15 Awesome DIY Kayak Rack Plans And Ideas

Owning a kayak and being able to take it out on the water whenever you want is a privilege and a joy. But, we don’t always consider the issue of storing our kayaks when not in use. They need to be out the way in a secure spot where it can’t get damaged, or even possibly hurt other people. But, too often, we just stack them at the back of a garage in the clutter.

The best solution is to build your own DIY kayak storage rack from scratch. You could create a simple kayak rack for garage use a single kayak, a little two-kayak free-standing rack for you and your partner, or perhaps something larger or more complex. There are also ideas for a DIY kayak rack for trucks. There are lots of people that did all those things and more on YouTube. So, here are 15 of the best DIY kayak ideas out there.

1) Building a Kayak Rack

Building a Kayak Rack - Yak Rak!!

This guide provides instruction on how to create a simple two-story free-standing rack. This creator has created a more professional video than most, with a clean voice-over that explains the footage in detail. The finished model is a clean little rack with the space and strength for two kayaks. This makes it perfect for couples. But, the piece isn’t as big as some others so should fit outside more easily. She also mentions the potential for painting and decorating, which others don’t think about. We recommend using acrylic paint pens for decorating it.

2) How to Build A DIY PVC Kayak Rack

How to Build a DIY PVC Kayak Rack With Parts List & Assembly

You don’t have to build a free-standing kayak rack out of timber if you aren’t confident enough to use the material or the tools required. This guide takes you through a tutorial for using a series of PVC conduit pipes and connectors to create a surprisingly strong rack. The guide is really detailed in regard to the pieces used with some great tips and close-up shots. It shouldn’t be too hard to create something similar with any PVC you can source yourself.

3) Building a Massive Kayak Rack With Timber Frame

Building a MASSIVE Kayak Rack with Timber Frame Joinery // How To

This brilliant video focuses on the security of a free-standing rack with angled supports. The main difference here is that this is also really good-looking! The pieces are shaped and sanded into nice curved pieces which, makes them more tactile and safer than an unfinished piece. The joinery is interesting too. The finished model is huge and perfect for big kayaks. The video is also professional-level in quality and enjoyable to follow from start to finish.

4) Kayak Rack Made From Scrap Wood

Kayak Rack made from scrap wood DIY

It is the term scrap wood in the name of this video that makes this one so appealing. This is great for those that have off cuts of wood and have this sort of project in mind, rather than those that want to buy all new pieces from a supplier. Just be aware, this takes a little while to get going because the creator wants to show off first. Skip ahead and you will get a decent tutorial. The end result is similar to the one-sided rack above and has an angled support, a bit like the one below.

5) How To Build A Kayak Storage Rack

How to Build a Kayak Storage Rack

Angled kayak racks are a great idea because you have greater security to angle the kayak and stop it from getting knocked off the rack. This is a large, sturdy rack that has the capacity necessary for six kayaks and it has a strong stand. The creator is great at explaining the joints and pieces for a good finish. You just may need to pause a few times as he jumps through the instructions a little bit.

6) How To Build A Kayak Rack for Your Garage

How to Build a Kayak Rack for Your Garage - Storing a Kayak in your Garage - DIY Kayak Rack

A lot of these free-standing kayak racks aren’t going to be practical enough for everyone because of issues with the space – either inside or outside the garage. So, you might find that wall-mounted brackets for a garage are a better idea. This video is a great introduction to creating a great kayak rack for garage use. There is a strong bracket from timber that is just the right size for a single kayak. The creator takes you through the process ad tools step by step and explains his thought process really well.

7) DIY Kayak Rack 15 minute build

DIY Kayak Rack - 15 min build

So, a quick disclaimer here. This isn’t necessarily going to take as little as 15 minutes because it all depends on confidence levels and previous experience. But, it should still prove to be a quick and easy project. The basic premise is a scalloped piece of wood nailed to the wall that is a better upright support for your kayak. It isn’t the most practical solution, but it might be a good idea for those that don’t want to build a rack. There is also added guidance on a more standard free-standing kayak rack at the end.

8) DIY Kayak Racks

DIY Kayak Racks. How to make kayak storage cheap.

This is another guide that focuses on wall-mounted applications for indoor use. However, there are completely different materials. Here, you will learn how to use an electrical conduit and a pipe bender to create a sleek but sturdy support system for your garage. This might not be as substantial as the wooden bracket, but it is a nice alternative for small spaces. The creator also does a great job of explaining the process.

9) DIY Kayak Wall Hanger Kayak Storage

Diy kayak wall hanger Kayak storage

This is another great video about using metal supports and bending them into wall hangers. It is one of the faster options and doesn’t take much space at all. This video gives a great indication of how the creator can now fit four kayaks on one garage wall with ease. This isn’t going to suit everyone, and the finished metal is a little rough. It is basically the complete opposite of the rack made in the video below.

10) Homemade Kayak Rack

Homemade Kayak Rack

Next, we have an option that is a little bit different. Most of the DIY kayak storage racks in this list are great as permanent installations in or outside a home. But, there are also some great plans out there that create racks for a truck bed, making it easier to transport two kayaks to the lake or shore. Like the PVC model above, it is all PVC conduit and connectors. The creator talks about the easy creation process and how he made it directly in the bed of the truck. It is lacking in instruction but, great for inspiration.

11) $90 DIY Kayak Rack For Storage and Transport

90$ DIY Kayak Rack for Storage and Transport

Anything with a two-figure price tag is always going to be appealing if you are short on spare cash and need a simple solution. This is another tutorial for a PVC truck bed solution. The video is more informative than the one above, with better guidance on how it all goes together. We just have to take his word for it that all this was achieved under $100. You may even find that it is cheaper for you depending on your source.

12) Easy DIY Kayak Rack

Easy DIY Kayak Rack

This is where the projects get a bit more extreme in terms of size. While many of the guides here are good for a couple of kayaks and small spaces, this is a really large wooden structure. The video starts with a great run-down of all the materials used and the dimensions of all the pieces. He also makes a point of mentioning pressure-treating, so he is clearly keen to make a rack that lasts. The finished piece is tall but practical with 12 kayaks on there at the end.

13) DIY Summer Project: Canoe And Kayak Rack

DIY Summer Project: Canoe and Kayak Rack

This is where things start to get a bit more high-end in terms of the size and features available. This video talks more about a pre-existing plan, and the experience of those following it. But, the creator is able to provide plenty of guidance. She also talks about creating the ideal space for this roofed structure as a more permanent addition to a property. The finished storage space is attractive and should be a secure place to hold the kayak and other equipment.

14) Homemade Kayak Rack

Homemade kayak rack

Here, I wanted to show what happens when designers get a little more creative. Those with a love of more than just kayaking will appreciate the chance to build more of a multifunctional rack for their gear. This is a great model with a secure support for the kayaks. But there is also room for fishing gear with the build-in holder at the bottom. With the right materials, you should find that this helpful video takes you in an interesting direction.

15) Building a Kayak Storage Shed

Ep25: Building a kayak storage shed.

What I like about this final project is that the creator wasn’t content with simply offering a standard rack. This sort of storage shed may be a bit too extreme for what you need right now. Or, you might find that it provides the protection and security that some other racks can’t offer. So, if you like the idea of shutting your kayak away outdoors, and have the time to spare on a bigger task, this could be the tutorial for you.

One Simple Way to Make Kayak Rack for Your Home

  1. Step One: gather all of your materials. You will need two pieces of lumber, four screws, four washers, and one ratchet strap.
  2. Step Two: Cut the lumber into four equal pieces. These will be the supports for your kayak rack.
  3. Step Three: Drill four holes in each piece of lumber, evenly spaced apart. These holes will be for the screws that will secure the supports to the wall.
  4. Step Four: Attach the supports to the wall using the screws and washers. Make sure that the supports are level before you tighten the screws.
  5. Step Five: Place your kayak on the rack and secure it in place with the ratchet strap.

That’s it! You’ve now built your own DIY Kayak Rack. This simple project can be completed in just an hour and will provide you with a great way to save money and space.

How to Build a DIY Kayak Rack for Your Car

We will teach you how to build your own DIY kayak rack for under $50. This rack is easy to make and can be customized to fit any size kayak.

Building your own kayak rack is a great way to save money and get exactly what you want. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to kayaking heaven!

  1. First, you’ll need to gather some supplies. You’ll need two PVC pipes, four corner brackets, screws, washers, and nuts. You can find all of these items at your local hardware store.
  2. Next, cut the PVC pipes to the desired length. We recommend cutting them to about four feet so they can easily fit in most cars. Once the pipes are cut, use the corner brackets to attach them together at the corners. Make sure that the screws are tight so that the rack doesn’t move around while you’re driving.
  3. Now it’s time to attach the rack to your car. You can do this by screwing the washers and nuts into the holes in the brackets. Make sure that the screws are tight so that the rack doesn’t come loose while you’re driving.
  4. And that’s it! You now have a beautiful, sturdy kayak rack that will make getting to your favorite paddling spot a breeze. Enjoy!

Time To Get Building

A lot of these DIY kayak racks are easy to make and would work well inside your garage or even outside. The increased safety from your kayak not laying around and the support for your kayak are huge motivators to build your own kayak rack. Especially, after the amount of money you spent on your kayak.