The Top 6 Best Iron for Quilting: How to Choose & Where to Buy

Quilting is a very creative, relaxing, and fun crafting activity to do. By doing so, there are a few things and tools that you will need, including fabric, batting, and a sewing machine that is suitable for quilting. However, when you are working on your quilt and look at the pieces of your masterpiece, you might come across creases, folds, and wrinkles in your quilt due to all the layers that come together. And that’s not pretty. 

Or, even when you have your fabric pieces laid out in front of you, seeing that they need some de-wrinkling, an iron is what you need!

Luckily, as we all know, nowadays there are beautiful top-of-the-bill steam irons available that make it a lot easier for you to get rid of all the unwanted creases. Some of those irons for quilting include handy options, such as steaming and dry cleaning, and some of them are even designed to be cordless, to allow you to move around freely (and carefully, of course). With these features, you are likely to come a long way.

But with so many options available, what is the best iron for quilting of all? The one that is less likely to drip water (the struggle!) that has the perfect temperature, and the one that just does its job best overall? To answer all of these questions, we have put together this article, for which we reviewed the six best irons from this moment that are equipped with all the features a quilter or a sewer needs.

Top Rated and Reviewed: The 6 Best Irons for Quilting

We have reviewed seven of the best irons that’ll bring you and your quilting creations the best results. Below, you will find an extensive review for every one of them, based on several criteria such as price, user-friendliness, brand, and a lot more! Read on below to find out what recommends on the best iron for sewers and quilters.

#1 – (Editor’s Choice and Best Overall Choice) Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate

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Watts of power: 1800 W

Water tank size: 11.8 oz

Soleplate Type: Stainless steel 

Automatic shut-off: Yes; 3-way

Steam option: Yes, with 400 steam holes; extra powerful with 210 grams/minute

Power cord length: 8ft / 2,5 meters

The German-found home appliances brand Rowenta brought many good, high-quality irons before the DW9280. Still, this newest model seems to carry every feature of the brands’ famous DW5080 model and more. What makes this quilting iron the winning model and our editor’s choice is the powerful micro steam option and the significantly more extensive water reservoir. With 1800 watts of power and a speed of 210 grams of steam per minute, wrinkles, creases, and folds are undone in a minute.

The iron lies comfortably in your hands and allows you to move around freely thanks to the lengthy 2,5-meter power cord attached to the machine. The design is appealing, sleek, and the iron does exactly what it is meant to do. Without any problems, the iron can be used on the most delicate fabric pieces without damaging them and heats up quickly. Last but not least, our favorite feature of the Rowenta DW9280 is, without a doubt, the steam motion sensor. This sensor makes sure to turn off the steam when the quilting iron doesn’t move to save energy and water.


  • Includes a smart electronic function that shuts off steam when the iron is not moving
  • LCD screen indicates the right temperature for the fabric you are ironing
  • Removes wrinkles extremely useful with the powerful steam function
  • The iron’s precision tip allows you to maneuver freely in the tiniest corners.
  • Includes a self-cleaning function and built-in anti-calcium system


  • The temperature is easily adjusted (on accident) while ironing, which can cause frustration.
  • With the steam option, a lot of water is used, resulting in refilling the reservoir often.
  • The electronic shut-off time is quite short; 8 minutes

#2 – (Best Professional Iron) CHI Professional Grade Steam Iron with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate

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Features & Specifications

Watts of power: 1700 W

Water tank size: 12 oz

Soleplate Type: Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate 

Automatic shut-off: Yes; 3-way electronic shut-off

Steam option: Yes, with 400 steam holes

Power cord length: Retractable 8 ft / 2,5 meters

CHI is a brand that might sound familiar, as they have been around for over 30 years in both hair appliances and ironing devices, which make them a leading brand in this world. The 13106 is made with CHI’s flat on technology, as it is equipped with the same soleplate technology. This steam iron looks sleek and stylish and is easy to store away with the option of a retractable cord.

Similar to the Rowenta DW9280, the CHI Professional Grade steam iron contains no less than 400 tiny steam holes that allow the quilting iron to deliver an incredibly powerful amount of steam. Also, this steaming iron is equipped with a function to choose your fabric type, and the iron will set the right temperature for you. 

This steaming iron is a great option for quilters and sewers as it is incredibly comfortable and easy to use for ironing and pressing and is equipped with all the premium materials to assure you of the best of the best. But, the greatest benefit to this iron for quilting is that the auto shut-off is no less than 30 minutes, which allows you to work your way through your quilt without rushing.


  • A long auto shut off feature (30 minutes), and the timer is easily reset if needed to stretch the time in which the iron is warm
  • Also perfectly suitable to use as a dry iron
  • Automatic temperature setting for your chosen fabric 
  • The retractable cord makes the iron easy to store away
  • Extremely suitable for commercial/professional use
  • Strong, long-lasting titanium infused ceramic soleplate


  • The machine doesn’t contain an off button; you have to unplug the cord instead
  • The temperature settings need to be handled with care as they are not always completely accurate.

#3 – (Best Mini Iron for Quilting) Oliso Smart M2 Pro Mini Project Iron with Solemate

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Features & Specifications

Watts of power: 1000 W

Water tank size: 1.7 oz

Soleplate Type: Diamond coated ceramic 

Automatic shut-off: Yes

Steam option: Yes, with one-press steam control

Power cord length: 8 ft / 2,5 meters, 180° pivot cord

This small but strong quilting iron by the famous brand Oliso has all the traits a mini project iron should have. Starting with its size; the design lies comfortably in your hand (left or right-handed, that doesn’t matter!) and stores away easily. Not to mention, it is a great travel iron for when you are planning some sewing days away or retreats. However, as a small and helpful addition to your sewing room, the Oliso Smart Iron M2 is a great addition as well. 

With a quick heating time of no less than 45 seconds due to the 1000 wattage, you can start almost right away with this travel steam iron. The auto shut off time is 30 minutes, allowing you to use the mini iron in your tempo without having to rush.

A big benefit to this small but strong quilting iron is the included “Solemate” – a silicone cover for your iron that allows you to leave the iron face down without scorching or damaging your fabric. The Oliso m2 Pro mini steam iron has an accurate precision tip and a high-quality diamond coated ceramic soleplate for best results and long-lasting fun of your iron.


  • The iron works best on tap water, so no need to worry about distilled water while travelling
  • The compact size is easy to work with, travel with, and to store away
  • Heats up fast and works both with and without steam
  • The silicone trivet “Solemate” is perfect for travel and storage
  • The precision tip is easy to use and the perfect addition while quilting and sewing, as it effortlessly reaches small corners and tight spots


  • When you wish to use the steam function, the iron does not steam unless you press the steam buttons – it’s not a setting switch, which makes it a less suitable option to use when having arthritic hands
  • The handle of the iron might get hot and uncomfortable to hold when in use for a while
  • It takes a long time before the iron is cooled down and thus can be stored away

#4 – (Best Budget Option) BLACK & DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron D2030

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Features & Specifications

Watts of power: 1500 W

Water tank size: 12 oz

Soleplate Type: Stainless steel

Automatic shut-off: Yes, 3-way

Steam option: Yes, with customizable digital settings that deliver the perfect amount of steam according to fabric type

Power cord length: 7.8 ft / 2,3 meters

One of the best steam irons for sewing and quilting on this list, when you are looking for a budget-friendly option that will not break the bank, is this Black & Decker Digital Advantage steam iron. The D2030 iron features a durable, heavy-duty soleplate made out of strong stainless steel and a smart LCD screen that allows you to customize both steam and fabric settings. With 1500 watts of power, this Black & Decker iron does what it is meant to do and has a powerful steam output.

Although the shut off option works quite fast, it is still very easy to use and can be used in a vertical way to steam your clothes while they hang. All in all, this black and decker is a worthy option when you are looking for a sturdy, easy-glide steam iron for quilting and sewing! 


  • A budget-friendly option with a high value for money
  • The steam iron is equipped with an extra-large water tank and a powerful steam output
  • The built-in auto-clean system flushes out mineral deposits
  • For quilting and sewing, the D2030 steam iron is easy to use
  • The quilting iron features an anti-drip system, that works by closely regulating the water temperatures


  • The shut-off time is significantly shorter than other irons for quilting on the list
  • Using the recommended auto-cleaning process can be a challenge
  • The machine is quite heavy which is considered as less comfortable to use.

#5 – (Best Steam Iron) Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron with Anodized Aluminum Soleplate

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B083WN4V4M&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=justcraftingaround 20&language=en US

Features & Specifications

Watts of power: 1800 W

Water tank size: 10 oz

Soleplate Type: Anodized Aluminium

Automatic shut-off: Yes, 3-way

Steam option: Yes

Power cord length: Swivel 360°, 8 ft / 2,5 meters

For a specialized steam iron to use while sewing and quilting, the brand Reliable brings you with the Velocity 230IR a great, strong, anti-drip option. With the high-quality anodized aluminum scratch-resistant soleplate, the iron glides smoothly over any type of fabric. The Reliable steam iron features a vapor generator that includes two heating elements combined with a micro-pump that will heat water quickly and turn it into steam before it reaches the soleplate.

However this Reliable Velocity is a somewhat more costly option on the list, it is the winner in the category of best steam iron without a doubt. This quilting iron has an “auto” setting which is safe for any type of fabric and a “turbo” setting for heavier fabrics that need a little extra heat and steam to get rid of their creases and wrinkles.

To top this all off with our favorite feature; the built-in sensor technology tells the iron when you are ready to steam when you are placing your hand on the handle. This will mechanically start the steam function.


  • The high-quality, scratch-free, anodized aluminum soleplate lasts long
  • The steam iron signals when it is ready to steam or auto shut off
  • Steam is generously and continuously spread and the iron heats up fast 
  • Anti-drip and anti-spit
  • The quilting iron glides smoothly and is suitable for every type of fabric


  • Similar to the CHI Professional Grade, this iron does not feature an on/off button
  • The steaming machine can be noisy and heavy and less easy to use

#6 – (Best Cordless Iron) Panasonic Cordless Iron NI-L70SRW with Contoured Stainless Steel Soleplate

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000P6CRLO&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=justcraftingaround 20&language=en US

Features & Specifications

Watts of power: 1500 W

Water tank size: 5 oz

Soleplate Type: Curved stainless steel

Automatic shut-off: Yes, 3-way

Steam option: Yes, including a vertical steam option

Power cord length: None

The freedom of an iron for quilters without a cord is considered a must according to many professionals in the field. Not only provides a cordless iron you unlimited maneuver space, but it also limits the problems a tangled power cord around your ironing board can cause.

The Panasonic NI-L70SRW is a feast to use and features a powerful steam output and an incredibly smooth, curved, stainless steel soleplate. Nonetheless, the cordless steam iron for quilting is equipped with “Stay-Clean” steam vents that prevent calcium-clogged vents. Although it is no mini steam iron, the cordless traits and carry-on case still allow you to travel with it easily to any retreat. Last but not least, the steam iron features a double-pointed soleplate that presses fabric from any direction, and is ideal for piecing, appliqués, crafts, and sewing.


  • The iron features a detachable water reservoir for extra comfort
  • When ironing is done, the touch of a button on the iron’s charging base neatly retracts the power cord inside the base
  • One of the best choices amongst quilting irons due to the variable steam or no steam option
  • The smooth stainless steel soleplate glides along with little effort


  • The auto shut off option is not the longest on the list with 10 minutes
  • The iron machine is missing an in-use indicator or light to let you know when the iron needs to go back to its base to charge, and once you’ve placed it back, when it is ready to use

Buyers Guide on The Best Iron for Quilting

As mentioned above, with all the (almost endless) options available, finally purchasing the best iron for quilting requires gathering some information. That’s why we have listed all the valuable information on this topic below in our detailed buying guide. Hopefully, this will provide you with enough information and resources to get started. 

How to Choose & Things to Look for When Buying an Iron

Many features come peeking around the corner when buying a new iron. You’ll want to consider what’s important to you. We suggest you take some time to consider the following things before you do so.

Heating time

When you plan on using the iron while you put together your quilt, it must stay hot while you are finishing off the quilt pieces. As many irons are equipped with a safe auto-shutoff function, it might be that the iron will shut off and needs to warm up again when you’re ready to move on. If you recognize yourself in this situation, it might help opt for an iron that needs a short time to get back on temperature. Ironing devices with high wattage are likely to have a faster heating time.

Water capacity

For the ones amongst us that love good steam and use this option on the iron more than often, a helpful tip is to look out for an iron that has a somewhat larger water reservoir, as, while using steam, water is used in bulk.

Heat control and steam flow

Controlling the temperature of your iron comes in extremely handy when you are ironing different types of fabrics. Although the traditional quilt can usually take on some heat, other ones might need a lower temperature to avoid damage. This doesn’t only go up for quilts, but also our beloved pieces of clothing.

The steam flow should be consistent and powerful to provide your quilt with the best results and an even spread of temperature and heat, as the steam is a powerful and quick ironing tactic that flexes out the wrinkles and puts the fabric fibers in place. 


This comes down to your personal preference. Usually, irons are equipped with a stainless steel soleplate. They are, in their position, most popular. However, a ceramic soleplate could do the trick for you as well. Each of the materials has pros and cons. Scroll down to our frequently asked questions to find out more.

Safety and user-friendliness

Many features can make a massive difference to the user-friendliness of your iron. What can make a huge difference is the cord length, for example. This allows you to move around freely without being limited to a short power cord or always having to put up your station too close to a socket. Another option would be to go for a cordless iron. Even more room for maneuver, and it can be considered safer, as you limit the chances of getting caught in appliances around you. 

Regarding safety, another feature that can make a significant difference is an auto shut-off option. Although many irons are equipped with this, it is worth mentioning. This function can avoid a lot of trouble, e.g., forgetting to turn it off and damaging your iron, kids, or family running around that don’t see immediately that the iron is turned on. Always make sure to be careful with your iron, and opt for an auto-shutoff! 

Last but not least, ironing should be comfortable. By that, we mean it should be pleasant to hold, not too heavy, and work well with you. Remember that the iron is here to do the dirty work! You are there to guide it and move it where it needs to do the job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions and answers around the best iron for quilting, please read on below.

What is the best iron to buy in 2021?

According to us, we would suggest the Rowenta DW9280. The powerful steam iron has many possibilities and is extremely easy and comfortable in use. However, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Black & Decker Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron could be a good suggestion for you. Other good choices on the best iron in 2021 would be the Panasonic Cordless Iron NI-L70SRW, which scores well on the best cordless iron.

How long should an iron last?

Depending on how intensively you use it, it should last at least a year and a half, or a maximum of two. It’s safe to say that these devices are just not meant to last a lifetime. And maybe we should be happy about that, given all the new technology that pops up and will likely improve your ironing experience.

Should I empty the water from my iron?

Yes. Especially when you don’t use distilled water, it can clog up the inside of your water reservoir and iron in general. This can result in rust coming out of the iron the next time you use it and leave stains on your quilt (or clothing).

How do you clean a steam iron?

There are many ways to clean a steam iron. However, according to us, the most effective option is to either create a paste-ish substance of baking soda (2 tablespoons with one tablespoon of water). Gently spread the paste over the soleplate from the iron while avoiding the steam holes. Cleaning the steam holes can be done with a cotton swab. For this, we recommend you using distilled white vinegar. 

The last tip is to add some vinegar to the water reservoir of the iron. Simply use an old towel or piece of cloth and iron it while using the steam function to eliminate the residue. 

Which is better, stainless steel or ceramic iron?

We would go for stainless steel. However, we will let you decide, based on what’s important to you, with our explanation below.

In this case, we are speaking of the soleplate of the iron. The most commonly used material for the soleplate is stainless steel. This material is known for its heat-resistant and anti-corrosive properties. What makes a soleplate with this material so attractive is that it is super easy to clean. 

Next to that, it is durable and reliable and regulates the heat evenly. However, when you choose to go for this material for your soleplate, it is key to invest in the right quality product. If not, the bottom may peel off. And mind the temperature! Using this soleplate with a high temperature may cause delicate fabrics to stick to it.

As for a ceramic soleplate, this type is known for its anti-static properties. And with that, you immediately tackle the problem of sticking fabrics to your iron. Handy! It is also a material known for being a good conductor of heat, and can easily be used while ironing more delicate fabrics with a higher amount of heat. Similar to the aforementioned type, the ceramic soleplate comes with downsides as well. It can wear over time, and it is considered less smooth than the stainless-steel ones.

The Takeaway

A good iron is of great use in any household, and when you are an avid sewer or quilter, only the best will make it to the test. Many features on all the irons reviewed and described above match the desires of many quilters. Having a good iron can just be the last finishing touch to your beautifully crafted quilts for them to shine without any of those unflattering folds, creases, or wrinkles in them.

Hopefully, we have been of help to you on your hunt for the best iron for sewing and quilting! Remember that quality is, no matter what, a vital part of every buy, and make sure to always back up your new iron with a sturdy, high-quality ironing board to ensure the best ironing experience. What is your top choice on the best iron for quilting? Feel free to leave a reply with your comments and questions below!