How to Make a Stylish Wooden Wine Rack for Your Countertop

Today, I made a stylish 4 bottle rustic looking wooden wine rack from a 1×7 inch wood board and a 2×5 inch wood board, which I bought from a local hardware store costing me approximately $23 in total for all supplies. To assemble I used wood glue and screws. Below is a 10 step tutorial, with step by step instructions you can follow along with.

Tools Needed

  • Band Saw or Scroll Saw
  • Fine Sand paper
  • Miter Saw
  • Drill
  • Screw Driver

Materials Needed

  • (1) 1×7 inch untreated wood
  • (1) 2×5 inch untreated wood
  • wood glue
  • 6 screws

Let’s Begin

Step 1: Start by cutting (2) 11 inch pieces on the 1×7 inch board. These will become the sides of the wine rack. Image below is the outline I used to complete this project.

wine rack outline

Step 2: Draw the outline for the sides of the wine rack about 11 inches high and 7 inches wide on the 1×7 inch board. You will need to repeat the process twice, one for each side of the wine rack.

Step 3: Now, cut out the outline for both boards using a band saw.

cutting wood wine rack rotated

Step 4: After the outlines are cut, you can start sanding all along the edges using fine sandpaper.

Sanding wood wine rack rotated

Step 5: Cut a 4 inch long piece from the 2×5 inch board using a miter saw. This will become the base of the wine rack.

IMG 1540 rotated

Step 6: Sand along the unfinished edges of your 4 inch piece of wood using the same fine sandpaper from before.

wine rack 4

Step 7: On the unfinished side of your 4 inch piece of wood put a line of wood glue along on the middle of the wood. Then, do the same on the other side.

2x5 cut and glued rotated

Step 8: Align each side of the outlined pieces so they are mirror images of one another. Attach the outlined pieces to each side where you applied the wood glue to initiate the assembly process.

wine rack 2

Step 9: Add 3 screws to connect the outline pieces to the 4 inch wood piece. You will do so by drilling from the outside of each outlined piece, drilling into your 4 inch wood piece base. Do this on one side, and then the other.

wood wine rack diy 4 rotated

Here is what it will look like when it is assembled.

wood wine rack diy 5 1 edited 1

Step 10: Apply any type of wood stain on it. Here, I am using a MinWax Wood Finish golden oak colored stain, and then let dry according to the manufacture’s instructions for the wood stain.

wood wine rack 6 rotated

Now be ready to enjoy your new DIY wine rack and celebrate by cracking up your favorite bottle of wine!

countertop wood wine rack 4
countertop wood wine rack 2 1
countertop wood wine rack