Rubber Letter Number And Symbol Stamp Set

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This is where we come to the more serious set of stamps for those with lots of future projects in mind. This attractive case contains 70 pieces in total. This means 26 upper case letter stamps, 26 lower case letter stamps, 8 symbols, and 10 number stamps. This selection is impressive, but be aware that it also means that all the stamps are thin and may require some extra care when creating your messages.

3) alimitopia Diary Stamp Set

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Finally, we have another nature-themed set. This one is a little different as the designs are more stylized than the animals before. They are perfect for pattern making. They also come in a simple wooden box. This doesn’t have the same style as the adult vintage version but it is more substantial and secure than kraftpaper. This is sold as a kids product for those learning about the craft. Therefore, you can big, easy to hold wooden blocks instead of the thinner ones above.

What Types of Card Making Stamps are Available?

There are 3 different types of products that I want to talk about here. Each option has its pros and cons, but I think it is important to talk about them all to showcase the range available. They are:

1) The sheets of stamps to attach to acrylic plates
2) Sets of rubber card making stamps
3) Boxes of wooden card making stamps

Sheets of Adhesive Stamps for Card Making

This first option is a popular one with a lot of crafters because there are so many different options and they are great for first-timers. The idea here is that you get sheets of different silicone shapes, stick the shapes onto an acrylic plate, then add your paint or ink and start printing. The downside is that they aren’t the most effective or reliable because of the adhesives. But, they are still a fun choice for casual use and occasional projects. You can also get packs with a lot of designs for a very low price.

Sets of Rubber Card Making Stamps on Wood

This next option is often preferred by those that like to make a lot of cards and that use stamps for other craft projects. The permanent construction of the rubber shape on the wooden block makes them more consistent and nicer to hold. You won’t get as many in a set, but there are still some really nice themes out there with quality cuts to the rubber. I think this is the perfect mid-way choice between the less reliable silicone sets and the bigger cases of card making stamps.

Boxes of Wooden Card Making Stamps

If you want to go even further with your craft and card making, you could get a set of wooden blocks that come in the own case. You will need an appropriate place to store the box, but it does also bring added protection and make it less likely that you will lose a stamp. A lot of these boxes are for adults that want a large selection of letter and numbers, which will allow them to print any name or message they desire. But, there are also some smaller cases aimed at a younger audience.

Let’s look at some of the important factors to consider when choosing the best stamps for card making for your needs.

What Should you Look Out for When Choosing the Best Silicone or Rubber Stamps for Card Making for Your Collection?

1) The theme of the stamps.

This is a great starting point because there are lots of different themes out there. If you want to go for a larger case for more ambitious plans, you might find that the numerical and alphabetic sets are a good starting point. Check that these have upper and lower case letters. Smaller sets can work around more specific themes. Travel and nature are common, as they are ideal for use on postcards and greetings cards. But, there are also some curious niche options so don’t be afraid to type something unusual into a search engine.

2) The number of stamps in the box/set.

Some sets focus on quality and others focus on quantity. Of course, there will be some brands that can offer both. With wooden block card making stamps, you may only get three or four in a starter set or something more wide-ranging. With the sheets of adhesive silicone, the number is usually much higher because makers don’t have to worry about the costs and space taken up by any wooden or acrylic blocks.

3) Ease of use.

Ideally, all stamps will be easy to use. You should be able to just press the stamp into your ink and transfer that onto your paper. But, it does help if the stamps are easy to hold and not uncomfortable in the hand. Childrens sets can have chunkier blocks, like using a crayon over a pencil. With the adhesive silicone stamps, it helps if they are actually sticky enough. I have found that some are more reliable than others and the last thing you want is the stamp sliding off as you print.

4) The quality of the final image.

Finally, we all want a nice clean image on the page that replicates the picture on the box, or the top of the stamp. This can all depend on whether there are any rough edges around the rubber and on the depth of the stamp. Some engravings are too shallow to create the right definition on the paper. Rough edges are easily fixed at home, but this is still an annoyance.

Choosing the Right Card Making Stamps for your Needs

In short, there are lots of directions that you can take here. Personally, I recommend going for the smaller sets of wooden blocks, to begin with. They are more consistent and nicer to use than the silicone adhesive stamps and not as overwhelming as the larger cases. But, the silicone stamps can work well for those that want to diversify their collection and the cases are beautiful collections to treasure once the card making bug strikes. Whichever you choose, good luck with your next card making project!