(DIY) How to Make Bird Feeders with Household Items

If you love birdwatching, you should try turning your backyard into a haven for birds. Birds love eating grains, either from cooked meals like rice or from birdseed. Here are some of the inexpensive ways to turn those items you rarely use at home into great bird feeders.

1. Fruit Feeder

Using orange fruit as bird feeder

To get started, you’ll need some kind of container to hold the food – any type of jar with a lid will do. You’ll also need wire mesh, scissors and string to hang it up. Once you have these supplies ready, it’s time to make your own fruit feeder!

Begin by cutting two pieces of the wire mesh into circles that are slightly larger than the diameter of your chosen container. Place one circle on top of the other and use strong thread or twine to sew them together at their edges. Make sure to leave room in between each stitch so that birds can access the feeding area when they come around.

Now turn both circles inside out so that they form a bowl shape – this should fit snugly over the opening of your container once secured with elastic bands or tape if needed. Your homemade fruit feeder is now ready to fill and hang up outside!

Cut several lengths of string and attach them securely onto either side of the basket before filling with small fruits like berries or raisins – if using dried fruits it’s best not to add too much as birds may struggle to eat through hard bits quickly enough. Finally, find a good spot outdoors away from predators where birds can safely visit and enjoy their snack!

Tin Can Feeders

Bird feeders made of old tins

Making a diy bird feeder with household items can be so much fun! And it’s easier than you think. Tin cans are one of the most popular materials for making homemade bird feeders, and they’re super easy to use – just make sure to wash your cans out before getting started.

Here are some ideas on how to craft your own tin can feeder:

Painted Cans

  • Start by painting your clean tin can in whatever color or design you like using outdoor paint.
  • Once dry, punch two holes into either side of the can and add string or rope through them so that you can hang up your finished product.
  • Fill with bird seed and watch as birds come flocking!

Suet Feeders

  • Take an old suet cake holder (or make one out of wire mesh) and attach it to the top of your painted tin can using hot glue or staples.
  • Add a few pieces of twine around the edges so that you have something to hang onto when placing the feeder outside.
  • Place suet cakes inside and enjoy watching wild birds at work!

Fruit & Nut Feeders

  • Cut off both ends of the cleaned tin can and remove any sharp edges from its interior.
  • Use hot glue or tape to fix two wooden dowels across each end which will act as perches for visiting birds.
  • Finally, fill your fruit & nut feeder with treats such as sunflower seeds, raisins, cranberries, peanuts, walnuts etc., and set it up outdoors for all those hungry feathered friends!

3. Peanut butter jar

peanut butter jar bird feeder
MIxed seed in peanut butter jar. Food for birds.

Stop licking the remnants off that peanut butter jar. Have a heart and leave it for the birds. You can stack several of these together in a pattern that you like. Besides serving as bird feeders, the uniquely arranged jars can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. For this project, you will also need a wooden plank to place the jars on. Stick the jars together in twos or threes using superglue. The small holes you drill on the sides will attract lots of woodpeckers.

4. Wine and beer bottles

Wine bottle bird feeder
Feeder for birds, made from an empty glass flask. Use of household rubbish in decorative, and practical purposes in gardening

After downing your favorite bottle of beer or wine, there are other things you could do with the empty bottle. Depending on the color of your bottle, you may choose to paint it or leave it as it is. Drill a few tiny round holes at different positions then fill the bottle with seeds from the top. Look for an old saucer to use as a stable platform. Alternatively, you may leave it suspended on a nearby tree. A beautiful bottle can also serve as a decorative piece.

5. Empty plastic cartons

How To Make A Bird Feeder | DIY Homemade Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

If you have empty cartons lying around the house, gather them. Remove the top cover of the one you like the most. Fill it halfway with ground nuts or pearl millet. You can leave it lying down by the garden or suspend it from an erected post using strings. If you feel challenged enough, building a nicely raised platform would be a great afternoon project. Ensure it’s raised about 6 feet above the ground. This way, the birds can feed without feeling intimidated by your presence.

6. Coffee mug

Coffee Cup Bird Feeder

To turn a coffee mug into a feeding trough, fill it with grains and leave it at a suitable spot. No drilling is required here. A mug has got plenty of open space at the top for a bird to feed from easily. Place it at a spot you’ll be sure to get a good view of. You may suspend a small wooden plank above the mug to guard against rain, but this project is ideal for sunny days.

7. Saucer and bowl

Builders DIY YouTube Series: Episode 6a (Teacup birdfeeder)

Making a feeder out of a saucer and bowl may be time consuming, but it’s not rocket science. There are three things you will need to accomplish this: a bowl, a saucer, and a straight stick. Drill a hole at the bottom of the saucer. Insert one end of the stick through the hole in the saucer and attach the other end to the bottom of the bowl using superglue. The bowl should be at the bottom while the saucer should act as some form of shelter. Attach a strong string at the end of the stick protruding from the saucer and hang it on a tree. Place your grains in the bowl and you’re good to go.

8. An old boot


An old, frayed boot that’s beyond any cobbler’s ability can still serve you well. Just hang it outside your window or by the hedges in your garden. Fill it halfway with some grains and simply watch the birds come.

9. Upcycled Container Feeders

Tin Can Bird Feeder 🐦, DIY Upcycle Project, Trash to Treasure Tutorial

I love making diy bird feeders with household items! It’s a great way to upcycle and show some extra care for our feathered friends.

One of my favorite ways is using upcycled containers – like empty plastic bottles, tin cans, or even old yogurt tubs.

To make an upcycled container feeder, you’ll need some basic supplies that are probably already in your kitchen: Strong scissors, a marker pen, string or twine, and peanut butter or suet (a type of fat). You can also use seed trays if available.

Start by cleaning the chosen container and removing any labels. Then draw two holes on opposite sides near the top of the container – these will be used to hang the feeder later. Cut out the holes carefully.

Next it’s time to fill your new feeder! Take your chosen filling material – I like to mix equal parts peanut butter and suet – and spread it inside the container with a spoon so it covers most of its interior surface area.

Finally tie some string through each hole you made earlier and hang it outside for birds to enjoy!

10. Plastic Bottle Feeders

Feeders for birds made with plastic bottles

Making a bird feeder out of an old plastic bottle is simple and fun! With just some basic household items, you can create something that will bring birds to your yard in no time.

Let’s take a look at what materials you’ll need and how the process works. First off, you’ll need an empty plastic bottle with the cap still attached – any size should work fine as long as it has enough room for the seeds or nuts. You also need string or twine, scissors, and whatever kind of birdseed or nut mix you’d like to offer up to feather friends.

Once you have all these ingredients ready, it’s time to get crafting! Cut two small holes in opposite sides near the top of the bottle – one hole large enough to thread your string through and another hole slightly larger than whatever type of seed or nut you’re using. Next, tie the string around the neck of the bottle so it hangs down easily when hung from a tree branch.

Finally, fill your new bird feeder with food and hang it outside where birds can find it!

11. Wine Cork Bird Feeders

I love crafting bird feeders out of everyday items! One of my favorite materials to use is wine corks. Not only are they easy to find, but you can also make a whole bunch in no time at all. Plus, the birds seem to really enjoy them too!

Making your own wine cork bird feeder is super simple and fun. All you need is some twine or string, a few wooden beads, and of course those old wine corks that we found lying around. Here’s how I do it:

ItemStep 1Step 2
Wine CorksThread Twine through BeadsAttach Ends of Twine with Knot
Wooden BeadsSlide on Cork onto TwineHang Feeder from Tree Branch

Once everything is strung together, hang your finished product up for the birds in your area to snack on! You can even mix things up by adding different types of food like sunflower seeds, suet or peanuts – just be sure not to add anything that could harm our feathered friends. The best part about making these diy bird feeders is that you get to watch as the birds come back again and again to nibble away! It’s so rewarding seeing something you made give joy to others.

12. Teacup Bird Feeders

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder, Cup Bird Feeder on a Pole Tutorial, Budget Upcycle Garden Projects Backyard

I love making bird feeders out of teacups and saucers! It’s fun to be creative, plus you get the satisfaction of knowing that your handiwork will bring some feathered friends into your backyard.

Here are a few tips for crafting these DIY teacup feeders:

  • Start off with an old teacup and saucer or purchase one from a thrift store.
  • Use hot glue to attach small wooden sticks as perches on either side of the cup’s handle.
  • Drill two holes in the bottom of the cup, then thread wire through them so you can hang it up.
  • Fill the cup with birdseed once everything is securely attached.

Once finished, your homemade teacup feeder will look great hanging outside your window – and soon enough, birds will come flocking around!

13. Wooden Spoon Bird Feeders

Moving on from teacup feeders, let’s take a look at wooden spoon feeders. These are an easy and creative way to make use of old spoons that you may have lying around the house – no need for any additional materials required! With just a few simple steps, you can create a unique birdfeeder out of one of these everyday items.

To begin with, gather up two wooden spoons and some twine or string; this will act as your “hinge” connecting the two handles together. Then tie the strings securely around both handles so they’re connected in the middle. The photo below shows what it should look like when finished:

1Gather two spoons and twine/stringSpoon
2Tie strings securely around both handlesString

Next, cut a piece of wood into a square shape (you could also use cardboard if you prefer). This will be used as the base onto which you’ll attach your newly formed “hinge”. Make sure to leave enough space between each handle to allow birds to get their beaks inside easily. Now drill holes into each side of the top edge of your square base – these should line up perfectly with the spaces between both spoon handles. Finally, insert screws through those holes until firmly attached to the wooden spoon handles above them, thus forming your own DIY bird feeder!

Not only is this project fun and easy to do but it also makes for a great gift idea for family and friends who love nature and animals alike! So why not give it a go yourself today?

14. Terracotta Pot Bird Feeders

DIY terra-cotta bird feeder

Terracotta pot feeders are an easy and affordable way to make your own bird feeder.

All you need is a terracotta pot, some twine, and birdseed!

I chose to use a 5-inch terracotta pot for my project – it’s the perfect size for attracting small birds like chickadees or titmice.

To start, drill two holes in the sides of the terracotta pot, close together near the top rim.

Then cut several pieces of twine that are long enough to fit through both holes and hang from a tree branch or other support structure.

Finally, fill up your pot with birdseed before tying each piece of twine around its neck.

A few days after setting up your new birdfeeder, you should see plenty of feathered friends flocking to enjoy their meals!

15. Pinecone Feeders

How To Make a Backyard Pine Cone Bird Feeder | Creature Crafts

I just love seeing a bright, cheerful bird perched atop one of my homemade pinecone feeders! It’s such an uplifting and rewarding sight.

Creating these simple yet effective DIY bird feeders with household items does not have to be complicated or time consuming. In fact, it’s quite easy and can be lots of fun for the whole family.

To get started on your own pinecone bird feeder craft project, gather some pinecones from around your yard or neighborhood. You’ll want them to be big enough so they can easily hold the food you will put in them later.

Then tie thin string or twine securely around each cone at its widest point, leaving enough slack for hanging when done. Now mix together melted peanut butter (or lard) with wild bird seed until it becomes a dough-like consistency.

Spread this mixture evenly onto the cones using a spoon or your fingers – now that’s messy but oh-so-fun! Finally, hang your newly created feeders near trees, shrubs and other natural cover where birds like to congregate – their new favorite spot!

So grab those pinecones and let’s get crafting – before long you’ll have feathered friends flocking about!

16. Egg Carton Feeders

Egg Carton Birdfeeder

Moving onto another great bird feeder craft, let’s talk about egg carton feeders. Egg cartons are a wonderful resource for many crafts and activities, and making a diy bird feeder is no exception! All it takes to make an awesome egg carton bird feeder is some food-grade paint, string or twine, and of course the egg carton itself.

You’ll want to start by cutting off one section from the top of your egg carton – this will be where you hang your new bird feeder. Then cut out two small holes in each side of the open end of your now divided up egg carton. Make sure these holes line up with each other so that when you run the string through them both they form a loop for hanging purposes.

Now all that’s left to do is get creative and give it some color! Paint away until you’ve got something that would look at home on any tree branch.

Once you’ve finished painting and hung up your feeder outside, fill it with seeds or suet specifically designed for birds and wait patiently as feathered friends come flocking over to check out their brand new snack spot!

17. Paper Plate Feeders

How to Make a Bird Feeder With Paper Plates & Roll Paper : Crafty Days

Paper Plate Feeders are a great way to make your feathered friends feel welcome in the backyard. It’s an easy craft that you can do with items from around your house and it won’t take long at all!

All you’ll need is a paper plate, some birdseed, scissors, string or yarn, and some peanut butter.

To start, cut out two holes on opposite sides of the paper plate. Make sure they’re big enough for the string or yarn to fit through but small enough so that no seed will escape. Once those holes have been made, thread the string or yarn through them and tie knots on each end so the feeder stays securely in place.

Then spread a generous layer of peanut butter over one side of the plate – this will act as glue for the birdseed once everything has been put together. Finally, sprinkle birdseed generously over the entire plate until it’s completely covered.

Now hang up your Paper Plate Feeder somewhere near your favorite window where you can watch birds come and feast!

18. Cd/Dvd Feeders

Creating a feeder out of a CD or DVD is an easy and creative way to attract birds to your yard! Not only will you get the satisfaction of making something from scratch, but it’s also fun for all ages.

Plus, with just a few materials you can transform an old disc into a beautiful bird feeder in no time at all.

To begin this project, gather up whatever supplies you have lying around – don’t worry if they are not perfect as any imperfections will add character to your creation!

You’ll need some sturdy wire that goes around the circumference of the disc and several pieces small enough to form perches.

Alligator clips may come in handy here too; however, these aren’t necessary as long as you attach it securely. Additionally, pick up some twine or string so that you can hang your finished piece wherever you like outdoors.

Now comes the fun part: personalizing your DIY birdfeeder!

Paint it using bright colors such as yellow, blue or green – anything that stands out against its natural surroundings — then when ready allow for proper drying time before adding seed and placing outside.

19. Cookie Cutter Feeders

Making a bird feeder out of everyday household items is easier than you think, and cookie cutters provide an easy way to make some fun, unique shapes for your feathered friends.

The supplies needed are pretty basic: A couple of wooden spoons (or popsicle sticks), a few old cookie cutters with handles, hot glue gun and glue sticks, twine or string, scissors, and bird seed.

Start by cutting two pieces of twine about 4-5 inches long for each cookie cutter. Take one spoon at a time and thread the first piece of twine around it so that both ends come up on top. Put a dab of hot glue on top of the spoon between the strings and press down firmly until they stick together. Then snip off any excess string sticking out from under the spoon before moving onto the next step.

After all your spoons are ready, take each pair of them and attach them onto either side of your chosen cookie cutter using more hot glue. Make sure that when you do this, there’s enough space left inside the handle area to add birdseed later on.

Once everything is dry and secure, fill your new homemade birdfeeders with birdseed then hang them outside where birds can easily find them!

20. Clothespin Feeders

Moving right along, let’s talk about Clothespin Feeders. These are a great way to give the birds something tasty while reusing materials that you might have lying around the house. With just a few household items and some simple steps, you can make your own bird feeder – plus, it looks really cute in your garden!

First things first: gather all of your supplies. You’ll need clothespins, rope or twine, scissors, string (optional), and seed mix for wild birds.

Once everything is ready, tie one end of the rope or twine to a tree branch. Measure out equal lengths from this point – the length will depend on how many feeders you’re making – and secure with another knot at each distance.

Now it’s time to attach the clothespins onto these pieces of rope/twine. Make sure they’re spread evenly apart so that multiple birds can eat at once without getting too crowded.

Finally, fill up each clothespin with a generous scoop of seed mix and hang them up near your window so you can watch as they enjoy their treat!

These homemade bird feeders are an enjoyable project that require minimal effort but still provide plenty of rewards! They look beautiful in any outdoor space and attract lots of different kinds of birds – perfect if you want to add some life and colour into your garden or backyard area. Plus, using recycled materials like old clothespins helps reduce waste too!

21. Plastic Cup Feeders

I’m always on the hunt for a fun and easy project that I can do with my family. Making DIY bird feeders using household items is one of our favorite activities! We’ve come up with some really creative ideas, but here are three of our favorites:

For a plastic cup feeder, all you need to get started is an empty plastic cup (or two), string or twine, and bird seed. First, take your cup(s) and make several small holes around the top rim; this will be where you tie off the twine later so it hangs properly from tree branches or other structures.

Next, fill the cups about halfway full with birdseed then close off any large openings at the top with tape or glue if needed. Lastly, thread your twine through each hole in the cup’s rim and knot them securely so they hang straight when placed outdoors. Once finished, these feeders make great gifts for friends who love birds as much as we do!

22. Popsicle Stick Feeders

How to make a popsicle stick bird feeder

Alright, let’s move on to the next fun and easy bird feeder craft: Popsicle stick feeders! These are also an inexpensive way to bring in some feathered friends.

You’ll need a few popsicle sticks (you can usually buy them at most craft stores), some string or twine for hanging, and your favorite type of bird seed.

For this project, you’ll want to start by laying out five popsicle sticks into a square shape with their rounded corners facing up. Secure them together using hot glue or even just regular Elmer’s Glue—it doesn’t have to be too strong since these won’t hold anything heavy.

Next, tie your string around the middle of the square so it hangs down evenly from all sides when you’re done. Finally, fill the top with bird seed until it starts overflowing then hang it outside and wait for some birds to come peck away!

Not only is this feeder super simple to make but it’s also very versatile as far as shapes go; if you wanted a triangle instead of a square, simply adjust how many popsicle sticks you use accordingly. Have fun experimenting with different designs or adding extras like colorful beads or ribbons—just remember that simplicity will always attract more birds than something overly decorated.

23. Paper Cup Feeders

Not only do they take minimal effort, but they’re also a great way to recycle materials that you already have in your home. Plus, these simple DIY bird feeder crafts will bring joy to birds – and anyone who watches them come eat!

To get started with paper cup bird feeders, all you need is some string or yarn, a paper cup, peanut butter, bird seed and scissors. Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies together it’s time to start crafting.

Start by cutting two small holes on opposite sides of the paper cup near the rim. Cut enough space so that when you pull the string through each hole it won’t be too tight. Next spread some creamy (not chunky) peanut butter onto one side of the cup then roll the outside in birdseed until completely covered.

Finally thread each end of the string through the holes and tie securely so that your new feeder can hang from a tree branch or other secure spot outdoors – now it’s ready for feathered friends!

Watching birds enjoy their backyard buffet is sure to bring smiles to everyone no matter how old they are. This activity provides an opportunity for people young and old alike to experience nature up close while being creative at the same time – what could be better?

24. Toilet Paper Roll Feeders

Making a bird feeder from an old toilet paper roll is so simple and satisfying. All you need are scissors, glue and some other craft items to make this project really come alive!

I started by cutting the toilet paper roll in half, then gluing it back together with a slight gap between the two sections. This created a little space for me to tuck treats inside like nuts or dried fruit.

Next up was decorating my new bird feeder! I used colorful yarns, ribbons and fabric scraps that I had lying around the house – no extra trips to the store needed here! After tying all of these pieces together in unique patterns, I glued them on one side of the feeder.

Once everything was dry, I attached a length of twine at each end of the tube so it could hang outside our window.

25. Milk Jug Feeders

All you need is a gallon-sized plastic milk jug, scissors, twine or string and birdseed.

Start by cutting the top off of the jug just below where it begins to curve inwards. This will create an opening for birds to access the seed inside. Then, poke two holes opposite each other near the handle of the bottle so that you can thread your twine through them and hang up your finished product outside.

Lastly, fill up the bottom with birdseed, tie off your twine at both ends securely and voila! You’ve got yourself a DIY bird feeder made from a common household item.

Once hung up outside, watch as multiple types of birds flock to your homemade feeder! With this creative craft project, you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of feathered friends like blue jays, cardinals and woodpeckers right in your backyard or window ledge – how cool is that?

26. Coconut Shell Feeders

Start by cleaning out the inside of the shell; this can be done easily with a spoon and some warm water.

Once that’s complete, drill two small holes either side of the top part into which you can attach string, twine or wire so that it hangs from a tree branch or hook.

Now comes the fun bit – fill up the bottom half with suet, nuts, berries and other treats (make sure they’re suitable for birds!) before screwing on the lid.

Your homemade bird feeder is now ready to hang outside – why not decorate it too?

Paint it with bright colors or adorn it with feathers – whatever takes your fancy!

27. Seed Ball Feeders

Here are four simple steps for creating this type of birdfeeder:

  1. Gather materials such as birdseed, lard or suet, water, string for hanging the feeder, and large mixing bowl.
  2. Mix together the birdseed and lard/suet until combined completely.
  3. Slowly add small amounts of water while stirring the mixture until it forms into clumps that hold their shape when rolled into balls.
  4. Hang several seed balls around your yard by tying lengths of string through each one and attaching them securely to branches or other structures near where birds tend to congregate in your area.

Your winged visitors should find these homemade feeders delightful – they’ll be able to pick away at the treat-filled orbs without having to worry about competition from larger animals like squirrels or raccoons!

28. Edible Birdhouses

I’ve always been amazed at how easy it is to make a unique, nourishing treat out of everyday items found in the kitchen or garden! All you need are some sturdy ingredients like nuts, seeds, dried fruit, peanut butter, applesauce, oatmeal – even stale bread can work if it’s not too moldy.

With just these few simple supplies and a bit of creativity, you can craft an adorable little house that birds will love!

The key to creating an effective edible birdhouse lies in its construction. You’ll want to use materials with enough strength to support the weight of all those tasty treats.

A sturdy base such as cardboard or plywood works great; just be sure to cut pieces into sizes that won’t interfere with the birds’ ability to access their food. Then simply glue together whatever ingredients you have on hand – from sunflower seeds and raisins for walls and roofing shingles to apple slices and oat flakes for windowsills and door frames – until your house resembles something fit for small avian royalty!

You may also consider adding other decorative elements such as twigs or leaves around the outside of your structure. Not only will this help protect against predators but also give the birdhouse a more finished look.

Plus, who knows? Your artistic efforts could inspire others in your neighborhood to create their own delicious dwellings for wild birds.

29. Suet Feeders

To build an effective suet feeder:

  • Gather Materials:
  • An empty plastic container (such as a yogurt cup) or mesh bag
  • Birdseed mix
  • Peanut butter/Lard/Crisco (for binding)
  • Assemble Feeder:
  • Place seed inside the container or mesh bag, then fill it with peanut butter/lard/crisco until mixed in evenly throughout the seeds.
  • If using a mesh bag, tie off end securely so no seed will escape.
  • Hang & Enjoy:
  • Attach string or wire through pre-drilled holes and hang in desired area near trees or other foliage. Keep away from open areas where predators may get too close.

Once everything is set up, sit back and enjoy watching your feathered friends come to feast! It’s not just enjoyable; providing food sources for wildlife is also beneficial for their health and wellbeing. So why not give them something special? With minimal effort and easy materials, you can create these homemade feeders right at home–no fancy tools required!

More Fun and Easy Ways to Make DIY Bird Feeders from Household Items

Recycle an old plastic bottle

One easy way to make a bird feeder is to recycle an old plastic bottle. Simply cut the bottle in half, then puncture a few holes in the bottom half. Fill the upper half with bird seed, then screw on the top and hang it up! You can also decorate your feeder by painting it or wrapping it in colorful ribbon.

Old Coffee Can

Another great option is to repurpose an empty coffee can. Just remove the lid and punch a few drainage holes in the bottom of the can. Then, fill it with bird seed and place it upside down on a tree branch. The birds will be able to perch on the lip of the can while they eat. You can also decorate this type of feeder with paint, stickers, or even fabric.

Repurpose Ceramic Bowl

If you have an old ceramic bowl that you’re no longer using, why not turn it into a bird bath? Just set the bowl on a sturdy surface and fill it with fresh water. Then, sit back and enjoy watching the birds splash around! You can also add some rocks or pebbles to the bottom of the bowl to provide traction for the birds.

One final tip: If you’d like to attract a specific type of bird to your feeder, be sure to research what kinds of food they prefer. For example, hummingbirds love nectar while finches prefer small seeds. By providing the right food for your local birds, you can ensure that they will visit your feeder often!

Turning your backyard into a magical place should be quite easy. There are plenty of other ordinary household things that you can still use. Set aside some time over the weekend to go through all your junk. You’ll be sure to come across an item that you can use in a DIY project. Here are some hanging basket ideas for your patio. Enjoy