The Best Tall Candle Holders

Candle holders come in various shapes and sizes but sometimes a little tea light holder or a small tray for a side table just doesn’t cut it. You want something that can help you show off your candles and provide better illumination. The right candle holder can also add to the atmosphere of the room.

In this guide, I have brought together a series of the best tall candle holders. As the name suggests, these are the models that tower over the competition and command a little more attention. Before we look at some of those great designs, let’s look at some of the important considerations for choosing the ideal tall candlestick for your home.

Why are taller candle holders so beneficial for your table setting?

You might think that a tall candle holder is a little old-fashioned. Tall candlesticks with tapered candles are great for creating a focal point on a table during a romantic dinner, rather than a more understated tea light holder. Also, a tall plinth for a pillar candle raises the candle above other decorative elements and shows the candle off. This is great if you have something for a special occasion, such as a candle to mark the days of advent.

What should you look out for when choosing the best tall candle holders?

How tall is it?

If you are deliberately looking for a tall candle holder, the height has to be one of the most important factors here. It is easy to find products that say they are pillar candle holders because of their shape, but that don’t rise above 4 inches. That isn’t going to make the statement you are after on your dining table. So, it is important to check the specification of the product carefully to get an idea of the dimensions of all the sticks, both in height and the width of the base.

Do you want one big candle holder or a set of three?

On that note, you need to decide if you want one large candle holder for a big candle in the center of the table, or if you prefer the idea of getting a set. Sets tend to come in pairs or trios. Some pairs have matching heights while others are asymmetrical. Trios are more staggered. Again, check the specification to see how dramatic the difference is between the three.

Is the candle holder sturdy and reliable enough for regular use?

As mentioned above, it also helps to get an idea of the width of both the base and the plate for the candle. This gives a better idea of the type of candle accommodated and if it will be sturdy enough on the table. The last thing you want is a wobbly candlestick with a flaming candle on top, especially around any clumsy guests.

What material would you prefer it was made from?

These tall candlesticks come in various materials. Wood and metal are the most common, as they are more accessible and sculptural. But, you can also find glass and other alternative materials. Think about which you would prefer.

How decorative and ornate do you want them to be?

On the subject of a sculptural candlestick, you can get some tall candle holders that are very elaborate in design and others that are more subdued. It shouldn’t be hard to browse around and find something that suits your needs. There are also many candle making kits available online that you can customize to fit any candle holder.

7 of the best tall candle holders for your next event.

Below you will find 7 top tall candlesticks that can add some height to the right candle – either tapered candles, pillar candles, or tea lights. I have selected a range of styles with some that are quite modern with cleaner lines and others that are more ornate. I have also included a range of materials, including an interesting glass one that I didn’t think should be overlooked.

1) Bedding Craft Candle Holder Stand Wooden

The first set that I want to talk about is one chosen for its size more than its decorative appeal. The design is nice enough with the smooth wood and white distressed finish. That high-end mango wood has been turned on a lathe for a nice retro look. But, it is the height that makes them stand out. The shortest is 12’’, which is taller than some of the tallest options in other sets. Then you have the middle one at 14’’ and the highest at 16’’. The plinth on the top is also nice and wide to hold a large pillar candle.

2) SUJUN Matte Black Candle Holders

For the next set of tall candle holders, we have a metal set that is about as simplistic as you can get for an interesting contemporary look. There isn’t much here, yet they are still a statement piece for a dining table or display in a living room. The sticks are just tall poles of black metal with a sturdy base and a little cup at the top for a taper candle. You can really show off a nice set of candles this way. The smallest piece is 9.45’’’ high, the middle one is 11.42’’, and the tallest 13.28’’.

3) SooKoool Retro Iron Decorative Candle Holder

There is something immediately appealing to this product because there is a nice blend of the old-fashioned and contemporary here. The twists of wrought iron are stylish and offer a different effect than the simple metal stands or ornate wooden carvings. The uniform black of the metal also works well against a big white pillar candle. There are two candle holders here to use as a set or in different rooms. One is 11’’ and the other 8’’.

4) Richland Pillar Unique Mercury Bubble Glass Candle Holders

This next set offers something completely different because they are made from glass rather than metal or wood. Glass isn’t as common because of the risk of fragility and because there isn’t such a solid, opaque block on the table to accentuate the candle. However, these hand-blown mercury glass candles are attractive with an interesting effect in the round balls. You also get three pieces of different sizes. They are 11’’, 8.5’’, and 7.3’’. This is a more unusual option that is sure to get compliments at any dinner party.

5) Anndason Set of 6 Gold Candlestick Holders

Obviously, this set of candlesticks isn’t made from real gold, or else they would be incredibly expensive. But, I think that the gold effect on the metal is quite striking and adds a sense of luxury to the product. The idea here is that the candle holders replicate designs from grand European houses, with a floral look to the lips. They can hold tall taper candles for more extravagance. Furthermore, there are six pieces in the set – two small, two medium, two large – so you can mix and match them to create a different display or use them around the home.

6) Hosley Set of 2 White Wooden Pillar Candle Holder.

One of the things that I like about this set of wooden pillars is that the two pieces are the same height. It is so common to see a set where one candlestick is about 2 inches shorter than the other. Having two pillars that are 11’’ tall means that you some nice symmetry in your table setting. The design is quite rustic and simplistic with the distressed white and should be great for a nice pair of colorful candles.

7) ATH Extra Large Tall Anchor Candle Stick Holder

Finally, I want to end with something a bit different. The majority of candle holders are the pillars and more traditional candlesticks seen above. But, you can also find some oddities out there. This one is strange in that the tea-light holder at the top feels tiny by comparison. But, the 17’’ tall anchor is sure to make an impression as you come into a home or in the middle of a dining table. Be aware that it is distressed fiberboard rather than real wood. But, the little bits of hemp rope is a nice touch.

Finding the best tall candle holders to make a statement in your home.

As you can see, while height is essential for a good tall candlestick, there is a lot more to think about. Personally, I like the pairs of sculptural candlesticks that mirror each other while providing a strong platform for a good pillar candle. But, I can see that there is a greater trend for those staggered trios of candlesticks for tapered candles. I also like that companies are looking beyond metalwork for interesting shapes and designs.

Think carefully about the statement you are trying to make by using a taller candle holder rather than something smaller. Is it better to go a little larger and bolder than you previously thought with something ornate or to go with a modern approach? Take your time to find what works for the space and have fun with it.