DIY End Table Ideas – My Top 20

DIY End Table

End tables are often afterthoughts or the last priority when it comes to design, but having a beautiful end table can bring a dull bedroom or living room setup to life with its unique shape, texture, or color without bringing too much attention to itself. That being said, I made a list of some of the most gorgeous and unique DIY end table ideas out there. Check out these DIY end table ideas:

My pick for DIY End Table Ideas

Space-Saving Rustic End Table – This little space and time-saver takes only about 2 hours to make and has a charmingly rustic look to boot.

Repurposed Wooden Crates – For a more effortless rustic look, repurposed wooden crates are even easier to do, since you need only to clean, and perhaps polish your old wooden crates, then stack them to your preferred height.

Modern Style Wide End Table – Simple and modern, this wide end table is great for modern living rooms, perhaps as a temporary desk or dining table.

Small Plywood End Table – Weathered plywood looks great in traditional living rooms or bedrooms.

Wire Accent Table – If you’re looking for a pretty, cheap project for your living room, this project that runs less than $15 and will look beautiful in modern living rooms.

Cheap Rustic Night Stand – With a little more effort, you can turn unused milk crates into a charming little night stand.

Stump End Table – Were you also “stumped” when you discovered that you can use stumps as end tables? So were we!

Mosaic Top End Table – This is a charming geometric combination of Dark Walnut, Weathered Gray, Vintage Blue, and Sunbleached – perfect for rooms with nautical colors.

Rope Side Table – Assuming you don’t have cats (who will make this DIY end table their very own scratching post), this rope side table looks and feels great.

Copper Tubing End Table – A postmodern design using industrial elements, this striking combination of neon yellow, bronze, and copper is a bold choice for modern living rooms.

Log Slice End Table – Bring a slice of nature into your home with this log slice DIY end table.

Industrial End Table – Want a no-nonsense industrial design end table? This project comes with a modern, trendy design at a fraction of the cost.

Crate Love End Table – This inspirational and pretty end table is great for reminding yourself and the people around you of the virtues you stand for.

Library Card Cabinet End Table – A charmingly rustic end table with a library aesthetic is the perfect accent to a modern setup, or a piece that completes a traditional setup.

Acrylic Side Table – Trendy and chic, this DIY end table works well with both traditional and modern living rooms.

Copper Himmeli End Table – Geometric Himmeli designs are all the rage in modern and postmodern setups. This end table is sure to add a touch of uniqueness to any living room or bedroom.

Minimalist End Table – A playful mix of minimalism and postmodern art, this end table is a simple and low-cost project worth trying.

Industrial Side Table – This industrial DIY end table contains two layers of open storage that’s perfect for decor.

Copper + Leather Weave End Table – This light and trendy end table is great for living rooms going for a mix of industrial and post modern aesthetic.

Wall-Mounted Crate End Table – This simple, permanent fixture acts both as decor and a chic storage option, usually for wall-mount television sets.

Start Your DIY Project Now

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with the DIY end table; while often under-appreciated, when you take some time and effort to create the end table that speaks to you, you breathe new life into the old and familiar designs of your living rooms and bedrooms. Try it and share on the comment section below. Happy DIYing! #justcraftingaround

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