Halloween Activities for Families

At our house we enjoy celebrating all holidays! We try to find different ideas for arts and crafts, plus fun food ideas as we try to set up our own family traditions. Below are a few of our 2020 Halloween ideas, please comment below and share your Halloween family fun ideas with us!

Pumpkin Pancakes

pumpkin pancakes 1
pumpkin pancakes 2
pumpkin pancakes 3

Soooo these need a little work lol BUT our toddler loved them! Which is all that really matters in the end, right!?! We used orange powder food coloring and cut out faces on the pumpkins. It took so much food coloring to get an orange tint to the pancakes. Next time, I plan to use pumpkin puree to get the desired color and to sneak in some added vegetables. More Toddler fun food ideas here

Ghost Bananas

goshts bananas 2

I’ve made these with mini and regular chocolate chips. I found that they look best as pictured above with mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a regular chocolate chip for the mouth. I placed the chocolate chips in with the smooth side facing out. This really seams to help the chocolate chips stay in place well, at least till it hits the table and my toddler reaches straight for the chocolate. Ghost bananas have been a big hit! My toddler has requested these almost daily, which is great for her since she’s not one to typically eat bananas; unless it’s in a smoothie.

Witch Brooms

witch brooms 2

Such a simple and fun snack idea! I cut a cheese stick in 3 pieces, added slices along them and then finished it off with the “stick” by twisting a small pretzel stick into the end of the cheese stick.


spider web 3
Top Spiderweb with large tape mainly
Bottom Web with small tape
spider web 2
Large Tape Spiderweb
spider web 1
Small Tape Spiderweb

With use of an old box, painters tape, and paint we created our own spiderwebs with a friend. Set up was really easy and quick. We created an X with the tape and then a * pattern. Afterwards, we added a few extra web lines. On the top web mainly large tape was used. On the bottom web I ripped the tape in half to make a smaller web appearance. To finish it off we added a spider sticker for fun. Full disclosure, our 2 year old toddlers loved the idea of making a spiderweb however, they only had the attention and interest to paint about half the project. We’ll have to try this again next year!

Ghost Lollipops

halloween 41

To make our Halloween goody bags a little more fun I turned our lollipops into ghosts. These were easy and quick to make. All you need is a marker, coffee filter, and a twist tie. I found it easiest to wrap the coffee filter around the lollipop with the twist tie and then draw the ghost face on. Easy as that! And the kids really found this simple twist on the lollipops rather fun; makes the little extra effort worth while!

Pumpkin Water Bottles

halloween 21
halloween 31

Another fun and easy way to make your Halloween drink fun and possible a little healthier?!? I used a burlap sting to attach some orange colored drink mix . I punched a whole into and attach it to the water bottle. I painted a pumpkin face on the water bottle. It does take a little practice to get the hang of painting on a water bottle because of all the ridges. But, again it was simple, quick to complete and my daughter thought it was pretty neat!

Monster Apples

halloween 11

These didn’t come out as nicely as I hope but, the kids thought it was fun to eat fruit because the were monsters, that’s a win right?!? Or maybe, just a Pinterest fail?!? Oh well!

Material used: multi colored apples, sprite, marshmallow creme, chocolate chips, peanut butter, strawberries, and sunflower seeds.

I quartered the apples and then sliced out a “mouth” for each monster. Then, I soaked the apples once cut in sprite so they wouldn’t turn brown and wouldn’t taste differently either from preserving them. I applied the peanut butter into the monster “mouth”. Next, I added the sunflower seeds for teeth. When adding the sunflower seeds you do have to place them far enough inside the apple and spaced out in order for them to stay in place. Now, thinly slice a strawberry and add it as the tongue. Last but not least, the eyes! I used a small dab of marshmallow creme and then topped it with a chocolate chip. I tried both regular chocolate chips and mini chocolate chip and I really preferred the look of the mini chocolate chips.

This picture I took right after making the monster apples. It was a warm 60 degree Fahrenheit day her so the eyes started to run. Which, if you think about it is fun and silly for a monster! But, if I had more time I would have put them in the freezer to let the marshmallow creme set so the eyes didn’t appear to be melting.


I hope you enjoyed some of these Halloween activities for families! Next, you may want to look at cardboard Christmas trees or DIY Christmas tree ornaments. Comment below what Halloween craft you enjoy doing to share with the Just Craft Around community. Happy crafting!