DIY Christmas Tree Ideas for You

Who said you have to have the massive traditional evergreen Christmas tree every year? Well, how about those who live in apartments? Or those who don’t have the luxury of buying a Christmas tree, right? Are they gonna celebrate Christmas without a tree? No! With these 20 innovative and creative DIY Christmas tree ideas, no one is gonna celebrate Christmas without a Christmas tree!

20 Out of the Box DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

1. Paper Evergreens

mld103915 1208 trees xl

These adorable mini evergreen paper Christmas trees are origami inspired, but, so much easier to make. See how they’re made and make your own, too! Play with the colors and really make this design you own. I could see how fun this design could be if you also added some decorations or even mini lights too!

2. Christmas Tree Wall Shelf

$10 Christmas Tree Shelf #anawhite

Are you used to storing your gifts under the Christmas tree? Well, with this tree, you’re gonna have to put your gifts ON the tree. Yup! On the tree! This all-in-one and multipurpose tree is everything you’ll ever need for this season! Enjoy this fabulous look for under $10.

3. Burlap Christmas Tree

How to Make a Burlap Christmas Tree: Simple Tutorial

Making wrapped burlap tree is an easy craft and would take less than 30 minutes to throw together. You could even make a bunch of these in different sizes because the more, the merrier! To complete you’ll need a Styrofoam cone, craft paper, some burlap, scissors, a hot glue gun, and glitter Mod Podge.

4. Tree on the Wall

christmas tree wall art finished large jpg

Don’t have a lot of space to have a big, grand, traditional Christmas tree? Make a giant Christmas tree and place it on the wall instead! Literally, on the wall! This is perfect for a family photo backdrop. Get the full tutorial here.

5. Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

DSC 8370e large jpg

This wooden tabletop tree is another solution for small spaces like apartments. The process of making it is very simple but the outcome is pretty awesome! What a great minimalistic look this is! You could also add some wood stain or paint and then some wear to transition this design into a modern look as well.

6. Sliced Wood Pine Cone Tree

Christmas Mantel3 thumb8

Slice some wood, gather some pine cones and you have yourself the best tree for a rustic themed Christmas! Know how to make this sliced wood pine cone tree here. Kendra also made the sliced wood and ornament tree too (as picture above). This is a great idea if you’re looking for a more traditional spin.

7. Large Pallet Christmas Tree


No need to break the bank to put up a Christmas tree! Making this pallet Christmas tree costs you almost zero money and just a little bit of time. For the full tutorial, check here.

8. Balsa Wood Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees Balsa Wood

This adorable tree is another winner made with balsa wood. @ Lia Friffith makes this design easy to replicate with a printable PDF of the design in two different sizes. All you need then is balsa wood (found at arts and craft stores), a sharp craft knife, paint, and paint brush–easy as that and looks rather crafty!

9. Paper Trees

paper christmas tree craft idea 1 of 8 768x932 1

Made with black and white stock papers, black and clear crystal beads, glue stick, and jewelry making wire these elegant paper trees will probably be the easiest craft you’ve ever made. Check out how to make them here.

10. Wood Slice Christmas Tree

diy wood slice christmas trees christmas decorations crafts seasonal holiday decor

This stunning wooden Christmas tree is another great appealing rustic theme. It kind of looks like a giant cake, though.  Am I the only one? This design looks like it’s elegant and costly but, this can be replaced with little cost. Take a look for yourself and learn the process of making it here.

11. Christmas Tree made from Old Spindles

christmas tree made from spindles pn

This Christmas tree is awesomely and crazily creative! When I look at this a see upcycling at it’s finest! Duplicating this design might be a little bit harder than some of the other designs but, it’s definitely has my creative upcycling mind spinning. Get the full tutorial here.

12. Newspaper Christmas Tree


‘tis the season to reuse, reduce and recycle! Crafted with recycled newspapers, this Christmas tree will draw the attention of anyone who steps into your house. Know how to put the newspapers together by reading through the instructions here.

13. DIY Mini Christmas Tree with Chocolates and Tinsel

Creative Ideas DIY Mini Christmas Tree with Chocolates and Tinsel 600x355 1

This design is simple and sweet! What a cute and easy way to create a small Christmas tree that looks like it has lights. Also, could make as a fun and homemade Christmas gift for that chocolate lover–which, who isn’t?

14. DIY Space Saver Christmas Tree with Lights Using Removable Hooks

How to Make a DIY Christmas Tree For Your Wall | VELCRO® Brand

Definitely a space saver and yet, a DIY Christmas tree with lights! To complete you’ll need at least 18 removable hooks, a string of lights, and a Christmas tree topper. Doesn’t get much more simpler than that for a “tree” with lights!

15. DIY Christmas Tree with Firefly Lights

DIY Christmas Tree Using Only Firefly Lights 11

To complete this Christmas Tree with Firefly Lights it will take some time and some handiwork but, it’s whimsical appeal might just be worth it! This design might be a little larger than you’ve got space for so, you might need to customize it to fit your needs.

16. DIY Easy Rag Christmas Tree

Christmas Crafts: Easy Rag Christmas Tree

This can be made with any fabric scraps and decorative pieces you’ve got laying around the house. This bucket looks great and is from the dollar store. You’ll also need some floral foam, a hanger, a glue gun, glue, and scissors too.

17. DIY String Christmas Trees

String Christmas Tree 5

These sting Christmas trees look stunning! Yet, are simple, easy, and take limited supplies to make. Material needed is: a one (Styrofoam, Paper Mache, or Homemade), plastic wrap, crochet thread, Mod Podge, a sponge applicator brush, and optional adhesive gem rhinestones. I know these will defiantly be on my craft list to make!

18. DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

DIY Space-Saving PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

What a great idea! This space saving Christmas tree looks great and would fit great in any small space. This is a nice way to have that Christmas tree feel with minimal space, minimal material, and minimal artistic abilities.

19. DIY Upcycling Canned Chicken Christmas Tree

small space living christmas tree idea 600x478 1

Maybe you’re one that likes canned chicken or canned tuna fish–then this upcycled Christmas tree design would be easy for you to complete and upcycle those cans. 11 cans later, a simple wood board or something similar, flameless tealights, power drill, 1/8″  drill bit, 1/4″ drill bit, Phillips drill bit for screws, 11 sheet metal screws – 3/8″ length, 3′ of sturdy wire, pencil, sand paper, spray paint in colors: dark brown, orange and top coat with silver (optional) is all you’ll need to complete.

20. Pine Branch Christmas Tree

PineBranchTree 4653

The Whimsical Wife really does make this pine branch Christmas tree look whimsical! I love how it looks like a tree and will definitely small like one too.

Now onto Making Your Own Christmas Tree!

Share your creativity with us! Let us know which ones you liked and have remade! If you into everything DIY this Christmas season, why not check out DIY Christmas decorations, DIY Christmas Ornaments and DIY Christmas Gifts post. ‘till the next craft!