Right Twist Knitting: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated 4/11/2021

Have you ever twisted a stitch by mistake, and it turned out to look better than you think? That’s the way it is with twist knitting. Most of the time, it’s coincidental. However, it gives an edge to the project you’re working on.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to do right twist knitting and how to fix it if you’ve done it by mistake.

What Is a Right Twist?

A right twist aims at switching the order of any two adjoining stitches. These stitches will include the main stitch and a background stitch. The main one is usually a twisted stockinette worked through the back loop. It should be popping against the yarn’s background, so it’ll be easy to identify.

On the other hand, the background stitch should be reverse stockinette. That way, the difference will be evident between the two. If they look the same to you, there’s a high chance you’re doing something wrong.

After you’re done with the right twist, it should look like the main stitch is traveling to the right, and the fabric will bias towards the same direction. Sometimes, you’ll do that accidentally, even if the pattern doesn’t require it. In this case, you’ll have to unravel it and fix it, which we’ll show you how to do.

In other cases, the knitter will work on getting the right twist done; it’ll then be an essential part of the project.

How Right Twist Knitting Is Done

To start doing the right twist, you should pinpoint the second stitch from the left-hand needles tip. Then, insert the right-hand needle through its back loop knitwise. After that, wrap the yarn around your needle and pull it through the stitch as you usually do.

Next, you’re going to get back to the stitch you skipped before. You’ll need to move the yarn to the front of your work before doing this step. When you’re done, knit the stitch as you’d normally do.

Afterward, insert your right-hand needle into the first stitch from the other needles tip. It would be best if you did it purlwise.

The next step is a repeated one. You’ll need to wrap the yarn around the needle and pull it through the stitch again. Now, your two stitches should be worked. You should then slip them from your left-hand needle, and your right twist is done!

To wrap it up, work the stitches on the following row of the wrong side.

How About the Left Twist Stitch?

The left twist stitch doesn’t differ much from the right twist stitch. It’s merely a matter of direction. If you did it by mistake, you can fix it the same way you’d do a right twist. Just put everything back in its place and make sure the mounting is in the right direction.

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On the other hand, if you want to make a left twist stitch, that’s a different story.

For starters, you’ll want to insert the needle through the second stitch on the main needle. You should do this step through the back loop to get the desired result. Afterward, knit the stitch and leave it on the needle.

Next, move the needle you’re working with to the yarns front and insert it through the first stitch knitwise. Then, knit the stitch again.

Lastly, move both stitches so that they slip off your main needle. That way, you get the left twist stitch you want.

Are You Doing a Twisted Stitch by Mistake?

There’s a high chance you’re doing a twisted stitch by mistake without noticing. It’ll only be apparent after you finish the project, which will be harder to fix. On top of that, it’ll affect the whole shape of your knitting work.

Here are two twisted stitches that happen by mistake most of the time.

Crossed Stockinette Stitch

In flat knitting, you sometimes alternate two rows of twisted stitches and regular stockinette stitches. It mostly happens when your purl rows accidentally get twisted. The result is called a crossed stockinette stitch.

The stitch will look like it has its legs crossed in a zig-zag motion. On the other hand, a regular stitch will be standing firmly, with its edges straight.

Some patterns use the crossed stockinette stitch. However, most of the time, it’s done unintentionally. Some people call it a half twisted stockinette because it’s half turned and half stockinette.

Twisted Stockinette Stitch

A twisted stockinette stitch happens when both knit and purl rows get twisted. The result will look a bit grooved, contrary to the smooth appearance of correct stitches. In the case of a right twist knit, the fabric will look like it’s leaning to the right.

The twisted stockinette stitch will appear more prominent in round stitches. On the other hand, it’ll get balanced out if you’re working on a flat knit.

The thing with unintentional twisted stitches is that the fabric becomes tighter and harder to stretch than regular stitches. Plus, you’ll find yourself consuming more yarn to satisfy the twist. Not to mention that the twisting motion will put pressure on your wrists and hands.

How to Fix an Accidental Right Twist Stitch

If your project pattern doesn’t include that right twist stitch you just did, take a look at these steps. Fixing it is easier than you think.

Step 1: Check the Stitches

For starters, you should check the stitches position on the needle to make sure you’re twisting the stitch.

The leg in front of the needle should be the right leg, while the other one should be behind. The stitches mounted on the needle should be facing you. If there’s anything out of place, then you’re twisting by mistake.

For example, if the mounted stitches are facing away from you, that means you’re doing a reverse stitch mount through the front loop.

Step 2: Make Sure You’re Knitting Through the Right Leg

After you get your stitches facing the right direction, it’s time to make sure you’re knitting through the right leg. You should be looping through the stitch’s right leg. A right twisted knit occurs when you knit a reverse mounted stitch through the wrong loop. The fabric will then bias to the left, and the yarn will look twisted.

No matter how you mount your stitches on the needle, you should always knit through the right leg. If you think about it, working a correctly mounted stitch through the wrong loop, which is the back one, will still result in a twist too. However, it’ll be a left twist instead of a right twist stitch.

Step 3: Are You Wrapping Your Yarn Right?

The last thing you should check that can be the reason you’re twisting the stitch is the yarn. The way you’re wrapping the yarn around the needle to get the next row of stitches could be the reason it’s turning out faulty.

If you’re wrapping your yarn counter-clockwise, the stitches will be mounted correctly. In this case, make sure that your needle is going over and under the thread, not below and up.

If your yarn is wrapped clockwise, it’ll result in a reverse mounted stitch.

How to Knit The Right Twist Stitch

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to fix a right twist gone wrong, it should be easy to fix any twist that occurs while you’re working. Just check everything is in the right position, and you should be fine.

If the project pattern you chose includes right twist knitting, you should now know how to do it. It’s a win-win situation!

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