Crochet Flowers Plant Lovers Should Try

While live plants are beautiful and fragrant, they require certain conditions and a certain amount of care to thrive. Fortunately, if you’re one of those people who want flowers where they can’t have them (like on one’s bed or atop one’s head!), there are 12 stunning crochet flowers you can try.

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12 Stunning Crochet Flowers Plant Lovers Should Try

A Maiden’s Glory

For the fair maiden, white flowers atop one’s head symbolize purity, and bright green leaves symbolize life that goes beyond the pursuit of love. This pretty little accessory will work beautifully with any white outfit. Check out the steps @ The AntiCraft.

Flower Power Valance

This lovely burst of colors will brighten up any room they decorate with its beautiful wall of flowers! This pattern is quite a fresh take on the usual elaborate designs on most stores. You check check out the pattern @ Once Upon a Pink Moon.

Sparkling Carnation Pin

This pretty little carnation pin rides the trend of dainty crochet flowers on bags and clothing. The ruffled edges add a touch of elegance to any wardrobe. Check out the steps @ Kreinik.

Giant Granny Flower

This beautiful nostalgic throw pillow is reminiscent of one’s childhood visits to grandma’s house. The giant flower in the middle tops off the look quite nicely and beautifully accents the bordered design of the pillow. Check out the steps @ Age’s Crochet Pages.

Fall Wreath

Who says rustic design and crochet flowers don’t mix? This fall, add a personal touch of rustic to your home by making a wreath full of lush crochet flowers! Check out the design here.

Flower-to-Hexagon Granny

If you’re looking to make pretty floral blankets but want a more geometric design, you can’t go wrong with this flower-to-hexagon granny that makes use of 6-petal flowers inside hexagon grannies. Check out the steps @ Jessie at Home.

Earth Day Daisy

Have a bunch of messed up pin-back buttons you can’t bear to part with? Then as a tribute to earth day, repurpose it into a pretty daisy pin by following the steps @ Girl on the Rocks.

Crocheted Daffodils

Daffodils work beautifully with a lot of things, from Easter baskets to pins. These pretty little crocheted daffodils can be used as repeating patterns in a basket or simply the centerpiece of a pin. Check out the steps @ Suzies Stuff.

Cute Flower

Want a floral companion on your desk but don’t have the necessary sunlight? Then make your own silly little plant to keep you company by crocheting this cute little flower with the most adorable little wiggly eyes! Check out the steps here.

Crocheted Rosettes

Let your creativity bloom this fall by making these cleverly crafted little crochet rosettes! They go with almost anything, from hats to scarves. With a little yarn and time, you could make an entire garden of them bloom!

Geometric Rose Doily

Making doily patterns can be a tad overwhelming for beginners, so if you’re a beginner who wants a simpler doily crochet pattern, check this beautiful yet simple geometric rose doily.

Crocheted Lily

Symbolizing a lot of things, from humility to the return of innocence, lilies can work with literally almost anything! Check out the steps @ All Crafts Blog.

Let Your Creativity Blossom Today!

These 12 beautiful crochet flowers are just some of the pretty things you can make with a little yarn and time. Try making your own today and see how far your creativity takes you. Don’t forget to post a picture of your latest creation in the comments section! Happy crocheting!

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