The Ultimate Wooden Candle Holders Guide

Part of the beauty of burning candles is that way of bringing natural light and warmth into the home. A scented candle can also bring in some nice natural and botanical smells, perhaps even some fir or balsam. So, it is understandable that many of us will turn to wooden candle holders for our candles to continue that theme.

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The best wooden candle holders can bring added beauty and softness because of the material and the carvings. Some also make more of a feature of the natural wood. In this guide, I have listed some top wooden candlesticks for your home.

7 of the Best Wooden Candle Holders for your Home

Below are 7 top wooden candlesticks with a range of designs and styles. I have tried to include a broad selection to suit different tastes, so you will find tall pillars and smaller trays. Some are very ornate – perhaps too much so for all tastes – and others that are more minimal. The idea here is that it should give you a better idea of the versatility of wood as a material for candle and tea-light holders.

1) Stonebriar Antique White Wooden Pillar Candle Holder


This first wooden candle holder is one that will appeal to homeowners with various tastes. There is a vintage style here with the rough carving and distressed feel – which could be a little too rough for some. There is also the use of white paint for the seaside aesthetic, making this a great option for seafront accommodation. It isn’t the tallest of “pillars” at just 4 inches, but it is a great base for a big pillar candle and will look great in the middle of a dining table.

2) Funly mee Rustic Farmhouse Wooden Candle Holder

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There is always going to be a market for anything that has “rustic” or “farmhouse” in its name because this creates the idea of something old-fashioned and cozy. Here, the designers achieve this with a nice distressed look to the wood and a more traditional carving on the pillars. There is also some decorative beading in places to add an extra flourish. You get two holders of different sizes here, one at 13’’ and the other 11’’.

3) Athaliah Wood Taper Candle Holders

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I wanted to make sure that there were some nice simple and contemporary options in here because I know that some of these will be a bit over the top for all tastes. There is a basic tapered shape to this pair of candle holders and a nice tactile look to the wood. But, this all means that the focus is on the candle rather than the candle holder. Other options work better with big white candles or tea-lights because they are so decorative themselves. Here, you can use some brighter colors and interesting designs in both the 11.5″ and 8.5″ holders.

4) Wastreake Heart-Shaped Candle Holder

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This is an interesting one because I have seen the same concept with a few different engravings attached to various brands. So, I advise that you have a look around to see who has the best message. The idea here is that you have two candle holders of different heights fused together with a heart-shaped cut-out in the middle. It’s a cute idea for a gift. This one has a long message that includes the phrase “thank you for being my unbiological sister”. It seems to be nicely machine engraved and easy to read, making it a popular choice.

5) Hagao Tealight Candle Holders

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This interesting set of tea-light holders stands out to me because of the focus on natural wood rather than anything that is ornately carved or treated in some way. They sell this as a “rustic” option for weddings, but I think they have great appeal for any home with a more naturalistic vibe to the decor. I’m not sure why the description says personalized, perhaps if you contact them they will add something. But the three pieces look great already. They come in three sizes: 1″,1.6″, and 2.7″ tall. If this set isn’t the right size or quantity there are 5 different sets to choose from.

6) cozyNiteArch Wooden Tealight Candle Holders

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What I like about this option is that it is such an attractive and simple contemporary design that will work in so many homes. Others have more of a “special occasion” feel and the tea-light holder below doesn’t have the same mass appeal. There there are 5 tea-light holders set into an arch of rich red-toned wood. It is a great shape and also means you can carry the lights to another room after dinner to make the most of the light or any scent.

7) AeraVida Thai Elephant Tray Carved Rain Tree Wooden Candle Holder

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Finally, this has to be one of the most ornate tea-light holders around, if you are looking for something that is more of a statement piece on the middle of the table. The series of tea-light bowls are decorative enough on their own with their Thai inspiration and carving. But, the company has taken things even further by raising the 14-inch long tray on the back of two nicely carved elephants. It is the use of the elephants that makes this a great gift for friends and family.

Are Wooden Candle Holders Safe?

This is an important question that may put a lot of people off from getting a wooden candle holder of any kind. Wood is a flammable material and we happily burn it in our fireplaces. So, is it safe to put a candle in a wooden candle holder? You can safely burn a candle this way because the danger comes from the candle, not the holder. As long as you don’t leave the candle unattended there should be no problem at all. If you are unsure, you could look for an option with a glass holder for tea lights to create a barrier.

What Should you Look Out for When Choosing the Best Wooden Candle Holders?

Are you looking for a candle holder for a series of tea lights or one large candle?

This is an important starting point when determining the best wooden candle holder for your needs. Are you looking for something that can provide a home for a few little tea lights in safe glass cups, or are you looking for more of a plinth where you can show off something more substantial and decorative? I have included examples of both in my guide below to help you decide.

How decorative do you want the candle holder to be?

There are sure to be many consumers that want a big statement piece as a candle holder, where they can be sure of catching the eye of guests at a dinner party. This could mean something with elaborate carving or other decorative features. Then there are those that want something a bit more minimalist and contemporary where a nice piece of wood is more of a platform for the candle than the main attraction. Think about the look you are going for here.

Do you want something that makes a feature of the natural wood?

Presuming that you are in the market for real wood rather than fiberboard, the treatment and finish can make a big difference. On one side you will have those pieces with paintwork and distressed effects for an antique look. On the other, some brands are keener to accentuate the grain of the wood or even leave the bark to remind users of the origin of the material. These pieces can be just as impactful in their own way. Remember, there is a reason you have gone for wood rather than metal or some synthetic material. So, make the most of that.

How big do you need the candle holder to be?

Then there is the issue of the size of the candle holder. Wooden candle holders come in all different shapes and sizes depending on your taste and needs. There are lots of pillar candle holders out there with turned wood and other pretty carvings. You can also find some of these interesting tall candle holders in my guide on that subject. These taller models elevate the candle to make it stand out in a table setting and the right design goes a long way. But, there are also plenty of smaller options for tea-lights that look great on display in just the right spot at home.

Finding the Best Wooden Candle Holders to Suit your Needs

There are plenty of directions that you can take when choosing the best wooden candlesticks and holders for your home. This guide just covers a few options with some great finishes and carving for tea-light holders and pillars. There are also some large models and wall candle holders out there if you would prefer that. Don’t be afraid of using wood around your candles as there is no risk as long as you use the candle responsibly. Enjoy seeking out the best design for your home.