DIY Christmas Ornaments to Try

Add your own personal touch to your Christmas tree and make Christmas extra memorable with by making DIY Christmas ornaments! We’ve compiled these 23 easy ornaments, to make decorating your home less daunting and much more fun! Sorry, not sorry–we started at 12 and just couldn’t stop there!

23 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

1. Rudolph Ornament

DIY Rudolph Ornament for Kids

Let guests bring out their creative side by throwing a fun ornament decorating party! This activity works well with both adults and kids. Check out @ A Pumpkin and a Princess on how she decorated for her ornament party and some other ornament decorating ideas she shares.

2. Home State Ornaments

DIY home state felt christmas ornaments 14

Show off your Christmas spirit and state pride by making plush home state ornaments! Not only are these ornaments pretty, but they also add a story to your tree; you can show where you’re from, where your favorite place is, etc. Check out the tutorial @ The American Patriette

3. Glitter Ornaments

Glitter Tree Ornament1

Add a bit of flair to your holidays with these classy and festive glitter ornaments! They’re extremely easy to make and are also low cost too. With these you can customize the glitter design you add as well as the ribbon to make the design align with your other Christmas decorations.

4. Upcycled CD Christmas Balls

DIY: Make Christmas Ornaments from Broken CDs

Feeling a bit nostalgic? Add a sparkle of nostalgia to your Christmas tree by upcycling your unused CDs. You can check out the tutorial at Creme de la Craft.

5. Scrap Fabric Ornament

Ribbon Tree Ornaments 1 720x720 1

Keep it simple this Christmas with a rustic scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornament. All you need is a bunch of leftover fabric or ribbon, and some twigs, and twine, and you’re all set. Check out the tutorial @ Fireflies and Mud Pies.

6. Classy Gold Ornaments

Gold Lettering Christmas Ornament DIY final2

Going for a classy and sentimental look? These gold hand-lettered ornaments are a perfect way to express your creativity and sentiments, while also adding a touch of fab to your tree. Check out the tutorial @ Ting and Things.

7. Cinnamon Stick Ornament

crafts unleashed 1605706932

While most DIY Christmas ornaments serve to make your home look more festive, these cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornaments serve to make your home smell like Christmas! If you love the smell of cinnamon, you’ll surely love this project @ Country Living!

8. Peppermint Cocoa Ornament

peppermint cocoa ornaments 1title

For the chocolate lovers, this DIY Christmas ornament is a perfect decor or gift for friends and family. Anyone who’s craving for some Christmas hot cocoa is in for a treat with this ornament @ Creme de la Crumb.

9. Vintage-Style Ornaments

vintage christmas ornaments

These beautiful Christmas sceneries bathed in pretty pastel colors adds a flair of nostalgia and vintage to any Christmas tree. Put together this beautiful Christmas decor by following the steps laid out @ The Scrap Shoppe Blog

10. Candy Sprinkle Christmas Balls

Sprinkles Ornaments 17

For the sweet tooth, these candy sprinkle Christmas balls from Gimme Some Oven look absolutely scrumptious and hard to resist!

11. Popsicle Sleds

Popsicle Stick Sleds 6 copy

Looking for a cute little sled to go on your tree? Then try these tiny little popsicle sleighs @ Clean and Scentsible.

12. Rustic Snowflakes

rustic snowflake 03

These lovely snowflakes are made primarily with twigs, which give them a beautifully rustic touch. Check out the supplies used to complete this design @ handimania

13. Wood A-Frame Triangle Ornament Stand

Crate and Barrel Ornament Stand Knock Off 1

This minimal and simple ornament stand is the most elegant and fancy substitute for a Christmas tree. It looks like it is fresh out of the mall but your guests would be surprised that it is actually handcrafted.

14. Glass Ornaments

DSC 2685 680x1024 1

Do you have a theme and color palette for this year’s Christmas already? Good! Pick out your color choices and start painting your glass ornaments! Pretty simple, right? For further instructions, check here.

15. Clothespin Stars

clothespin star on tree

This super easy to make ornament is just clothespins glued and assembled together to form a star. It will take only a little bit of your time and not much of your money! Check it out here.

16. Macaroni Snowflakes

diy pasta christmas ornaments IMG 0059

An ornament out of food? Whaaaat?! The creativity of the human mind never fails. All you gotta do is glue and attach the macaroni together, paint them, and you’d be surprised at how the results will look like magical snowflakes! Get the tutorial here. Vanessa also has a YouTube tutorial and a few other designs to check out too!

17. Computers Memory Recycled for Christmas


This ornament takes the cake with its creativity. If you know a tech geek that has extra memory sticks left, use them to make the prettiest looking ornament! Plus, its so easy to make! Check it out here.

18. Patterned Paper Christmas Ornaments

Beauty 4 Graphic Stock

Made with patterned scrapbook paper, these bright and playful ornaments will cost you close to nothing. For the tutorial, there is both a video and written instructions for your convenience. Check it out here.

19. Temporary Tattoo Ornaments

diy temporary tattoo ornaments 8

This is probably the prettiest and most gorgeous DIY ornament you have ever laid your eyes on! Want to recreate it? Grab some temporary tattoos and read how to here.

20. Watercolor Paper Christmas Ornaments

DIY paper ornament christmas 10

Channel your inner artist and grab your paints and paintbrush to make this artsy design! Get the tutorial for this work of art here

21. Pine Cone Ornament

gilded pine cone

Add a natural look back to your Christmas tree with this pine cone ornament. In just a few steps, with glue, glitter, and a ribbon you can also create this design. Talk about quick and low cost!

22. Yarn Ornament

finished stars

These cozy and homey Christmas star ornaments will only be needing 2 supplies to create: yarns and cardstocks of your choice! Here’s how. I Love how simple they’re to make yet, look stunning.

23. Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament

Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament1

Like wine? Have a few corkscrews laying around? Transform them into Rudolph with this craft! Learn how to make them here.

More Ideas

  • One of our favorites is this adorable reindeer ornament. To make it, you’ll need some brown and white felt, a black sharpie, and some googly eyes. Cut out two antler shapes from the brown felt and glue them onto the back of the white felt reindeer head. Then add a black nose and mouth with the sharpie, and glue on the googly eyes. That’s it! Hang your reindeer up on the tree and enjoy.
  • Another great option is this simple yet festive candy cane ornament. All you need is some red and white striped paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Cut out a candy cane shape from the paper, then roll it up into a cylinder. Hot glue the ends together, and voila! You’ve got a beautiful and unique ornament for your tree.
  • If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, try this snowflake ornament. You’ll need some white paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun for this one. Cut out a snowflake shape from the paper, then fold it in half. Hot glue the two halves together, being careful not to burn yourself. Once the glue is dry, your snowflake is ready to hang!

Ready, Set, Decorate!

Ready to let your imagination run wild? Try these nifty little projects out and make your holidays extra jolly and memorable! If you are more adventurous, you might even try a DIY Cardboard Christmas Tree or other DIY Christmas Decorations. Don’t forget to show us what you’ve made in the comments section below! Happy crafting!