Crochet Animals for Animal Lovers

Animals are always cute and fun to create. So, if you are looking for a snuggle buddy to keep or to give, we’ve got you covered with this compilation of crochet animals with free patterns for you to try out!

20 Adorable Crochet Animals for Animal Lovers

1. Amigurumi Schnauzer Dog with Fur


This schnauzer dog Amigurumi looks almost life-like with its realistic fur, making it look adorably fluffy! Check the pattern out @ Projectarian.

2. Crochet Duck

free amigurumi patterns duck cute

Want to make a cute little duck for Easter? This crochet duck isn’t just a plain old duck – it could be made any fabulous color or simulate any kind of duck! Check it out @StringyDingDing

3. Rudy, the Reindeer

rudy the reindeer amigurumi tales of twisted fibers
Rody, the Reindeer Amigurumi Free Pattern

Looking for an adorable little helper to light up your Christmas? Rudy, the reindeer is here to help! Make your own by following the steps @ Tales of Twisted Fibers.

4. Tiny Turtle Amigurumi


This adorable tiny turtle Amigurumi is a timely reminder that sometimes, it’s good to slow down and enjoy life instead of racing through it. Take your time making this cute little turtle @ Gnat on the Windshield.

5. Sophisticated Owl Amigurumi

amigurumi owl c2a9 2013 toma creations 1

Don’t let the name of this pattern fool you; while this owl looks smart and sophisticated, the pattern is absolutely easy to follow and is perfect for beginners! Make your own by following the steps @ Toma Creations.

6. Baby Alligator

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This wacky, kooky little alligator is as cute as its real life counterpart (before hitting a terrifying growth spurt that turns it into a ferocious beast of an animal). Check out the steps @ Bittersweet Blog

7. Lovebirds

lovebirds hyy free pattern 2

Love is in the yarn with this cute little Amigurumi lovebird pattern! Apart from being pretty cute, this is also one of the easiest crochet animals to make, hence, a great pattern to try for beginners.

8. Ball ‘O Panda

IMG 20141205 202519 636 300x169 1

This ball ‘o panda is a ball and cuddle buddy rolled into one – perfect for children who want a cute little panda to play and cuddle with. Check out the steps @ Mad Hooker Crochet.

9. Crochet Koala Cuddle Buddy

free crochet pattern koala lovie baby 12

Looking for a unique toy to give as a baby gift? This crochet koala is designed to be completely huggable for babies, making it a perfect baby cuddle buddy. Learn how to make one @ Make & Do Crew

10. Baby Bee Crochet

RHC0334 014676M

Brighten up somebody’s day by making them a baby bee crochet! It’s not too complicated to make, and this busy little bee is just too pretty to pass up! Check it out @ Red Heart.

11. Baby Seal Crochet


These adorable aquatic puppies look like a cross between a mermaid and a dog – complete with the signature puppy dog eyes just begging you to make one yourself! You can check out the tutorial @ All Crafts Blog.

12. Plushy the Platypus


Platypuses are simple semiaquatic animals that gained a lot of attention since Phineas and Ferb portrayed one as a smart secret agent. This cute little plushy is inspired by this platypus, and is sure to be instantly recognizable by both children and adults alike. Make your own platypus @ knot too shabby crochet

13. Crochet Lamb

IMG 2293

Mary had a little lamb, and now you can make your own crochet version to have your own little lamb! As kids, we often learn about farm animals before all else. So to most of us, they hold a special sentiment. If you know someone who appreciates farm animals or there’s a child in your life, this adorable lamb can be a terrific gift.

14. Crochet Cat

IMG 1265 min 1024x824 1

A nice project for beginners, this itty bitty cat is super cute that you won’t be able to resist making more than one so they can keep each other company. These kitties are quite simple and quick to work up. They just make the sweetest gift for any cat lover with their tiny eyes and whiskers.

15. Mini Crochet Hippo

IMG 8779 large

Hippos are fascinating animals that you can see either at zoos or in nature documentaries. With this project, you can make your very own crochet hippo to look at whenever you want! This adorable mini hippo has a huge nose and little stumpy feet. It’s small enough to sit on your palm, so it can be your new petting buddy.

16. Crochet Polar Bear

free crochet bear sweater pattern

Despite being a mighty beast out in the wild, polar bears are definitely cute to look at, especially when they’re this tiny! A crochet polar bear is a unique idea for a Christmas gift. It even works as a last-minute resort since it works up pretty quickly. You can give your polar bear a sweater and a cozy hat to comically capture the season vibes.

17. Crochet Snowflake Penguin

Snowflake Penguin 341x400 1

Continuing with the snow animals theme, we just can’t forget about penguins! These flightless birds are already lovable, so a baby crochet version will just melt your heart on the spot! Decorating its belly with a snowflake, you can use this fun penguin pattern to make amigurumi, leave it stuffed-less to make a hot pad, or close only about ⅔ of its structure to make a charming purse.

18. Crochet Frog Prince

frog pillow

Every princess could use a frog prince to cuddle with at night, so you may want to consider making a frog prince pillow for the little princess in your life who loves a good fairytale. Using soft yarns and a simple crochet stitch, this is an easy project that’s great for newbies or those in need of a quick gift to whip up over the weekend.

19. Crochet Unicorn

Unicorn Featured Image 06 1130x848 1

A mythical animal could be exactly what you need to add a touch of magic to your life. A crochet unicorn amigurumi isn’t just a concentrated dose of cuteness, but it can also serve as a cushion to keep your wrists comfy while using the computer. Instead of buying a generic mouse pad from the store, why not make your own unique design featuring your favorite colors?

20. Crochet Hedgehog

crochet hedgehog free pattern1

Do you like hedgehogs or know someone who does? Then this crochet version is for you! These extremely adorable animals make for awesome little companions and they’re quite easy to whip up. Single crocheting is the main skill you’ll be using, along with some crochet color change to give the spikes look.

Make Your Very Own Crochet Animals Today!

With a little time and effort, you can customize the animals in this list and add in your own touch – perhaps a more cartoony little schnauzer, or a platypus with a fedora – your only limits are the materials available and your imagination! Try out any pattern of crochet animals in this list and don’t forget to post about your latest creation in the comments section. We’d love to see what fun animals you were able to design from these creative ideas! Happy crocheting!

PS: If you have your own patterns and would like to share, comment below the link and we’d be more than happy to share your idea with our community!