Travel Sewing Kits – The Ultimate Guide

I am a firm believer that everyone should have some basic sewing skills to get them by in life. You don’t need to be able to create a whole garment from nothing on a heavy duty sewing machine but, it does help to be able to fix small problems with your clothes or items around the house. For example, if you are on a business trip for an important meeting and a button comes off your shirt, what would you do? Would you buy a new shirt or sew the button back on?

Sewing the button back on is the logical and most cost-effective solution. But, you need a good travel sewing kit first. In this guide, I will show you a range of top portable sewing kits with various features and purposes. Hopefully, you will find one that is a practical solution for your needs and becomes a reliable aid for emergencies or sewing away from home.

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The Best Travel Sewing Kits to Throw into an Overnight Bag

1) SINGER 01927 Travel Sewing Kit in Case

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The first option I want to mention is deceptive in terms of what it can offer. The tiny see-through case fits nicely into small pockets in bags and cases so it won’t get lost. Also, you can easily see the items inside. Even though it is just 5.98 inches high – with a simple hinged lid – it holds a lot. There are 10 threads measuring 3 yards each, a series of pins and needles, a threader, 4 buttons, a pair of mini scissors, and even a 25-inch tape measure. This set should be able to help you with most emergencies.

2) Onwon 50 Sets Travel Sewing Kits

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If you would prefer to go as simple as possible for basic repairs, there is the option of choosing something like this. The actual purpose here is for hotels to use these as amenities, which is why there are 50 in a set. But, this does mean lots of little packs to give out to kids, partners, friends, etc., whenever they go on trips. There are six colors of thread, two buttons, a needle, and a safety pin. It is so simple that kids could use this at camp, lose it, and you would still have plenty spare for next time.

The Best Travel Sewing Kits for Camping

1) SINGER 01511 Survival Sew Kit

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Going back to Singer for a moment, we now have their “survival” option. In theory, this should be better for traveling and camping, or for emergencies on the road. You get more in this box than you do in the smaller travel set above. There is the addition of the thimble, marking pencils, and fabric glue alongside some of the more standard elements. There is also more thread on each spool at 25 yards. This all fits in a secure hard case with a latch, which should be tougher for regular use.

2) Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit

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This alternative option has some interesting visual appeal that makes it look rugged and ready for outdoor emergencies. There is a simple selection of items here that includes 2 needles, 2 pins, 2 buttons, 2 safety pins, a thimble, a little bit of thread, and a seam ripper. Having just one color thread could be limiting. However, I really like the fact that it all fits into a tiny little twist-top tube. This means you can put it in a pocket on a hike and barely notice that it is there.

The Best Travel Sewing Kits for Classes and Sewing Groups

1) Okom 68Pcs Sew Kit

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This next product is perfect for those that want to take a series of essential items with them to classes. It is still sold as an emergency solution. But, the soft case and organized holders make it a little better for regular travel. One side holds 14 spools of thread in various colors, along with a flexible measuring tape. The other has tools like scissors, threaders, pins, needles, and buttons. The seam ripper helps this stand out as a tool for regular machine sewing, as does the quality of the regular-sized pair of scissors.

2) Mailida Mini Travel Sewing Kits for Adults

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This Mailida kit is very similar in that you get a lot of the same items in a small soft carry case. There are only 12 spools of thread this time, but this seems to include some fun multi-colored ones. The other side holds a similar pair of scissors, threader, thimble, tape, and various pins, needles, and buttons. Those smaller elements have their own little bags and cases to keep them safe. An interesting detail here is that the case is said to be waterproof, so perhaps would be fine for camping too. I also like that it can be in pink instead of black.

The Best Travel Sewing Kit that Offers a Little More Choices

1) GOANDO Sewing Kit for Adults

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There are a few portable sewing kits around take the ideas above and expand them into a larger and more comprehensive set. This is a good example because the case and structure are so similar, but there are 206 pieces in total. This is excessive, even more so in this 2020 upgrade, and you won’t need all of the items for emergency work. The carrying case fits all items and is 11 inches by 7.8 inches. The kit includes 41 spools of thread, a large pair of scissors, various buttons, pins, and tools of different lengths and colors, and even a magnifier. I like the pincushion as a bonus feature.

What Types of Travel Sewing Kits Can you Get?

Before we take a closer look at some of the different products that are offered, we need to talk about the difference between travel and portable. Both are included here as the term is interchangeable – to a point – and it all depends on your needs.

Some of the kits included here are very simplistic options that provide the bare minimum for travel. You could have them with you on trips in case you lose a button, have a problem with a hem, or tear something. This could be a good idea for an overnight business trip where you need to look your best. Then there are other small travel sewing kits that are more for emergencies when camping. For example, some are listed as “outdoor” kits.

Then there are portable options with a wider range of items and a nicer carry case. These are better suited to those that travel to sewing classes or sewing groups at friend’s houses. It is more of a compact version of a sewing collection than an essential tool. In addition to a couple of these, I have also included a larger set that pushes the boundaries on portability, just as a helpful comparison.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Travel Sewing Kit for your Needs

1) What is included and what might be missing?

This is important if you want something that offers a streamlined selection for emergencies. You don’t want to have to carry around superfluous items. But, you don’t want to miss out on something essential either. Look at the description to see what you get in terms of needles, thread, buttons, scissors, and other tools.

2) How much space will it take up in your bag?

A travel sewing kit isn’t going to be that convenient if it is too bulky to be portable. That kit has to go into a sewing bag, backpack, purse, etc. So, it can’t take up too much room. Check the dimensions of the case on the listing for a better idea of size.

3) Are all of the items neatly organized for ease of use?

The great thing about a lot of the best portable sewing kits with the fabric cases is that they tend to have designated holders and compartments. You can unzip the case and spread it out so that everything is arranged in front of you. This makes it much easier to find what you need, especially if you are in a rush. Some of the smaller plastic cases are more basic and you just throw everything in. But, at least the see-through ones offer better visibility for those tiny needles.

Choosing the Best Travel Sewing Kit for your Needs

I fully appreciate that these oversized kits aren’t going to be practical for a lot of people, especially not if you just need something basic for emergencies. The more simplistic sets in their little cases are perfect for overnight trips and camping as they take up little space but still provide the essential tools you need. If you are a more accomplished sewer and want something portable for a wider range of items, you can still find some space-saving sets that aren’t so extreme. The right set is out there and it is better to have something cheap and basic than nothing at all.