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DIY Dress Form Ideas for Your Designing Needs

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Dress Forms are important in making sure your clothes fit you perfectly. They’re like your body’s 3D version and maybe even more identical than your twin… well, only if you get your measurements right! The idea of making your own DIY dress form may sound like a hard job, but it’s not impossible! Just grab someone who is willing to help and start measuring!

DIY Dress Form Projects

1.  Shape Sewing Mannequin

The original tutorial of this DIY is in German but luckily, a very generous lady was kind enough to translate it to English so that we can ALL be blessed with the knowledge of how to make a dress form in one of the easiest way possible. Although, the original version is more detailed, the images will guide you through on what to do; you won’t miss out anything by following the translated tutorial.

2. Paper-Tape Dress Form

The easiest and cheapest way to make a dress form is this papier mâché method. All you need is to put together three to four layers of paper, dry them, and voila! You have your perfect fit mannequin! Plus, you don’t need to stuff it anymore!

3. Duct-Tape Dress Form

Unlike other tutorials, Joyce Perhac, starts wrapping from the bottom (around mid-thigh) and works her way up. Don’t wrap too tightly, though! Be careful to not suffocate yourself!

4. Cool Beans

Sooooo…. This dress form DIY involves food for stuffing. Your choices are dry beans, rice or unpopped popcorn. For what, you ask? To give shape to the breast area of the dress form. The finished product will be an exact replica of your true body shape!

5. Trash Bag Dress Form

This dress form may be made out of trash bags but it certainly won’t look trashy!

6. Bootstrap Fashion Dress Form

This has to be one of the best things the internet and technology offered to mankind — Bootstrap Fashion! If you’re not familiar with it, Bootstrap Fashion is a website that generates patterns that perfectly fits you according to the measurements you put in there. Easyyyyyy!

7. Retro Dress Form

This adorable DIY is gonna have you swoon over it once done! You might wanna start selling a bunch of them!

8. Plaster Gauze Dress Form

The process of making this dress form is working from top to bottom; starting carefully from the neck by using strips of gauze. It’s absolutely doable and easy!

9. Vintage Dress Form

What a beautiful display piece is this vintage inspired dress form? Aside from it serving as a mannequin, it can be an excellent addition to your room décor! You can dress it up and personalize it to your liking!

10. Wooden Dress Form

This interesting project will only take you 30 minutes and you don’t have to worry about duct tapes blowing up because it’s super sturdy! Hassle free and fast!

11. Duct-Tape Dress Form… but a little more festive

In case, you didn’t know, colorful and patterned duct tapes exist! You may not have seen much of them at your local hardware, but they’re out there! If you don’t like your dress form dull and grey, use a colorful duct tape for the last layer to add a little bit of fun and life! See how pretty it looks!

12. Dress Form for Men

Dress forms are not only for women! Here’s a guide on how to make a dress form for men.

I hope you enjoyed all of these ideas on how to create your own DIY dress form! We’d love to know what you think!

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