What is Ponte Knit?

Ponte wardrobe pieces have been gaining popularity recently as people become enamored by this figure-friendly, tight-woven fabric that is comfortable and doesn’t fade quickly. But what exactly is Ponte knit? Let’s take a more in-depth look, shall we?

When shopping for great new fashion pieces, comfort is crucial. But long gone are the days of wearing baggy pants or dresses to stay comfortable. Thanks to Ponte Knit forgiving stretch, it is now possible to put on a figure-hugging dress, skirt, or top and still stay comfortable throughout the day.

About Ponte Knit

Ponte knit is a double-thick fabric with interlocking stitches joined to its back and front surfaces. Ponte Knit comes in a variety of patterns, prints weight, and fiber combinations. Usually, it is a combination of polyester, spandex, and nylon fibers.

But Ponte fabric is not the polyester of the 70s era. It includes just the right combination of fabrics resulting in a chic material for making clothes that will flatter your figure.

For those new to sewing, Ponte knit is a great ‘starter’ knit. It’s an easy fabric to sew with. It is resilient, smooth, and available in various weights. Because it has a two-way stretch, you can use lighter weight pontes to make dresses, tops, and skirts. For pants and custom-made shapes, use heavyweight pontes.

What are the advantages of Ponte knit?

Pointe fabric is suitable for all body shapes. If you are looking for form-fitting clothes, Ponte is a good choice material. Ponte’s two-way stretch provides support in all the right places for a streamlined look. It’s going to hold you in when you want and drape when needed.

Many people prefer Ponte because it is also machine washable. Plus, you won’t need to iron it every time you take it from the wardrobe for wearing. Ponte retains its shape because it is a tightly woven double-knit fabric. The fabric combination and stitch construction are stellar to keep it from piling or forming wrinkles. It also doesn’t fade easily. Expect your favorite Ponte pants or tops to retain their appearance for ages.

What’s Ponte good for?

Originally, Ponte knit was used to make Pants, but now, it’s being used to make different wardrobe pieces, including skirts, tops, dressed and custom-made shapes such as cloaks.

Ponte dresses

A Ponte dress beautifully falls off the body. Because of the fabric’s two-way stretch, it provides structure and support to accentuate your best features while skimming the bits you don’t want to showcase. Ponte fabric can also be used to make slimming silhouette dress styles for casual and office wear.

Pont Skirt

A flattering pencil Ponte skirt is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. It can be paired with any shirt or structured jacket or top. Thanks to the forgiving stretch, it’s going to feel comfortable all day.

Another advantage is the material retains its tidy appearance. Expect no wrinkles or piles after sitting at a desk for hours.

Ponte pants

A Ponte pant is versatile wear. It covers the body more than leggings but without feeling heavy like a pair of trousers. Ponte pants come in various styles that are perfect for an office and casual wear.

You can pair a Ponte pant with either a tunic or a longer top to cover problem areas. A slightly shorter top will work fine, too, because Ponte pants are thicker, making you feel less exposed. You can also up your game by pairing a Ponte pant with a slim fit shirt.

How do you tell whether a piece is Ponte?

Most clothing stores will label Ponte pieces. However, if there’s no label, you can still tell from the fabric content. Ponte is a combination of nylon (rayon), polyester (viscose), and spandex (elastane).


Gone are the days of filling your wardrobe with baggy pieces. Ponte knit is used to create double-knit fabrics with two-way stretch. The advantage of two-way stretch is the fabric can drape when needed or hug tight where desirable. The fabric is also machine washable, non-ironing, durable, and doesn’t need ironing.

Step into any fashion shop and look for Ponte pieces. The fabric is perfect for all body shapes. You can add Ponte pants, dresses, tops, skirts, and even jackets to your wardrobe.