The 7 Best Embroidery Scissors of 2021: How to Choose & Where to Buy

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What makes a difference in any creative activity is, without a doubt, having the right tools and accessories at hand. Where painters need a piece of canvas and an easel, a sewist needs a sewing machine, threads, and needles. However, there are many tools that make more than one creative brain happy. One of them is a good pair of embroidery scissors. Although for daily smart fixes and cuts around the home, the regular all-purpose scissor will do, some projects just require something more specialized.

In the below article, we are reviewing the best embroidery scissors on the market du moment, with each an extensive description, pros, cons, and more. This way, finding your perfect friend that stands by you while you perform all your needlework is done in a minute. Also, we have put together a detailed buying guide for you to read that includes all the things to consider before you buy and a summary of frequently asked questions around this nifty thread cutter.

What are embroidery scissors, and what are they used for?

As the name states itself, it is a specialty type of scissors that are used to snip and cut threads such as sewing thread or multi-ply embroidery threads. What makes them different from other scissors is that they are designed to cut extra sharp, due to the sharp, long, and pointy tip. All of this together avoids fraying ends – a common frustration when you’re trying to thread your needle (and that we probably all have dealt with at least once in our life).

The size of it is designed to cut firmly attached threads and seams in the smallest places; it starts at 3 inches long and goes up to about 6 inches long. Now, you are probably wondering why you never bought one or bought the wrong type of scissors, or you are here to find your new pair. Either way, read on below for our top 7 choices, consisting of beautiful, different designs.

Top * Reviews: Best Pair of Embroidery Scissors

Now that we gave you a quick embroidery scissors 101, it is time to get into the different types available – and the ones we have reviewed for you. While putting together this detailed review, we took many features and specifications into consideration, including quality, price, and – of course – sharpness.

#1 – Gingher 1005279 Epaulette Embroidery Scissors

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This charming, gold pair of scissors is not just a feast for the eye – it does exactly what it is meant to do: cut threads and cut them sharp without any fraying. The scissors have been finished with super-sharp points and precision edges for the tiniest and most complex embroidery applications. Gingher’s scissors come with a leather sheath to store them away.

#2 – Fiskars 98087097J Curved Craft Scissors

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With bright orange, you can’t miss it! Fiskars designed this pair of craft scissors to be the go-to design that is easy to use, extremely sharp and the perfect size. They are ideal for snipping loose threads. The blade is made out of stainless steel and has curved edges. With its 3.9 inches, the size is incredibly compact. A big plus to these scissors by Fiskars, is that the design is compatible with both left- and right-handed users.

Last but not least, they are provided with a lifetime warranty.

#3 – Westcott Sewing Titanium Bonded Fine Cut Scissors

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Tiny but strong are two words that describe this pair of scissors by Westcott quickly. They do what they are meant to, and with its extremely small size (2.5 inches), it allows you to work with a significant amount of flexibility doing your needlework. They feature soft-grip handles and are super lightweight. On top of that, the scissors’ blades stay sharp no matter how frequently you use them and are corrosion resistant.

#4 – Singer 00557 Pro Series Detail Scissors with Nano Tip

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Backed up with a lifetime warranty, this embroidery scissors by Singer will make a significant difference. Due to its nano-tip and the rubberized comfort grip handles, this small scissor is strong enough to support you. Singer makes sure the scissor blades have been individually inspected and hand-tested to ensure you of the best quality. This pair of embroidery scissors is also very durable and lightweight.

#5 – BIHRTC Gold 2-Pack Embroidery Scissors and Sewing Scissors in Stainless Steel

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When you ask us, a two-pack is always the right choice. These appealing, vintage-style scissors by BIHRTC cover all the basics with their difference in shape and size. Made of stainless steel, they are anti-rust and super lightweight. The pointed edges and sharp blades make them suitable and sufficient for embroidery and needlework. It is an extremely good value for money-buy, and they are effortlessly sharp.

#6 – Mudder 3 Pieces Stork Scissors of Silver Stainless Steel for Tailor and Dressmaker

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The stork design is something you often see when you are on the hunt for embroidery scissors. And with this pack of three by Mudder, you immediately add a vintage charm to your sewing kit! They are made of sturdy stainless steel with a comfortable grip. With their difference in design and size, you will cover all your needs. The pointed tips are convenient in needlework, and the blades are sharp enough to cut every embroidery thread without fraying ends.

#7 – The Unique Edge Embroidery Sewing Scissor – Titanium Spring Action Scissor

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Rainbow-colored stainless steel, anyone? This embroidery sewing scissor by The Unique Edge is to be your perfect, multipurpose choice. The stainless steel is coated in titanium, to endure its quality and sturdiness. The extra sharp blades allow performing close cuts without damaging any parts of your garments. This lightweight scissor has an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue.

The Buyers’ Guide: FAQ and Things to Consider

Do you find yourself still wanting to read more information about the right pair of embroidery scissors for you? No worries! In our detailed buyers’ guide, which you will find below, we have gathered all the things to consider before you buy the best embroidery scissors and many other facts and tips that will be of good help when you are looking for an embroidery scissor. 

What to look for when purchasing a pair of scissors for embroidery

The number one rule: the sharper, the better!

As we want our threads to stay away from those fraying ends, a sharp blade on your scissors is the main feature it should have. 

Weight and size

Lightweight is always better because this allows you to comfortably use the scissors freely and on any project or thread you wish. Embroidery scissors can vary in size. However, we could state that also a smaller sized scissor gives you more abilities and freedom in smaller designs.

Right-handed or left-handed?

Yes, scissors are often manufactured for right-handed people. Make sure to spend some extra time gathering information to find the right scissor when you are a left-handed person. 

Shape and design

The blade shape makes a difference when you are looking for embroidery scissors. Arched and curved blades work well while trying to manipulate the tiny threads that are used in embroidery.  

How will you ensure that your embroidery scissors are sharp?

By not using them for cutting materials such as paper or any other things than embroidery thread or fabric!

How do I sharpen my embroidery scissors?

That’s easy and can be done any minute with nothing more than standard things that can be found in any home. Use a piece of aluminum foil with a size of about 7-9 inches. Fold it in length until you have a thick strip left and cut it several times.

Brands that manufacture embroidery scissors

There are several brands known for manufacturing good quality scissors. Some of them include:

  • Singer
  • Fiskars
  • Westcott
  • Gingher

Next to that, there is a wide range of scissors available from other brands.

Taking care of your embroidery scissors

Just like any tool used in your creative projects, embroidery scissors should be cared for! Make sure to use it only for what it’s meant for: cross stitch and embroidery. Using them to cut paper or other material will make them dull more quickly. Get rid of any small threads stuck in your scissors, and store them in a cover to extend the life-span of this tiny tool.

Final Words

Regardless of a scissor of such a small size, it is important to take good care of it and invest in a good pair that lasts long and does its work well. However tempting it may be to buy these little things in a rush, it is not recommended! It is essential to invest in good quality scissors so you can avoid problems while you are working on your sewing projects. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a fortune! Luckily, there are several options, with something for everyone. 

Hopefully, our review article has helped you with finding your pair of embroidery scissors. Have you found your choice already, and which one are you using now? Also check out our guide on electric scissors.