The Best Leather Sewing Kits Guide

Leather is a great material to work with as long as you have the right tools. A basic needle and thread aren’t going to be enough to handle this tough fabric. Instead, you need to be able to punch the right holes to then use a strong waxed thread. Also, if you want to do more than just stitch and repair old leather, you need the cutting tools and other implements for the job. We all have to start somewhere, even if it just means getting hold of a simple leather kit and learning how it feels to work with this material.

In this guide, you will find a series of leather sewing kit reviews of different styles to help you get started. Some are fairly basic tools where you can learn how to stitch and work with leather as an adult, while others are crafting sets for kids and teens as a very early introduction to leather. Then there are the more comprehensive sets or those that want to learn more and create a wider range of items.

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What are you Looking for in a Leather Sewing Kit?

The products below cover a range of different approaches when it comes to working with leather. If you are merely looking for a basic tool to help you with leather repairs, one of the more simplistic leather sewing awl sets might be what you are after. Anyone looking to work with leather and craft their own pieces will benefit from a more comprehensive set of tools and items. These can open the door for new skills and opportunities to express yourself in this alternative material. Finally, I want to mention a couple of leather sewing kits for kids. You may have some youngsters curious about what you do that want to make their own items. A good leather kit for an attractive and practical item could be a good catalyst for learning more in the future.

The Best Leather Sewing Awl Kits

I am not going to go into too much detail on using sewing awls here because I have another guide on the best sewing awl kits that is dedicated to that subject. There you can learn a little more about the best products and using them for other applications. Still, the right sewing awl is the best place to get starting before upgrading to a more substantial set of tools. You can see how you get along stitching leather with this device and then build from there.

1) Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

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If you go online around different blogs and guides then you are sure to see this Speedy Stitcher product mentioned a lot. That is why I had to talk about it briefly here. I can fully appreciate why it is so popular because it is the most no-nonsense option with a great portable design. You can take this with you when camping to fix canvas or use it on a range of leather projects. You get the main body with a simple thread system, a choice of needles, and the all-important high-tensile waxed thread. Another bonus, is that this product is made in the USA.

2) Jayzod 9 Pieces Sewing Awl Kit

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While the Speedy Stitcher is a popular option, there are other tools and kits out there that offer more in the package. This new release from Jayzod is one such product. You get a tool that is very similar in design and shape with a holder for the needle and the thread system. But, there are four needles this time, a choice of colors for the waxed thread, and a little screwdriver. I’m sure that with better directions it would have a lot more 5-star reviews.

The Best Leather Sewing Kits with a Wider Range of Options

A simple sewing awl kit is great, but it is only going to get you so far. So, this is where you can look into getting something a bit more comprehensive. These kits bring together a lot more tools for cutting and shaping leather, with the potential for more decorative work and a more interesting finished product.

When choosing the best comprehensive leather sewing kits, make sure to go over the listings to see precisely what you get. Don’t assume that something is there as sets vary in contents. Pay attention to the range of needles, the additional tools offered, and the quality of the thread. Also, check if there is a storage solution to keep all these sharp and delicate items safe.

1) Morfen Leather Sewing Kit

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This first kit takes things up a step from the awls above by offering two separate awls and some additional tools. There are straight needles and bent needles – both with great ergonomic shapes to the wooden handles. There are plenty of spare needles in the set, including some that are a little shorter, as well as four colors of waxed thread – black, brown, grey, and tan. You also get a cutting tool, a tape measure, and a little thimble. Each piece fits neatly into a soft bright blue case for portability.

2) Bagerla 50 Pieces Leather Working Tools

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This 50 piece set is perfect for those that want to take the experience up a level or two and try out a range of different tools for crafting leather. This set contains an awl and three needles, along with various other devices for shaping, cutting, and punching leather. The pronged tools are great for creating even rows of holes before adding decorative stitches. The swivel knife is also great for better access and ergonomics. There are three spools of thread in various colors, all of a good length too. You also get a measuring tape. Each piece has its home in the strong black carry case for better organization.

The Best Leather Sewing Kits for Kids

Finally, we have a couple of options for any children that are curious about leather work and want to make something practical. Typically, these sets come with pre-cut and pre-punched leather so there is no need for kids to use the tools. But, you can still explain how they were created. From there, it is all about stitching and assembling the various pieces to create something they can treasure. That satisfaction in making their own purse or bag could fuel a desire to work on other projects as they get older.

When choosing the best leather sewing kits for kids, it is important to check how much manual work needs to go into the project. This has to be fun, safe, and age-appropriate. Any tools provided should be light and blunt. There should be enough thread and pieces to create the item. It is also vital that there is a fun design that can engage children, rather than just a practical item.

1) Yocondorla DIY Leather Handbag Purse Sewing Kit

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This little bag is pretty adorable with the round smiling dinosaur. It comes in a range of colors, including this green one. Kids can follow the instructions to make a practical bag with some nice little details around the arms, belly, and face. There is a zip in the pack that you can fix to the bag to turn it into a more secure purse for change and a few personal items. There is also a shoulder strap so kids can wear it with ease once complete. It is sold as being for kids aged 8 and up but some elements may still require adult supervision. Either way, it should show kids what they can achieve with leather and inspire future projects.

2) FunSpace DIY Sewing Kit

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This next kit is very similar, although it is sold as something for teens rather than kids. This could be because of the level of detail in this flying pig design. But, you do get the same pre-punched leather and all the right instructions and tools for the job. So, there is no reason why younger kids can’t try this out with some help. The pig is very sweet with his little trotters, snout, and ears. Again, there is the zipper section to turn this into a secure purse and there is a little strap for the shoulder. It seems to be of good quality and should last a while.

Choosing the Best Leather Sewing Kit for your Needs

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can go with this skill depending on your current skill level, expectations, and your age. If you have kids curious about making their own leather items in the future, the kits above are a fun introduction before they get their hands on any leather awls or similar tools. A simple awl is then a great starting point for learning to stitch and repair leather, and I recommend getting to grips with this before you move on to anything more complex. With time, you should find that your confidence grows and you are better able to craft leather into something practical and beautiful.