DIY Skateboards Rack Ideas And Tutorials

I always thought that skateboards exist in a perpetual state of motion, just like sharks. But who knew that they have to go to sleep from time to time? Not me. 

Okay, joking aside, it’s time to talk about skateboard racks. Because, if you own more than one board, you have to figure out how to keep them in order. Today, we’ll look at some awesome tutorials that were shared by some very talented people, and a few other ideas to get you inspired. Roll out.

1. Ikea hacks

ikea skate rack
Credit: ikeahackers

Let’s start with something simple. I’ll be honest, I am a bit addicted to his website. Whenever I need a custom piece of furniture without wanting to spend the time and money, I check out if these guys have a solution. 

Lo’ and behold, they have 5 different ideas on how to turn affordable pieces from Ikea into skateboard racks. I kinda fancy the third solution. 

2. PVC pipe skateboard holder tutorial

Instructables to the rescue, as always. For this project, all you need is a saw, drill, and a PVC pipe. And it seems that you can go from raw materials to finished product in the blink of an eye. 

This is a great solution if you have only one skateboard to keep out of the way, or if you have a growing collection. Also, it’s great if you have issues with space since the final solution has a smaller footprint than others. 

3. Simple rack tutorial (video)

HOW TO| make a simple SkateBoard Wall Hanger| Plywood and Glue

Plywood and glue. Plus, it’s leftover plywood.

This is a good one if you don’t have access to power tools at home. You can ask nice people at the shop where you get the plywood to cut it for you, and you just bring it home and glue it together. All other work can also be done with manual tools. 

However, I would not pick this one if you have more than 3 boards to store. If that’s the case, check out one of the following ideas. 

4. Wall mounted rack tutorial (video)

How to make a Longboard STORAGE RACK | DIY Wall Mounted Rack holds 4 skateboards! Build video

This project is very similar to the previous one, just a bit more polished. 

Though it’s a simple build, you will still need some woodworking experience and equipment. At least, the video is detailed and easy to follow. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to figure things out and produce a lovely rack. 

5. $3 skateboard rack tutorial (video)

Simple $3 DIY Skateboard Rack

Not only are the supplies for this project very cheap, but you can also go without power tools for this one. Yes, they are not using manual saws, but you can if you have nothing else in your workshop. 

It’s not as pretty as the previous one, but it’s perfect for an absolute beginner.

6. Torched skateboard rack tutorial (video)

Easy Torched DIY Skateboard Wall Rack

Speaking of pretty racks, what about this one? It’s also a simple build, but it’s quite special. Even if you skip the torch, the basic idea is quite attractive on its own. 

You can probably take the base design and play with it to create something completely different. For example, use different colored timber or pieces of driftwood. 

7. Minimalistic skateboard rack tutorial 

This one is my favorite. It looks simple and very elegant, and it would probably work with any decor concept. 

There’s a combo of different skills and equipment you will need to complete this build. No worries, everything is well illustrated and explained. Also, you’ll find printable plans at the bottom of the page with a full list of parts and tools. 

8. Bike and skateboard rack tutorial (video)

DIY Bike and Skateboard Rack

If you have a bike that you need to put away with that skateboard, you’ve come to the right place! The only problem is that it holds only one board, so if you have more, you will have to think of another solution. 

By the way, there were some technical difficulties during this build. So, watch the end of the video a couple of times to learn from them. 

9. Scooter and skateboard rack idea

garage wall rack
Credit: digsdigs

This is pretty much a piece of wood and a bunch of dowels. Though simple it may be, it’s a great solution if you have to store both scooters and skateboards, or if you have to work around other pieces of furniture. 

10. A new life for an old board 

rack a skate
Credit: 2bandco

Do you have an old board that you can’t part with? Why not turn it into a skateboard holder?

The one in the image is a designer piece, but this project is something that you can put together with a saw a few hardware pieces. The only problem is figuring out which board to sacrifice. 

11. Simple dowel storage rack tutorial

board rack 1
Credit: mica

It doesn’t look like much, but you can finish this project quickly and store lots of skateboards. Perfect for a shop or someone whose collection has gotten out of control. 

Don’t worry, the equipment list and instructions are short for a reason. This build is just that simple. 

12. String skateboard hanger idea

skate haning wall rack
Credit: Pin It

No need for woodworking skills for this one. All you need is a strong piece of string and something to hang it over. 

A great idea for a single skateboard. If you are renting and can’t drill holes in the wall, you can always attach the holder to other furniture of a piece of wood (that you can lean against the wall).

13. Ceiling skateboard storage solution

garage ceiling rack
Credit: Pin It

The image shows skis and other bulky things stored in this ceiling rack but ignore that for a second. If you make it smaller, it will be great for storing skateboards. It’s a great option when space is at a premium, and it’s not complicated to put together. 

14. Advanced woodworking skateboard rack

How to build the Ultimate skateboard rack

This rack itself is amazing! But the look and the use of skateboard wheels for the door pull is spectacular! This design is also very functional with room for multiple boards and storage for accessories.

15. Minwax skateboard rack

skateboard floor rack
Credit: Minwax

And let’s round everything up with another version of a classic skateboard rack design. This one is specifically designed to sit on the floor, so it’s perfect for those who are renting.

You can play with the shape of the yellow element to achieve a different look, just remember to keep the proportions more or less the same. That way, the rack won’t wobble or fall over when you place all your boards.

16. Cardboard Skateboard Rack

This is a great project for beginners, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. Let’s get started!

To make the skateboard rack, you will need:

  • A piece of cardboard measuring at least 24″x24″
  • A ruler or a tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Step One: Draw a square on the cardboard measuring 18″x18″. Cut out the square with scissors. This will be the base of your skateboard rack.

Step Two: Measure and mark two lines 12″ apart on each side of the square. Draw a line between the marks to create a cross shape. Cut out this shape with scissors. This will be the frame of your skateboard rack.

Step Three: Fold up each corner of the frame so that it meets in the center of the cross. Glue or tape the corners in place.

Your skateboard rack is now complete! You can use it to store your skateboards, or you can use it as a wall decoration. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy this tutorial.

17. Wooden Shelf Skate Board Rack

This rack is perfect for anyone who loves skateboarding and wants to keep their boards safe and organized. Let’s get started!

STEP ONE: Gather your materials. In order to build a DIY skateboard rack, you will need the following materials:

  • One piece of wood (at least two inches thick and six inches wide)
  • A drill
  • A saw
  • Two screws
  • A skateboard or two

STEP TWO: Cut the wood. Using your saw, cut the piece of wood into four equal pieces (each measuring six inches wide and two inches thick). If you are using a thicker piece of wood, you may want to adjust these measurements accordingly.

STEP THREE: Drill the holes. Next, use your drill to create two evenly spaced holes in each of the four pieces of wood. These holes should be big enough to fit your screws.

STEP FOUR: Assemble the rack. Now it’s time to put the rack together! Start by screwing two of the pieces of wood together, using the drilled holes as a guide. Then, do the same with the other two pieces of wood. You should now have a rectangular frame:

STEP FIVE: Mount the rack. Finally, use your screws to mount the rack to a wall or some other sturdy surface. Make sure that it is secure before you start storing your skateboards on it!

There you have it! Your very own DIY skateboard rack in just five simple steps.

Time to Roll into Creating Your Skateboard Storage Rack

I was surprised at all the ideas out there. They look great and most are rather simple to build, and they look appealing. Even better that most of these designs are relatively inexpensive to build and require limited tools or wood working experience too.

Next, check out our guide on DIY kayak racks. There’re some great storage rack ideas there as well you might find help if storing your kayaks is also a problem.