The Best Sewing Machine Carrying Cases Guide

The prospect of taking a sewing class in your community, or joining a sewing circle with friends, sounds like a great social experience for a lot of sewers. But, then comes the dilemma of how to get your sewing machine to these meetings without it getting damaged. The best sewing machine carrying cases provide security and additional storage solutions to make things easier.

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4 of the Best Sewing Machine Carrying Cases Around Right Now

1) Yarwo Sewing Machine Carrying Case

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This first option is really pretty while remaining understated. There is a nice grey tone to the nylon material with an arrow pattern on the front and side pockets. The internal compartment is 16.5 X 11.5 X 7.5 inches and is well padded for protection with a wooden board at the bottom. The front pocket is large enough for tools and has helpful organized sections. There are little side pockets and a zippered compartment in the lid. Other products may have more storage, but this one is a nice compact solution with strong carry handles. This carrying case also has the option to be places on top of a suitcase to carry on wheels. There are also many color options available.

2) CAB55 Sewing Machine Carrying Bag

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There is a similar look to this bag, with the light heather-grey material and black trim. This time, the storage seems to be a bit more substantial as there is an extra compartment on the front and the side pockets seem to more secure with flaps over the top. The inner compartment is also a little bigger at 15 X 10.25 X 13.25 inches. Another bonus here is that you get the extra shoulder strap for transportation. This clips to the metal D-rings on the side for security.

3) Luxja Sewing Machine Case with Detachable Dolly

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This next option has the base with the transport wheels and telescoping handle. The base lifts the bag and provides a strong support. This dolly system is detachable so you can use the bag on its own with the carry handles too. The interior compartment is the standard size of 16.5 X 11.5 X 7.5 inches and you get some nice deep pockets on the front and sides. I also like that this one comes in various styles. The grey dots are fun and purple is a nice tone.

4) Everything Mary Sewing Machine Rolling Carrying Case

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Finally, if you care more about protection than looks, this could be the one for you. I like the quilted design of the material on this big black case as it offers a little more peace of mind. The interior is 16.5 X 9.5 X 13.5 inches, which is a little more than average and there are 6 other storage areas to choose from. This should make it really easy to find everything you need. The telescoping handle and transport wheels also seem to be up to repeated use.

Do you Want a Case That you Can Put Over your Shoulder or One on Wheels?

There are lots of great products out there with a selection of carry handles to make it easier for you to transport your machine between locations. There are typically two handles at the top, which you should be able to attach together to form one much stronger handle. This attachment should be durable enough to take the strain, but easy enough to attach and detach. This is why so many have Velcro. It should also be comfortable in the hand because of the weight of the machine and any other equipment. From there, you should also have the option of a longer shoulder strap with a padded cover. This choice should make the case more user-friendly.

The alternative is to go for something on wheels. These cases are a bit more like luggage with little wheels at the back, front feet to raise the case above the ground, and the handle at the back. Ideally, this will be a telescoping handle with a good adjustable length to make things even easier. You should find that these cases have the same carry handles with the Velcro attachment. Some may even have the shoulder strap if you can remove the band from the bottom piece and use it without the wheels.

Below, there are two great examples of both types of cases. Before that, let’s look at some of the other important considerations for choosing the best sewing machine case.

How to Find the Best Sewing Machine Case for your Needs

1) What is the capacity for the sewing machine?

The main compartment of the bag has to be big enough to handle your machine comfortably. There should be just enough space with padding around the machine for protection. You don’t want it to be too big where the machine isn’t secure. Compare the dimensions of the bag and your machine before buying.

2) Are there plenty of additional storage features for other items?

Then there are all of the additional pockets and compartments in the bag and on the sides. These are great for organizing things like tools, threads, material, and anything also you want to take with you. Configurations and capacities differ between products, so make sure to read the listing carefully.

3) Does the outer material offer any protection against the weather?

You don’t need to find some big plastic case to keep the rain out. But, it does help to have something that is going to keep the water out if you are caught in a shower. Heavy-duty nylon material is great for basic resistance and is more durable against damage. A good lining on the inside helps too.

4) Does the case look nice?

While the aesthetic appeal of a product like this isn’t the most important thing in the world, it is still nice to have something to show off in classes. There are lots of options that are smart and neutral with nice trims. But, you can also find some that have bolder prints if you prefer.

Finding the Sewing Machine Case that Works for you

There are clear similarities in these products because there is such a standard set of helpful features. As long as you have the right capacity, extra pockets, that durable material, and reliable transportation method, you should be fine. Next, check out our travel sewing kits guide here. Travel sewing kits come in handy when your on the go or don’t have the space to bring your sewing machine.