DIY Shoes – 12 ways to spice it up

Have some old sneakers in the closet that you can’t seem to wear anymore because they’re out of style or too boring? Or maybe you’re tired of seeing the same style of sneakers over and over again? Revive your old kicks or customize your own sneakers to your liking by following these DIY shoes ideas.

Top DIY Shoes Project

1. Braided Shoelaces

Life is too short to have boring shoes! Braid ‘em shoelaces and up your sneakers game! This is perfect for little girls or even the young at heart!

2. Rose-Embroidered Flats

They say “the best accessory a woman can have is her smile” and that’s true, but, let me tell you, the next best accessory you can wear is a rose patch machine embroidered on your plain flats! Take a look for yourself!

3. Sprinkle Sneakers

Sweeten up that old and dull sneaker of yours by making them look tasty! Just download this template and sprinkle that stuff everywhere by following this tutorial!

4. Faux Saddle DIY Shoes

Save more $$$ by painting your own shoes! If you have white canvas sneakers lying around, you better grab them and start painting! This quick and simple trick will style up your plain sneakers and still remain a classic. Don’t worry, it won’t end up like a middle school project!

5. No-Sew Slipper Socks

When your feet start calling for a warm hug, just do them a favor and do this DIY. How long will it take, you ask? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? Trust me, this one is a quickie! It doesn’t even require sewing! Could it get any easier than this?

6. Floral Canvas DIY Shoes

If you have an extra pair of white canvas sneakers, you might want to recreate this idea, too. Or, you know, buy a cheap pair and customize them yourself!

7. Watercolor Sneakers

The possibilities seem to be endless with white sneakers! This idea is another genius and beautiful work of art made with watercolor on white canvas sneakers. Get your paintbrush and unlock your inner artist!

8. Dyeing Suede

The trend has been all about suede, lately. The suede season is upon us and we cannot afford to miss out! Steal this DIY idea and hop on the trend!

9. 24K Magic

One wise man said “Girls, what y’all trying to do? Twenty-four karat magic in the air, Head to toe so player” and I continue to sing Pop pop, it’s show time… with this cute golden pair of sneakers!

10. Patch Patterned Sneakers

When in doubt, patch it up! There are no limits! Play around and flirt with creativity and possibilities by doing this!

11. Pineapple DIY Shoes

I got shoes, I got a pineapple, uh Pineapple Shoes! (okay, that was lame. I’m sorry) But for real, now! At first sight, you wouldn’t be able to tell that these pineapples are actually are hand drawn and not ironed on! Cute, right?

12. Dot Patterned Sneakers

These kicks are so pleasing to look at! Jazz up your old sneakers by recreating this idea and you’ll never have to worry about seeing someone with the same exact shoes as yours!

Which one of these ideas are you gonna rock out? For sure, you’re gonna have people swoon over your unique kicks! You better work it, girl!

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