DIY Pottery Wheel for your next project

Want to try something new out of the blue to bring out your inner artist? Pottery may spark your interest. We know buying a potter’s wheel can be expensive, so, we have gathered several DIY pottery wheel ideas that’ll help you build your own. Because you know what? Building it on your own is not that complicated! Plus, there is nothing like the pleasure of saying “oh, yeah, that? I built it myself.”

Top 12 DIY Pottery Wheel Projects

Below are some of the best diy pottery wheel projects that we found on the net. None of it is ours but belong to the individual owners who created it. We are just curating all the best project for your convenience. Don’t forget to visit this page if you’re searching for the best clay for sculpting.  Hope this helps! Enjoy!

1. Potter’s Wheel: Treadmill motor

Most DIY pottery wheels use treadmill motors as the machine; so, before anything else, here is a thorough instruction to guide you through the whole process.

2. Potter’s Wheel with a Treadmill Motor

Almost there! Now that you have your motor ready, you may now proceed to the next step.

3. DIY Pottery Wheel from a Washing Machine

If you have an old washer that you’re planning to replace, you might as well make something new out of it! Know all the deets here.

4. Budget Potter’s Wheel

What shall man do if he’s out of money yet wants a pottery wheel? Take an advice or two from createniks that miraculously found a treadmill along the road on trash day.

5. Leach Treadle Wheel

Electrically-powered wheels are so common these days because they’re much more convenient; but, there are also people out there who prefer to use a human-powered wheel. If you prefer the latter, this tutorial might be the one you’re looking for!

6. Potter’s Kick Wheel

Okay, so, you got everything else ready, but, you haven’t wrapped your head around how to do a potter’s kick wheel. Say no more! This guide is as simple as it can get. Read it slowly but surely and follow through.

7. Country Pottery Kick Wheel

If you want a longer product life, you might want to consider building this inexpensive traditional pottery kick wheel. The instructions include some cheap tricks so make sure you read thoroughly!

8. Hurry Potter!

A lot of posts these days have the words “Quick and Simple” in the title just to intrigue people, but, most of them are nothing but a clickbait! (isn’t it frustrating, sometimes?). Not this one, though! and guess what? This DIY project is perfect for people that are into recycling! If that’s you, then, gather a mop bucket, some plastic pots and start building!

9. Potter’s Wheel Using a Ceiling Fan Motor

Tired of reading through long and complicated tutorials? Just watch this youtube video to know how to make a pottery wheel with a ceiling fan motor. Plus, you’ll only be needing around $50!

10. Junkyard Car Wheel

Here is another instructional video to teach you the most basic way to build a potter’s wheel – by using a car wheel and tire! Don’t get too excited, though. Make sure you read the video description before proceeding!

11. AC/DC

This Pottery wheel design uses an AC electric motor, but you can also go with a better yet expensive choice – a DC motor. The difference? A DC motor and speed control is easier than an AC motor; that’s why it’s the better choice.

12. Advice!

Want to know more about the whole AC/DC thing? Learn the difference by reading through this advice that is completely and absolutely easy to understand. No more confusion!

Still scratching your head? We hope not! If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll get back to you. Don’t give up, alright? You got this! And if you are looking for other DIY project, you might want to try creating a DIY End Table or look continue on this same train of thought and look into different kinds of sculpting clay.  ‘till the next craft!

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