The 7 Best Coverstitch Machine Reviewed

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When sewing is something you regularly do, from creating your own pieces of clothing to other items that involve stretchy fabric, you are likely familiar with the struggle to hem elastic, both thin and heavier materials. It’s not easy. However, when you discuss this sewing machine struggle with other sewing professionals or fans, they will probably recommend to you the magic machine that will help you solve this struggle: start to use a Coverstitch Machine. 

These types of machines are the go-to option when you are looking to give your sewing projects a finishing touch that says “professionally made” instead of “homemade” (with a lot of struggle). Although homemade sewing projects have their unique charm, let’s not forget about the importance of it being of long-lasting quality in order for you to have long-lasting fun with it. 

Features that step up your sewing project using cover stitch to long-lasting involve high-quality hemming, evenly applied trims, and flat seams. And these are just the things that a good coverstitch machine will help you out with! But where to start? Given that a sewing machine like these is not as quick and straightforward as buying your weekly groceries, finding yourself the perfect machine for you and your desired projects deserves extra attention and time! 

Indeed, we know that all this research can take up a lot of time. That’s why we have done the hard work for you by reviewing the top 7 best coverstitch machines of this moment. The result: an easy, helpful overview of the machines’ specifications, their price level, and where to buy each of them. In our below review article, we have reviewed seven coverstitch machines currently available to purchase. Below, you will find our detailed buying guide on coverstitch machines and frequently asked questions. Lastly, as a bonus, we provide you with our three ultimate, helpful tips and tricks! 

A Coverstitch Machine in Short

While some coverstitch machines share some looks with regular sewing machines, there is definitely a difference. These both are known for their type of stitching. Where a traditional sewing machine stitches your pattern together with usually one needle, the coverstitch device is used to hem clothing in that well-known, professional-looking way with more needles. It creates the neatly finished hems on t-shirts and other jersey-material pieces of clothing. 

The main benefit of using a coverstitch machine is keeping your fabric’s elastic, flexible properties and extending it through the stitching. A cover stitch machine has a looper, but it doesn’t have a blade compared to a serging machine. 

Coverstitch machines are known to use up to three or even more threads at the same time. Typically, the machine is equipped with two top threads and a looper thread. The head threads go through needles to make the straight stitch part. The looper thread is on the bottom side and gives the stitch its stretch.

Read on below to read our best coverstitch machine reviews!

Top 7 Coverstitch Machines

We have reviewed the below-listed coverstitch machine on several criteria and features – such as pricing, warranty, user-friendliness, and stitches per minute – to ensure you make the right choice in all the great options that are available to us right now. Let’s go! 

#1: Best Overall & Editor’s Choice: Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

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When you are looking to invest in a suitable machine that gives you all the features of a professional cover-stitching device, the notorious brand Janome has it all. No wonder that we have chosen the Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX model for our number one editor’s choice and winner on best coverstitch machines. If you ask us, this sturdy and easy-to-operate machine has all the traits a sewer might be looking for. Given the quick stitching speed and the overall compatibility of the device, it’s a winner amongst the best coverstitch machines on the list!

The machine holds four spools of thread and can stitch with up to three needles with a modest sewing speed. This feature makes sure you can create different types of seams. The coverstitch machine runs super smooth and is easy to thread, which is always a big plus! Last but not least, the fact that Janome completes the Coverpro 1000CPX with an exclusive bonus bundle is the determining factor. When choosing this, you are instantly ready to start and get creative right away; it will make your sewing a great pleasure! 

The unique feature that caught our eye is the extra spacious machine bed that easily accesses your sewing. Janome even claims to offer the largest sewing space available with 4″ x 5.5″ measurements and is known for the free arm on their sewing machine.


Number of needles: Three

Number of threads: Four

Max. stitches per minute: 1,000

Presser foot type: Adjustable

Warranty: 25 years against defects in materials or workmanship. 2 years warranty on electrical and/or electronic equipment. 1-year limited warranty defective parts.

Special Features: Convertible free arm, extra-large machine bed, seam tightening system


  • High-speed machine
  • Sturdy design
  • Extremely easy to thread
  • An excellent option for home decor, garments, and quilting
  • Comes with an exclusive bonus bundle
  • Suitable for larger sewing projects


  • The machine might occasionally skip stitches

#2: Runner Up on Best Overall Coverstitch Machine: Janome CoverPro 900CPX Coverstitch Machine

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What makes Janome as a brand being on our top reviews list is that the brand just simply know how to please every type of customer. The Janome Coverpro 900CPX is a model perfect for starting or professional sewers with a smaller budget. The model is very similar to the Coverpro 1000CPX and has all the typical capabilities of a Janome coverstitch machine, but is not as extended as our number one choice. 

The sewing speed is slightly lower, but that doesn’t mean that the machine is not powerful. With its sewing speed up to 1,000 SPM the coverstitch machine does the job! This coverstitch machine is equipped with a computerized Seam Tightening System, and similar to the 1000COX it has an extra wide bed space, plus a free sewing arm. This versatile yet straightforward machine allows you to work on many sewing projects with the trusted and strong Janome capabilities, such as the free arm seen by the Janome coverpro 1000CPX model as well.

Also, when purchasing this model coverstitch machine, it comes with an exclusive bonus bundle, including an instructional DVD and a needle threader.


Number of needles: Two

Number of threads: Three

Max. stitches per minute: 1,000

Presser foot type: Adjustable presser foot

Warranty: 25 years against defects in materials or workmanship. 2 years warranty on electrical and/or electronic equipment. 1-year limited warranty defective parts.

Special Features: the Janome Coverpro 900cpx has also a built-in seam tightening system and free arm.


  • Overall a good value for money buy
  • Extra spacious working area
  • A good option for both beginners as seasoned sewers 
  • Powerful, smooth stitch
  • The machine runs smoothly and quietly


  • The machine might skip stitches without the right settings, which requires some experimenting

#3: Best on High-Quality: Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine

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The fact that Japan is the country where all the excellent machinery is made is no secret. Juki confirms this fact once again. The Japanese brand is widely known as one of the top manufacturers of computerized sewing machines around the world. With the Juki MCS-1500 coverstitch and chain stitch machine, Juki allows you to sew and stitch all your favorite and also most diverse projects, with all its infinite applications.

The Juki MCS-1500 machine maximum stitch capacity goes up to 1,500 a minute, without being noisy or disturbingly loud. Besides that, the looper is easily threaded because it can easily be lowered with just pressing one button. With this beautiful white metal coverstitch machine, Juki allows you to adjust the differential feed, to sew stunning finishes, even with stretchable fabrics such as knits and georgette material. All in all, this workhorse is another excellent option if you are looking for a high-quality machine that is small in size and lasts long.


Number of needles: Three

Number of threads: Four

Max. stitches a minute: 1,500

Presser foot type: Adjustable and higher at its tip to insert the fabric more easily. 

Warranty: 2 years on all machine electronics and five years on the machine’s head unit.

Special Features: Chain stitch option, exterior thread cutter


  • High-speed machine
  • Sturdy but lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Equipped with a bright white LED-bulb which lights up the sewing area 
  • The thread tension is set up correctly by the factory
  • 2-in-1 coverstitch and chain stitching device
  • User friendly


  • Might have an inconsistent stitch
  • Less suitable for extra lightweight fabrics

#4: Best Budget-Friendly Pick: Bernette B42 Funlock Coverstitch Machine

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Of course, our reviews list can’t be considered complete without adding a good option on a coverstitch machine that doesn’t empty our pockets right away. Bernette is a daughter brand of well-known brand Bernina, which makes this machine a great entry level with many capabilities of an original Bernina. Although, there are a few differences in the materials used for the interior of the machines, such as plastic instead of metal, but the quality is of this coverstitch machine is still very good for the price!

That being said, Bernette’s B42 Funlock model is the one to aim for. This easy-to-operate, sturdy, and robust coverstitch machine is not only a good investment; it has all the traits you need when you are looking to give the thinnest fabrics a professional-looking finish.

For example, thin, spandex activewear, children’s clothing, and swimwear are done in a minute when using Bernette’s coverstitch machine. Threading both the needles and loopers is uncomplicated, thanks to the built-in separate needle threader and the looper threading appliance. Even though this coverstitch machine is a typical “what you see is what you get,” it is equipped with a bright LED-light to ensure you have the best and most precise vision on your project.

In a nutshell, we would say that this is a well-built coverstitch machine covering all the basics for an extremely reasonable price.


Number of needles: Three

Number of threads: Four

Max. stitches per minute: 1,300

Presser foot type: Standard

Warranty: 5 Year Mechanical, 2 Year Electrical Warranty and 1-year labor limited warranty

Special Features: 2-in-1 chain stitch and coverstitch


  • High-speed machine
  • A great option for thin fabrics such as swimwear and activewear
  • Easy to thread due to the color-coded threading 
  • Spacious working area
  • Powerful, smooth sew
  • Easy to operate – what you see is what you get


  • The LED-light can be somewhat bright and strong

#5: Professional Level, High-End Option: Juki MO-735 5-Thread Serger & Cover Hem

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When you are looking for the right combination that does all the tricks, covers all the basics, and runs extremely smooth: the brand Juki might just meet your needs with this coverstitch sewing machine. Although this is a slightly larger expense and investment, it is all worth it for a versatile machine like this. It is capable of making any decorative stitching, as the machine provides up to twenty different options. A powerful combination of a serger and coverstitch sewing machine. 

Juki’s MO-735 is equipped with all the properties that allow you to work with any material, from extremely lightweight and stretchy until thicker, more structured fabrics. Especially for sportswear, spandex, orswimsuitss, it is a perfect option to work with. The threading system makes the machine super easy to thread and runs both quickly and very smoothly, given the fact that the device has a speed of 1,500 stitches a minute. 

The versatile and adjustable presser foot is a big plus if you ask us! So if you are on the hunt for a lifetime investment and a heavy duty workhorse for in your sewing room, look no further. This is a great candidate between the best coverstitch machines!


Number of needles: Three

Number of threads: Five

Max. stitches per minute: 1,500

Presser foot type: Adjustable, multifunctional

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty on all machine electronics and five years on the machine’s head unit.

Special Features: 2-in-1 serger and coverstitch, adjustable differential feed


  • High-speed, powerful machine with 1,500 SPM
  • Automatic rolled hemming 
  • Color-coded threading makes threading even easier
  • Runs smoothly
  • Good value for money
  • User friendly


  • The instruction manual may be difficult to understand
  • Switching between serging and coverstitch mode might take some time

#6: Most Sturdy Design: Brother 2340CV Coverstitch Serger

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This sturdy coverstitch machine manufactured in Taiwan is exceptionally high-performance and will finish your sewing projects with a specialist touch. The coverstitch-dedicated serger has a speed of 1,100 stitches a minute and a 0.7 – 2.0 mm differential feed. It allows you to create a beautiful hem, decorative applications, and more on multiple weights and fabric types.

The coverstitch device has three built-in needles and a looper thread that is also suitable to do high-quality chain stitching. Brother 2340CV model’s significant benefit is that it is a machine super easy to thread, and adjusting the tension is also done in a minute, making it an easy to operate option for beginning or hobby sewers. 

Last but not least, The Brother 2340CV ensures you with a 25-year limited warranty on the machine.


Number of needles: Three

Number of threads: Four

Max. stitches per minute: 1,100

Presser foot type: Snap-on 

Warranty: 2 years on all machine electronics and five years on the machine’s head unit.

Special Features: color-coded threading guides, chain stitch capability


  • Fast thread looper system
  • Lay-in threading
  • Easy to use and suitable for beginners
  • Good value for money
  • Sturdy quality
  • Easily adjustable tension for different fabrics


  • Might have an inconsistent stitch and occasionally skip stitches
  • The tension disks are sometimes hard to operate

#7: Most Versatile Coverstitch Machine: Singer Professional 5 14T968DC Serger Overlock Machine

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When in doubt, go with Singer, we could almost say! Classic brand Singer earned its stripes on our list with the 5 14T968 DC model. What makes this machine such a versatile option to go with is that the device is equipped with everything you need when you are a big fan of sewing. The sewing machine is incredibly durable and has ‘just that little extra.’ It is equipped with all the stitching abilities of a usual overstitch and combination serger overlocker all-in-one, resulting in this being one of the best coverstitch machines on the list.

With five threads the adjustable thread tension with the robotic pressure machine, this Singer Professional machine is the recipe for quick and professional finishing for all your desired sewing projects. Not just that, the device is also equipped with an extremely extensive range of sewing settings, stitchings, folded hems, and types of edges, using a stitching per minute speed of no less than 1,300. 

Last but not least, the design of this coverstitch machine is minimalistic yet very appealing! A great addition to your sewing or crafting room.


Number of needles: Four

Number of threads: Five

Max. stitches a minute: 1,300

Presser foot type: Adjustable presser foot

Warranty: 90 days limited warranty for small adjustments (rings, bulbs, belts, attachments), limited 2-Year warranty for motors & light assembly (wiring, switches, speed control, and electronic components), limited 25 years warranty for sewing head

Special Features: self-adjusting tension system, color-coded threading 


  • Sturdy quality
  • Easy to operate for both beginners and professionals
  • Automatic tension control
  • Strong stitching
  • The machine runs quiet and smooth.
  • Adjustable stitch length and width to meet your preferences


  • Threading and rethreading the machine might take some time as it is supposed to be done manually.
  • The instruction manual might be hard to follow and unclear

The Final Verdict: Janome Coverpro 1000CPX

To tie the knot on the best coverstitch machine; even if Janome isn’t a brand that has been on the market as long as other brands, its products’ quality is exceptionally reliable. Both for beginners and professional sewers, Janome is the brand to choose. We picked the Cover Pro 1000CPX because it provides home enthusiasts the ability to create and finish sewing projects in an extremely professional way. What helped us make our final decision out of all these seven coverstitching machines is, without a doubt, the sturdiness and its larger sewing bed and the free arm. 

Enough reasons for us to state this model as the best coverstitch machine available!

Buyers Guide on The Best Coverstitch Machine

As mentioned above, purchasing the best coverstitch machine is not done as quickly as shopping for your weekly groceries! It is a significant investment and requires some serious considerations. That’s why we have put together our detailed buying guide that will guide you on price, quality, brand, and more.

What can I do with a Coverstitch machine?

Although a good, high-quality coverstitch machine has many appliances, it is initially used for hemming knit fabrics by using up to three needles and a looper. The different threads weave together a stitch that leaves the material enough space to stretch. 

Is a Coverstitch machine worth it?

Given the fact that there are many sewers that can do without a coverstitch sewing machine, many tailors don’t decide to say goodbye when they do own one of these efficient machines. In case you are sewing a lot of stretchy, thin, and delicate fabrics and garments, a coverstitch will give you a lot of assistance. The professional finish provides your sewing projects with steps up your game immediately. Most coverstitch machines have many different hallmarks and abilities and allow you to train yourself to make other applications with it and grow with you. For example, you could start fixing or making jeans, attaching elastic in waistlines, simple neckline finishes, embellishing seams, and other numerous principles. So this is definitely a machine you can grow with too.

How to choose the best Coverstitch Machine and what to look for in a Coverstitch Machine


In this case, we are speaking of small factors in using a coverstitch machine that will save you a lot of hassle when operating it. Elements such as easy threading and smoothly adjusting the tension will save you a lot of time. However, coverstitch machines are widely known for being uncomplicated to thread. There are even types that have mechanical jet-air threading.

Number of threads

As you could see on our reviews list, most coverstitch machines are equipped with three threads, accompanied by a looper. Nevertheless, there are variations on coverstitch machines to find that have two threads with a looper. These are suitable for more uncomplicated stitching and will likely make a difference in the price tag as well.

Differential Feed

A differential feed feature comes down to having the option to adjust the feed dogs so that stretchable materials will not be stretched unevenly during stitching, resulting in wavy hems.

Coverstitch and overlock combination 

A combination of these two machines could be a great option to go for when you are likely to spend both. Not only does it save you money, but it will also save you a lot of time and provide you with a significant amount of flexibility when you are sewing. 

Free arm 

This feature is what to look for when most of your sewing projects include tube-shaped fabrics such as sleeves, pants, or cuffs. A free arm will ease this job out for you even more. Without a free arm on your coverstitch machine, it can be a challenging job to blind or coverstitch large parts of fabrics. 

Price, quality, and warranty

Regardless of what kind of sewer you are, price and quality are features any regular, professional, or beginning sewer are not to be forgotten. Since a coverstitch machine costs a few dollars, a good, sturdy quality combined with a reliable warranty is desired. However, it is vital to determine what kind of projects you will use your machine and how often it will be used. 

Keep in mind to always go for quality over budget. This doesn’t mean we’re advising you to break your bank, not at all – a good second-hand option or a budget choice of a well-known brand, but equipped with fewer features is what we mean here. Also, make sure to test your product detailedly a few times to see if everything’s in order.

Take time and gain knowledge.

Nowadays, there are many communities and helpful reviews to find. Go around in your neighborhood and see if there’s maybe a crafting group with seasoned sewers that can advise you and show you what kind of machine they use. Compare products, look for the traits that are important to you so that you can tie the know on the best coverstitch machine for you and your projects!

What’s the difference between an Overlocker and a Coverstitch machine?

Speaking of a coverstitch machine, you are speaking of a device that creates professional-looking hems to fabrics. It has the ability to cover the raw edges of fabric without losing the stretchability of it. This feature makes the machine a great option when you are often sewing clothing that is made out of thin sportswear, swimwear, fine knits, or jersey material. The type of stitch is found on almost every jersey t-shirt you’ll find in your own closet! 

An overlocker is in contrast to the coverstitch machine, used to trim excess seams and tidy them up, to prevent fraying on the edges, for example. The overlock machine does this by sewing some strong stitches over the edge of your fabric. An overlocker has a blade, where a coverstitch machine has a looper. A coverstitch machine is simply used to hem your finished garments or add decorative stitching.

Final Tips on Coverstitching

#1: Use Pinterest for ideas & tutorials

The internet is crammed nowadays with helpful tutorials on sewing and using different kinds of machines. Not only YouTube contains many instruction videos, but also Pinterest is an extremely inspiring place for you to gather ideas to sew and ways to use your coverstitch machine and other sewing devices.

#2: This is how to avoid tunneling

Being an experienced or a beginning sewer, tunneling is a problem that may occur when working with thin needles on your sewing machine. It is a common problem in twin-needle stitching and coverstitching and results in a raised piece of fabric (like a little hill or mountain) between two rows of stitching. How to avoid this? Try to adjust the length of your stitching, as well as the tension of your needles. Always test these on old pieces of fabric until you’ve found the perfect settings. Pay attention to loosening the looper tension to flatten out tunneling.

#3: Have fun, enjoy, and take your time

Whether you are new to sewing and coverstitching, one thing is sure: it is a form of crafting that can take up some time and needs a lot of concentration! Make sure you surround yourself with a calm and relaxing environment, where you have enough space and tools that can step up your sewing game to another level. All in all, sewing is an accessible hobby for both experienced or beginning hobbyists, where a coverstitch machine can make your experience without a doubt a lot easier and more fun.

Hopefully, we have made it easier for you to find the best coverstitch machine for you. by reading our best coverstitch machine reviews! We wish you happy stitching.

Have you tried a coverstitch machine yet? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and questions below!