The Most Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns

When life gets a little bit too boring and mundane, sometimes all you need is a bit of magic. Try out these adorable unicorn crochet patterns and keep the magic alive! This list offers a mix of patterns, some of which are for children, and some for adults, and most of which can be used by either! I’ve also chosen a variety of material that is needed including one that require the use of bulky yarn. We also have the best crochet starter kits reviews page.

Unicorn Crochet Patterns

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Bulky Yarn Unicorn Pattern – Diverging from the usual unicorn aesthetic of regality, this unicorn is inspired by the plump, fluffy stuffed unicorn from Despicable Me, with its eccentric rainbow hair, cute button eyes, and cow-shaped body.

Sleeping unicorn pony crochet pattern by Amigurumi Today

Sleeping Unicorn Crochet Pattern – With its beautiful pastel mane and tail and peaceful sleeping face, this unicorn will aid dreamers in achieving a calm, restorative sleep.

Crochet Unicorn Mane Headband Free Pattern

Unicorn Headband Crochet Pattern – Perfect for children who love unicorns, this adorable crochet pattern does not require a lot of yarn and is perfect for simple unicorn costumes for parties, or a go-to daily headband for the bold.

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Unicorn Purse Crochet Pattern – For some, money is a mystical, elusive item that deserves an equally mystical container – a unicorn purse! Both cute and useful, this purse will keep money or keepsakes safe and protected.

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use of bulky yarn – This unicorn basket, with its double strand pattern and aesthetic flair of flowers, offer just the right mix of beauty and durability for years to come.

Free Awesome My Little Pony Toy Crochet Pattern

My Little Pony Crochet Patterns – My Little Pony has been a crowd favorite, captivating both girls and boys because of its valuable lessons on friendship, as well as tasteful bits of humor and magic. These crochet patterns are sure to capture the magic of the show, with patterns for six main characters of the show.


Fingerless Unicorn Gloves Crochet Pattern – A playful mix of cute, kawaii cats and regal and majestic unicorns, this fingerless glove crochet pattern has just the right amount of magic to keep you warm and cozy – while allowing you to use your phone! There are sizes for toddlers, children, and adults, so you can share the magic with everyone.

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Blue Unicorn Crochet Pattern – While most unicorn crochet patterns boast flashy colorful manes, the subdued pastel blue is a less common sight – a fresh take on the well-known, well-loved classic unicorn design.

tiny unicorn amigurumi by ahooka3 300x201 1

Tiny Rainbow Amigurumi Crochet Pattern – Amigurumi is the Japanese art of creating or crocheting small, stuffed creatures made of yarn. This tiny rainbow unicorn fits right on the palm of your hands and is a perfect companion for your child’s unicorns.

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Guineacorn and Pigasus Crochet Pattern – A comical twist and juxtaposition to the beautiful unicorn and pegasus, the guineacorn and pigasus patterns look impossibly cute and funny!

tester pics unicorn 1 orig

Unicorn Pencil Topper Crochet Pattern – This one requires probably the least amount of yarn and is perfect for enchanting even the most drab-looking pens and pencils.

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Unicorn Cell Phone Crochet Pattern – This crochet pattern has a unique aesthetic of glamour and playfulness, with its combination of gold, white, and silver. Who needs pockets when you have a magical unicorn keeping your phone safe?

Crochet Unicorn sleepy

Unicorn Cell Phone Holder Crochet Pattern – Keep the magic alive even on your desk with this unicorn cell phone holder.


Unicorn Slippers Crochet Pattern – Slip into the world of miracles and enchantment with these fabulous, cozy unicorn slippers!

Unicorn bookmark small

Unicorn Bookmark Crochet Pattern – With books already taking readers into new magical and mystical worlds filled with adventure, this unicorn crochet pattern is the perfect reading companion.


Unicorn Coffee Sleeve Crochet Pattern – Add some extra perk to your mornings with a unicorn coffee sleeve – sure to enchant your mornings with its playful and kawaii design.

Unicorn Pillow Friend HERO

Unicorn Pillow Crochet Pattern – This unicorn pillow crochet pattern is just the right size for hugging and looks absolutely pretty on any couch or bed. For people who are just starting out on crocheting, this is a perfect beginner project to take on.

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Unicorn Hand Puppet Crochet Pattern – This hand puppet has all the magic you need to enchant children, with its adorable and whimsical design.


Unicorn Pencil Case Pattern -This adorable pencil case would be a great present for any young unicorn lover in your life! What a great idea to turn the unicorn brain into a handle; it looks adorable yet, functional!

IMG 8333

Unicorn Hooded Scarf Crochet Pattern – Unicorn crochet patterns don’t have to be purely for aesthetic flair – they can be both fabulous and useful; in this case, it can keep your child warm, while also providing spacious pockets!

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If you’re ready to embrace the magic, go ahead and check these patterns out. They’ll surely add a fantastic splash of magic and color to your world. And if you do decide to attempt crocheting this magical creature, do spread the joy and share it here with me by commenting below. If you enjoyed these patterns your may also want to check out our crochet animal patterns too. Happy crocheting!