The Ultimate Wall Candle Holders Guide

Where you place your candles for the best way to illuminate your room? You might have some scented candles on a table in the corner, or a few tea lights around the room, but are they prominent enough? A solution may lie with a wall-mounted option that elevates your candles far beyond any candlestick and make more of a feature of them.

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In this guide to the best wall candle holders, I will showcase some of the best designs around right now from elaborate scones to more modern alternatives. Before that, let’s look at some of the important considerations for choosing one of these products.

What Should you Look out for When Choosing the Best Wall Candle Holders?

What sort of style are you looking for?

When it comes to choosing a style, there is actually a surprising range on offer. There are lots of sconces with an old-fashioned look, with wrought iron twists and some enclosed lanterns. That is because the idea of placing a candle on the wall is better associated with olden times. But, if you really want to take advantage of a modern take on using wall candle holders, you could find something a lot more contemporary. Don’t be afraid to shop around to see what companies have to offer.

Are you looking for a set for the room or one statement piece?

There are some brands that focus on one statement piece, such as an elaborate wall hanging or lantern from which you can add a large candle. But, there are also plenty of pairs of sconces where you can create a nice symmetrical effect across a room or entranceway. Below, I have also included an interesting piece of wall art with tea-light holders that is both three pieces and one complete piece, depending on your perspective.

What material is it made out of?

A lot of the best wall candle holders are made out of metal because this is perfect for creating a strong frame in some stunning sculptural shapes. There are some nice wrought iron options that should look great on the wall too! However, a well-made wooden plinth for the wall can have a softer feel.

How does the candle sit in the holder and is it safe?

There is no point in having a really pretty wall candle holder without a secure candle holder element – otherwise, you just have a piece of wall art. Some of the best options have strong wide shelves built in that are more than enough for a larger pillar candle. Some go even further with a glass cover to add a bit more protection. With the tea-light holders, this holder could be as simple as a wire loop for a glass cup to sit in. Of course, the most secure options are the enclosed lanterns.

How easy is it to fix to the wall?

Style isn’t everything because you still need something stable and reliable enough to fix to the wall. Therefore, it is important to look for something with a good fixture. There are a few different approaches here. Some have hooks that require a pre-existing fixture on the wall, which could lead to some extra thought and effort. Others just screw into the wall. My personal favorite is the keyhole hook that sits neatly over a screw in the wall. This is perfect for floating shelves and a cleaner look.

With practicality in mind, I also want to point out the potential of using a candle snuffer with the right wall candle holder. Candle snuffers can make it a lot easier to extinguish candles up on the wall rather than trying to blow them out. You can learn more about the best candle snuffers and find some find gift sets in my guide on that subject.

7 of the Best Wall Candle Holders for your Consideration

Below is a series of wall candle holders that brings together a range of styles and designs to help you find the best option for your needs. I fully admit that one or two may be a little over-the-top for some tastes but, I wanted to show you what is out there in terms of extreme wall sconces. There are also some streamlined contemporary ones to balance that out. I have also tried to include various approaches to fixtures, materials, and design elements to give a better idea of what is available.

1) Local Beavers Wood Wall Sconce Candle Holder

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Starting with a wood option, this wall candle holder is a great choice for those that need a secure platform for a large candle, but that don’t want anything to elaborate. The candle holder is basically comprised of one piece of wood that sits flush to the wall and a little shelf. The little keyhole hanger on the back makes sure that it looks as though it is floating. That wood is real spruce for a nice tone and that “farmhouse” vibe that the designers are going for. With two identical holders, you can create a nice symmetrical look in a room with some big brightly colored candles.

2) Shelving Solution Wall Sconce Candle Holder

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Next, we have a pair of sconces that are made from metal. Metalwork is always popular with these candle holders because they are so sculptural and traditional. Yes, this one has a more contemporary feel with the subtle lines and cutouts in the plate at the back. The shelf then holds a tall glass shade for added protection for your candles when in use. This shouldn’t detract too much from the style of the piece. Just be aware that this is wall-mounted from the front so the screws may be visible.

3) Dyna-Living Wall Sconce Elegant Wall Sconces

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To be honest, I’m not sure how to describe the design of these pieces. The description mentions vines, but I think that is misleading as the twisted metal has no leaves on it. There is a fluid pattern that is almost art nouveau, giving it an antique look. Either way, you can enjoy this pair in a range of finishes. The black and gold are both striking in their own way. There is then room on the metal shelf for a decent-sized candle.

4) CALIDAKA 2 Pcs Modern Art Candle Holder

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This one is an interesting choice when compared to the first option in this guide. There, the soft wooden design sat nicely against the wall for a clean look. Here, the metal curves away from the wall in a dark arc for a completely different floating effect. The fixture is clever as there is another bracket and keyhole fixture that is hidden from view. This modern pair of sconces has little glass cups for tea-lights, rather than room for anything more substantial. But, this adds to the minimalist effect of the product.

5) Deco 79 Rustic Fleur-de-Lis-Designed Metal Candle Sconce

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If the metal arc above is minimalist and modern, this next choice is the complete opposite. I wanted to bring in something that had a sense of extravagance compared to the more contemporary options. When I think of old-fashioned wall sconces I think of lanterns with the candle completely enclosed. This wall candle holder does just that with an over-the-top textured bronze effect lantern with a Fleur-de-lis design. Just be aware that it has a ring to hang from a pre-existing wall hook, rather than its own wall fixture.

6) Hosley Set of 3 Tealight Iron Wall Sconce Laugh Love Live

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This is another bold statement piece but in a very different way. This product is a great way to combine wall art and illumination in one feature. To be fair, there is a greater emphasis on the wall art aspect because the light is provided by little holders for tealights. There are three pieces with script and decorative metalwork spelling “Live, Laugh, Love”. You can arrange them into whichever order sounds best. They are different sizes, with the smallest 8.5’’ high and the biggest 10’’.

7) TIED RIBBONS Wall Hanging Tealight Candle Holders

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Finally, I wanted to offer up something a little different. This pair of wall candle holders hang from a hook rather than being fixed more substantially to the wall. This creates a different look and could allow for some interchangeable pieces. There are two holders with an Indian-inspired design with beaten metal and a golden finish. This helps to make the most of the light from the tealight within. The structure sits on strong metal chains that are 18’’ long.

Finding the Best Wall Candle Holders for your Home

Once you start searching for the best wall sconces for candles you will find there are more designs than you expected with a range of materials. Personally, I love that there are some more minimalist modern options in wood, but I know that the antique designs have constant appeal. Figure out what will work best for your room in terms of styles and how you want to use your candles. There are also tall candle holders and wood candle holders available on our other pages