DIY Christmas Decorations for the Holidays

Keep your home joyous and upbeat as Christmas draws near with these fabulous, easy-to-create DIY Christmas decorations! Now you can decorate your home without having to blow your budget for food, presents, etc.! For a start, you might want to try making your own Christmas tree out of cardboard.

26 Cheap and Cheery DIY Christmas Decorations

1. Lighted PVC Candy Cane

Set the festive mood with these lighted PVC candy cane décors right in front of your doorstep! This DIY Christmas décor is a fun way to greet your guests and is easy to make even for the non-electrically-inclined! Check out the steps @ DIY Show Off

2. Lighted Burlap Garland

Prefer a more rustic look without losing the fun and festive holiday aesthetic? This lighted burlap garland project from Create, Craft, Love is a beautiful accent to any furniture that provides a soft, warm ambient light to the darkest corners of any room.

3. Snowman Candle Holder

Bring a cheerful, warm glow to any room with this happy snowman candle holder @ Crafts for All Seasons! If you’re not comfortable with using real candles, you can opt for LED candles instead.

4. Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Add a rustic touch to your home by breathing new life into your old pallets! Note that this tutorial from Wildflowers & Pistols will require a bit of woodcutting know-how, but the results are absolutely stunning.

5. Easy Wooden Christmas Décor

These simple and sturdy blocks of wood will happily greet your guests for years to come. The best part is there are endless designs for you and your family to try to suit your preferences! Check out some of the designs here:

6. Christmas Light Balls

While usually found in outside light shows, you can add a splash of color and excitement to your gardens as well by making your own Christmas light balls! What a playful and jolly way to light up your home!

7. Gifts on the Wall

Have paintings or even pizza boxes lying around? Turn them into perky little gifts hanging on your wall in anticipation of Christmas eve! Check them out here:

8. Toothpick and Styrofoam Snowball Décor

Who knew you could make such charming snowball décor with a bunch of toothpick and a Styrofoam ball? This chic and elegant décor fits in beautifully with modern homes that have predominantly black and white colors. Check out this guide to learn more.

9. Jar Lid Ornaments

Turn your jar lids into beautiful ornaments for your tree with this easy little DIY project! You can do this with your family and customize the design to your hearts content; let your creativity run wild!

10. Candy Sleigh

Delicious and delightful, this DIY candy sleigh works as décor or even a gift! The best part? You can eat it and make a new one easily!

11. Minimalist Rustic Reindeer Centerpiece

If you’re a fan of minimalism, then you can’t pass up this charming DIY glass vase reindeer centerpiece – a bold and beautiful fusion of minimalism and rustic aesthetics. Put together this centerpiece by following the instructions @ Everyday Dishes.

12. Fishbowl Snowman

An adorable mishmash of DIY Christmas decorations, this fishbowl snowman has pretty Christmas scene in each bowl that forms a snowman shape! Check out the tutorial here:

13. Snowman Door

Greet your guests with a jolly snowman ON the door! This fun little DIY project is extremely simple and easy to make, while also being easy to remove when the holiday ends. Check out the tutorial @ The Creative Stamper Spot.

14. Christmas Tree Napkins

Make your Christmas dinners more festive and joyous with Christmas tree napkins! Learn how here:

15. Mason Jar Snow Globe

You’ll never want to buy a snow globe from the mall once you find out how to make your own with a mason jar! Click here to know how.

16. Felt Bulb Ornaments

Some holiday ornaments are just too similar and have gotten so boring to look at. By making your own colorful felt bulb ornaments, you’ll never have to worry about your Christmas tree looking too dull and common. Plus, you’ll never worry about them breaking at all!

17. Stamped Burlap Ornaments

If you don’t like everything too shiny and bright, keep it simple with these burlap wrapped ornaments. This is how to make them.

18. Copper Joy Holiday Wreath

First impression really matters most of the time and seeing this stunning wreath upon entering your house, your guests will immediately fall in love with your home! Wanna know how to do it? Here’s the how-to.

19. Gingerbread Animal Ornaments

Dress up and adorn your tree in the cutest way possible! If you’re an animal lover, these adorable ornaments will be your dream come true!

20. Christmas Centerpiece

Looking for ways to spice up your dining table? All you need is to put together mason jars and add candles! Know the how-to here.

21. Whimsical Felt Gnomes

There’s no craft like gnome! These delightfully charming and endearing characters will definitely be a show stopper.

22. Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle

These elegant and simple caramel latte tea cup candles are what’s missing from your dining table. It will surely be your cup of tea and the sweetest decoration of all! Get the full tutorial here.

23. Copper Leaf Wreath

This beautifully detailed copper leaf wreath will deceive anyone into thinking that it’s either bought or complicated to make, but, it’s not! Undoubtedly, it is a statement piece added to your home! You gotta have it! But first, here are the instructions.

24. Wooden Joy Wreath

A touch of wooden piece never hurt anybody! Instead of going for the traditional Christmas wreath, create your own by putting wooden pieces together to form a star. Know more about it here.

25. Log Candle Holders

These wonderful log candle holders are perfect for the most wonderful time of the year. Be careful not to burn it down though!

26. Felt Joy Christmas Décor

Add a pop of color to your Christmassy and evergreen decorations with this felt holiday décor and spread some joy!

‘Tis the Season to be Crafty!

With Christmas just around the corner, there are endless opportunities for you to spread the Christmas cheer and create a joyous and festive atmosphere for you and your family. Try out the DIY Christmas decorations in this list and see which ones bring out the holiday cheers best in your home! You might also want to wear a DIY Christmas Costume.

Hope you enjoyed the DIYs we put together for you. Let us know if you got to steal some of these creative ideas and made it your own. Don’t forget to personalize and customize them to match your personality! Stay warm, cozy and merry! ‘till the next craft!

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