Wine Cork Art—Fall Tree Project

As one who loves wine and loves arts and crafts, I’m always trying to find a way to do useful upcycling projects with my wine corks. It was Fall when I noticed that I’d been saving some wine corks, just a few were collecting dust at this point. Maybe you know what I’m talking about?!? Anyways, so I thought they’d make for a fun and entertaining stamping project for my toddler.

So, we used the wine corks as stamps to create leaves. I drew a “tree” and added some branches. We also put some grass at the bottom of the tree. Don’t mind the free hand artwork, that is not my strong point. But we made it work! I provided my daughter with paint that was autumn leave colors and provided one cork for each color. Then we stamped the leaves onto the tree.

wine cork art tree 1

What was great about this project is that it was EASY! My daughter thought it was fun. The colors could mix without and issues. Because hey, it’s what happens in autumn!

I did try to wash the paint of the corks and it didn’t come off. We did not keep the corks, but I could see how I could then turn the painted corks into another project. Next time! Now, to think of more ways to stamp with corks. Keep your eye out here for more of these projects because we still have more wine corks laying around somehow and I’m sure we can come up with more arts and craft projects to complete with them.

My neighbor and I have also made wine cork Christmas tree that turned out rather well and was really fun to make. Be sure to check that out too!