20 Adorable Crafts with Teddy Bear Faces

Bears are wonderful, iconic animals that we’ve all come to know and love. If you’re looking for crafts and projects where you can make all kinds of cute teddy bear faces, then check out this list of 20 adorable crafts.

Top 20 Crafts with Teddybear Faces

Bear Craft
  1. Bear Cards– Follow along with the written, visual, or even the video tutorial to customize these bear cards; maybe add a little bow to transform these teddy bears into mama bears.

wool liberty teddy bear 600 1

2. Wool + Liberty Teddy – This adorable teddy bear adds a classy twist to the well-loved classic teddy bear design. Molly says this is an intermediate sewing project but, with a little time and dedication it’s within reach to easily complete.

finished white bear 518x600 1

3. Charity Bear – Easy enough to make by the hundreds and easy enough for kids themselves to make as a crafts project, this charity bear is the perfect project and cuddly buddy for all. Mix and match the materials to individualize each teddy bear. This design is easy to complete free hand however, if you’d like more details there is a printable outline you could follow along with.

brown bead1

4. Cuddly Pancake Teddy Bear – A slightly flatter version of your usual teddy bear, this version is much easier to make while still retaining the necessary cuteness of a teddy. All you need to complete is two colors of felt, some stuffing, and felt glue–doesn’t get much simpler than that! Plus, this design requires no sewing making it easy for kids and adults to create.

Memory bear pattern and tutorial w

5. Baby Clothes Memory Bear – Infuse your kid’s teddy bear with powerful memories by sewing the old baby clothes into a cute little teddy bear! Now they can cuddle what once used to cuddle them!

DSC 0050

6. Backpack Bear – Give your kid’s backpack a guardian with this charming and adorable little backpack bear! Complete this 6” tall teddy bear in approximately 1-2 hours.

How to Make a Bear Mask | DIY Craft for Kids

7. How to Make a Bear Mask- In approximately 30 minutes you can make this bear mask. Moose Mischief is a fun channel to check out with lots of additional crafts and ideas you’ll want to explore!

bunny cat bear finished

8. Softie Teddy – Easy to make and customize (you can turn this one into a cat or a bunny with just a few tweaks), this softie teddy is great for letting your creative juices flow. Cintia makes this design simple with a free printable design for the main body as well as, the bear, cat, and bunny patterns.

DIY Teddy bear baby toy 2

9. Soft Baby Teddy – Need a quick companion for your baby? This soft baby teddy is perfect for little babies, as they’re small enough to hug and soft enough to cuddle with. Maya tutorial for this design is great. She also has a printable pattern that makes recreating this design flawless by placing the pattern over the two pieces of fleece, pinning the pattern in place and then sewing along the pattern for even symmetry.

Dress UpBear1

10. Felt Dress-Up Bear – Can’t decide on the outfit of a teddy bear? You don’t have to if you can switch up the clothes of the teddy as you please. This is great for imagination and fine motor coordination required for handwriting. Mollie has free templates for the teddy bear as well as, all the clothing pictured above.

cute fork print panda bear kids craft

11. Easy Fork Print Panda – The perfect way to shape children’s creativity is to allow them to see art in the unexpected things. This easy fork print panda is the perfect gateway to all kinds of fun and funky things they can do with the simplest objects.

teddy bear crafts for kids

12. Fuzzy Bear Top – Add silly and fun little bears to plain old pencils with googly-eyed teddy bear faces! To complete you’ll need: Pom Poms (large and small), Scissors, Black marker, Pipe cleaners, Glue, Googly eyes, and a Pencil.

13. Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear – Turn a regular paper plate into a polar bear, panda bear, brown bear, or black bear with this quick and easy crafts project. The kids will love watching this bear come to life. You can also turn this design into a mask by cutting out eyes and using a dowel.

all for the boys origami bear 12square

14. Origami Bear – Try your hand at origami with this simple yet adorable origami bear! You only need a brown bag, a pair of googly eyes, and a marker, then you’re all set!


15. Bear Cookies – Who says that arts and crafts can’t be delicious? These bear cookies are beary cute! They are aslo yummy and easy to make!

16. Teddy Bear Toast – Perk up your mornings with adorable teddy bear faces for you and your kids! Kate shows how to easily make this design on various types of bread. I love how its only bananas and raisins so, you don’t need a lot of items on hand to recreate.


17. Brown Pear Bear – If you’re not that keen on sweets, you can still pull off a fun arts and crafts food project with this healthy brown pear bear. What a great idea to make eating fruit fun.

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18. Bear S’mores – A perfect snack for any occasion, these cute little bear s’mores are just too yummy and lovely to pass up.

CD craft ideas | Recycled cd art projects | Crafts for kids to make | Best out of waste

19. CD Teddy Bear – Have a couple of unused CDs lying around? Put them into good use by upcycling them into an adorable teddy bear!

Crochet Teddy Bear Granny Squares Free Pattern the homestead survival

20. Crochet Teddy Bear Granny Square – Looking for something a bit more challenging? This teddy bear granny square is both versatile and stylish – your imagination is the limit when it comes to what you can combine these into.

Go Beyond the Bear Necessities!

Now that you know a couple of amazing crafts with teddy bear faces, push your creativity to the limit and try them out with your kids or even just with yourself! Don’t forget to comment what your latest teddy bear craft was in the comment section. You might also want to try different types of animals even a unicorn. Happy crafting!