Crochet Flowers that Plant Lovers Should Try

While live plants are beautiful and fragrant, they require certain conditions and a certain amount of care to thrive. Fortunately, if you’re one of those people who want flowers yet live flowers aren’t for you, here are 12 stunning crochet flowers you can try.

12 Stunning Crochet Flowers that Plant Lovers Should Try

1. A Maiden’s Glory


For the fair maiden, white flowers atop one’s head symbolize purity, and bright green leaves symbolize life that goes beyond the pursuit of love. This pretty little accessory will work beautifully with any white outfit. Check out the steps @ The AntiCraft.

2. Crochet Flower Valance


This lovely burst of colors and beautiful flowers will brighten up any room you decorate if with! This pattern is quite a fresh take crocheting flowers. Robin has written directions for this pattern also, how to make half flowers, and there’s a YouTube link to a video tutorial someone created as well. You can check out the pattern @ Once Upon a Pink Moon.

3. Crocheted Carnation Pin

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This pretty little carnation pin would work great for many occasions and would make as a good keepsake afterwards. The ruffled edges add a touch of elegance to any wardrobe. Check out the steps @ Kreinik.

4. Crochet Flower Pens

These are just what I was talking about if you love flowers but have a hard time keeping them alive. This would be perfect for you! And the crochet flowers are also pens! What’s not to love? Lorene shows you how to make the crocheted watering can and the crocheted daffodil, daisy, and tulip. Learn how to complete these designs @ Furlscrochet

5. Fall Wreath with Crochet Flowers

Who says rustic design and crochet flowers don’t mix? This fall, add a personal touch of rustic to your home by making a wreath full of lush crochet flowers! This grapevine wreath could really be modified with crochet flowers for each holiday and season. All you need to do is attach the crochet flowers and any other decor you’d like with something less permeant then glue to be able to interchange the design. Also, you’d have a neat craft to look forward to working on each holiday. Check out the design here.

6. Flower-to-Hexagon Granny Blanket

Flower to Hexagon Granny free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home full size

If you’re looking to make pretty floral blankets but want a more geometric design, you can’t go wrong with this flower-to-hexagon granny that makes use of 6-petal flowers inside hexagon grannies. Jessie says you can easily make this design with any weighted yarn and recommended crochet hook for that yarn. Customize this design to any size blanket that you’d like. I love how nice this pattern turned out–it’s not a granny square blanket anymore!

This design is rated easy skill level and just might me a fun design for any beginner to try. Jessie has written directions and has links to a few video tutorials for this design. Check out the steps @ Jessie at Home.

7. Daisy Flower Pin

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Have a bunch of messed up pin-back buttons you can’t bear to part with? Then as a tribute to earth day, repurpose it into a pretty daisy pin by following the steps @ Girl on the Rocks.

Karrie walks you through how to make this daisy crochet pin and she adds eyes to hers. She discuss how you may even want to add a mouth but, we’ll leave that up to you! Try making a few different crochet flower buttons and place them on bags, jackets or hats. I’ve got one on my crocheted hat and always get tons of complements on it. It’s an easy way to add a little pop and easily remove or change it as you’d like.

8. Crocheted Daffodils on Crocheted Easter Basket


Nothing says spring like spring flowers! Daffodils work beautifully with a lot of things, from Easter baskets to pins. These pretty little crocheted daffodils are outlined by Suzie however, the crochet Easter basket is not. To complete these crocheted daffodils you’ll need worsted weight yarn in any color of your liking, or even a few different colors, 5mm (H) crochet hook, and a yarn needle. Check out the steps @ Suzies Stuff.

9. Jumbo Hand Crochet Flower Pillow

Jumbo Hand Crochet Flower Pillow

Ever tried to hand crochet before? Need a new decorative pillow? Then, this may be the design for you! It’s fun and different. So get yourself some Super Chunky Yarn and then check out the steps @ Darcie blog.

10. Crochet Roses

free crochet rose pattern

Let your creativity bloom this fall by making these cleverly crafted little crochet roses! They go with almost anything, from hats to scarves, and even headbands or a crocheted coffee cozy. With a little yarn and time, you could make an entire garden of them bloom! These right here is 21st century crocheting at it’s finest! Check them out @ Skip to my Lou

11. Crochet Flower Wall Art


Making art is so therapeutic so why not combine making a crochet flower and a piece of art to hang? Then it’s two pieces of art in one so it’s twice as therapeutic, right?!? See how to recreate this design @ Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

12. Crocheted Mandevilla Flowers in a Vase

How to Crochet flowers ( mandevilla )for home decoration

Wow, the flowers looks great and almost look real! I love how this design makes it so the flowers can stand up in a vase. These crochet flowers will definitely make your family and friends take a second look because they won’t believe that the flowers are crocheted at first glance. This video has no verbal instructions but, there is visual and written instructions to follow along.

Let Your Creativity Blossom Today!

These 12 beautiful crochet flowers are just some of the pretty things you can make with a little yarn and a little time. Try making your own today and see how far your creativity takes you. Don’t forget to post about your latest creation in the comments section! Happy crocheting!

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