The 7 Best Acrylic Paint Pens of 2022: How to Choose & Where to Buy

Acrylic paint supplies are known for characteristics such as their often good coverage, the multi-purpose applications, and the many colors in which they are available. Acrylic paint is water-based, and for many other reasons, it is easy to use. On a wide range of surfaces, including rock, wood, plastic, glass, paper, metal, canvas, and even clay sculptures, it can be used successfully and provide your artworks with vibrant colors of your choice. Also check out our easy acrylic painting ideas on canvas page for beginners.

When you are a fan of painting and DIY Crafting but are looking for a smart solution to fine, detailed work or just want to avoid any possible mess while painting, an acrylic paint pen might just be the right choice for you to buy!

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What is an acrylic paint pen?

In general, your typical acrylic paint marker has a felt tip and a large amount of acrylic-based ink. This acrylic ink is a diluted form of acrylic paint. It has the same properties you will find in regular acrylic paint sold in bottles, such as its quickness of drying and the excellent coverage it brings. 

One significant benefit of using acrylic paint pens over acrylic paint in other forms, is that when shaking the pen well, an even color will come out when performing slight pressure. This means that you will always be sure of applying the same color shade to your project. It is a versatile art medium.

The ink in an acrylic marker always consists of strong acrylic and a diluent, which allows the ink to flow light and evenly. Some substances have been added that make the content of the marker less clumped or jammed.

What are acrylic paint pens used for?

Acrylic paint pens are mostly used for fine details on different artworks. Due to the small felt tip, you can apply small amounts of paint with good coverage that will last a lifetime. They are popular amongst painters, sculptors, and illustrators. It is a great solution to wasting paint in a fluid form when you are using a brush and bottles with acrylic paint. 

As there are many options available in terms of color and size, you likely ask yourself, “But what are the best acrylic paint pens?”. Well, that is what you will read in our below article, in which we have reviewed many different types of acrylic markers. With all the options on the market, we have picked the seven best options for you to purchase right away. 

Also, we have put together a brief summary of things to consider before you buy, with a shortlist of the most frequently asked questions and an answer to them. Enjoy reading! 

Top-Rated & Reviewed: The 7 Best Acrylic Paint Pens

We have reviewed seven of the best acrylic paint pens, both single options, and paint marker sets. Below, you will find an extensive review for every one of them, based on different criteria such as brand, application, price, and many other helpful factors.

#1: Best Overall Choice: Artistro Acrylic Paint Pens with Extra Fine Tip

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To kick off our reviews list, we have chosen Artistro’s set of thirty acrylic paint pens. The pens’ essence looks and feels somewhat like watercolor paint, which makes it even easier to apply the paint evenly. The extra-fine tip of 0.7mm allows you to work the finest details in all of your artworks, on infinitive variety of surfaces. Also, the package includes 28 opaque colors, combined with a white and black pen. 

Even though it takes some time to get the ink flowing and the pens to work evenly, after that, the pens will do their job better than just fine. Other great benefits to this set of pens by Artistro is that they are non-toxic, don’t bleed or fade on your piece of art, and don’t come with any unpleasant odor while you are working with them. Especially that last matter is crucial to us! Also, the pens have a consistent color on any type of surface, whether it is more rough or soft. In a nutshell, this set has it all!


  • Wide range of colors, very vivid and opaque
  • Work great for finer details and have a lovely control on lines.
  • The paint pens conform to the ASTM d-4236 and EN-71 safety standards.
  • The colors are easy to blend and mix while in use.
  • All markers are of good quality and last longer when they are stored well.


  • It might take some effort to get the marker pens to flow ink
  • The paint pens do not include any color indication, which makes them harder to use for people that have difficulties keeping colors apart or are color blind

#2: Best Complete Set: Arteza Acrylic Paint Markers, 40 Assorted Color Pens with Replaceable Tips

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In case you are wondering what a complete option is on this list, this set by Arteza is the one. Not only does this set of paint markers contain no less than forty different colors, including three metal shades, the pens are also packed together in a convenient case to store them away or to take them with you wherever you go. Additionally, each marker’s see-through handles allow you to see how much paint is left in them. 

In the package, you will receive a pair of tweezers and a bunch of extra, size medium nib tips. You can easily replace the old or current one when it is smashed, has gotten hairy, or just doesn’t work as it should. You can even use both ends to alternate between a bold and fine tip! Although they are relatively higher in terms of price, they are worth every penny. The pens last long and include the most vibrant colors. Last but not least, they are non-toxic and hold up very well when exposed to UV-rays.


  • This set doesn’t limit you to one nib-size as each marker has two sides
  • AP-certified non-toxic, acid-free, and doesn’t have any unpleasant odor when in use
  • The pens come in a handy case to store your pens away altogether
  • Wide range of colors suitable for any art style
  • The opacity of the markers is fair, and the ink flows smoothly


  • The paint might be somewhat watery
  • Some pens might leak

#3: Best Budget-Friendly Option: Niutop Acrylic Paint Pens for DIY with Extra Fine Tip

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What makes this set of acrylic pens such a winner is, of course, the fair price. But also, the smooth brush application weighs in that as well. They stick on all different kinds of surfaces, including enamel, canvas, wood, glass, plastic, and paper. Non-porous surfaces are easy to clean in case of a mistake, but on porous surfaces, they stay extremely well. Niutop’s set includes 26 different, vibrant colors, including metallic shades. 

The extra-fine 0.7mm tip allows you to work the smallest details with simple line control and provide a dishwasher- and oven-safe finish. Similar to Arteza acrylic paint marker set, the body of these pens are also clear, which allows you to spot the contents of the pen in the blink of an eye. Although it requires some experimenting to get the ink to flow smoothly, when the pens are used with the proper light pressure, both the paint’s thickness and opaqueness are outstandingly good and will look beautiful on all your art projects.


  • High-quality ink without any odor 
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and conforms to ASTM D-4236 certificate
  • All markers are easy to control and glide smoothly 
  • The colors are both vibrant and opaque
  • Suitable for many different surfaces and easy to clean-up


  • Less suitable for applying multiple layers on the glass as the lower layers might fade or stripe
  • The ink flows very quickly, which results in a quick run-out of ink

#4: Best Choice for Rock Painting: Uni Posca Paint Marker Pens with Extra Fine Point

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If there is one brand that deserves its popularity amongst crafters, it has to be Posca. The brand has a wide range of different color paint markers, but also many different types and sizes of nibs. This set of extra-fine pointed pens contains twelve highly pigmented basic colors, including black and white for outlines or details. They come in a handy case to keep them together and to bring them with you wherever you go. 

No matter what color the surface is you are using the paint pens on, they provide outstanding coverage and will vividly display the color shade. Posca’s paint markers work incredibly well on many different surfaces. However, it is a huge favorite of artists that perform rock painting, painting on wood, or use pens on other porous surfaces. Both young and old love these markers, and we understand why. It is a great quality choice for a fair price.


  • The package contains vivid color shades with great coverage
  • The paint dries quickly, which allows you to work in one go without having to pause
  • Perfect for rock painting and other uneven surfaces
  • High-quality and reliable, non-toxic 
  • Suitable to use for people of any age
  • All pen tips can be cleaned with water if necessary


  • On less absorbent surfaces, the pens might bleCHECK ed color

#5: Best Metallics: Sakura Pen-touch Paint Markers Medium Tip

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Although some sets of paint pens include a few metallic shades, we have to say; nothing beats Sakura’s metallics. This set of five paint markers include bright shades; gold, silver, copper, white and black. With a slightly bolder tip than the other reviewed sets on the list, the pens allow you to embellish your projects with a beautiful amount of sparkle. However, when preferred, the nib can be turned around and changed for a slightly smaller tip.

The pen-touch paint markers don’t need anything more than a brief shake to get the sparkly ink to flow and provide your projects with high-quality ink that doesn’t fade, smear or bleed. The substance is user-friendly due to the low odor, the opaque finish, and the permanent finish. Also, the pens meet several non-toxicity standards and are free of xylene, which can cause dizziness and nausea when exposed too it much. Last but not least: how beautiful is the copper color?


  • Rich, opaque finish with beautiful color shades
  • The pens last long and apply the ink smoothly and evenly on any type of surface
  • Sakura’s pen-touch paint markers consist of thick ink but dry quickly
  • Suitable for different surfaces such as wood, metal, porcelain, paper, and glass
  • The nibs can be changed/turned over for a more delicate tip


  • The paint might be somewhat thin and, because of that, likely to drop
  • The pens are not as easy to clean 

#6: Best for The Finest Details: Zeyar Water-Based Acrylic Paint Pens, with Extra Fine Point

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Zeyar’s set of acrylic paint pens do not just have an extra-fine point that is easy to control, and it also contains the most beautiful and wide color range. The combination of the 32 tints includes four metallics, pastels, basics, and black and white. This way, any project can be finished with one set of markers! The fine tip is constant, runs smooth, and has a comfortable grip, which is of high importance when working on detailed projects! Although these pens are less suitable for porous surfaces, they do an outstanding job on rubber, ceramics, paper or glass, for example.

The stylish and nifty box of markers contains, next to the pens, six extra nibs and stencils to extend the longevity of the set. The ink is of Italian quality and is odor-free and non-toxic.  


  • It contains an extensive color range.
  • The fine nib is perfect for creating detailed work and outlines.
  • It comes in a handy box to store the pens away together.
  • The paint doesn’t spatter or blob after shaking and pressing to get the ink flowing.
  • Zeyar’s assortment of paint pens makes a great gift for any age. 


  • Less suitable to use on more porous surfaces such as rocks
  • The fine tips are quite long, which make them more likely to break 

#7: Best Refillable Option: Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint Marker Set

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What makes this set of paint markers by Molotow stand out is, of course, the fact that they are suitable to refill – an extremely durable option. Not only does this testify to a great quality commitment, but it also makes an excellent investment when you are seeking pens that will grow with you and all your different art projects. A big part of the brand’s popularity is the fact that they make great paint products for graffiti artworks as well, in bright, reliable colors with great opacity.

The markers do have a bigger tip with 2mm, but the brand does offer many other options. The pigment is vibrant and easy to cover up many kinds of surfaces with. The colors are beautiful, and all have an original name, which helps you remember them well! The pens are provided with a Flowmaster pump system and are water-resistant, solvent-free, and easy to dilute using water or acetone.


  • Reliable quality and durable choice due to the refillable body
  • The markers allow being smudged while working, even if they dry quick
  • All colors are rich in pigment and high in opacity
  • Great value for money buy
  • The pens come in a handy case to store them away


  • Some tips may work less well on rougher surfaces
  • This package doesn’t include a complete combination of color shades

Buyers Guide on Best Acrylic Paint Markers

From reading our take on the best articles above, you can probably tell that there are almost infinite options available. In case you are seeking some more information around the paint markers themselves, scroll down below to read our detailed buying guide, consisting of all the beneficial details you need on this topic. Optimistically, this will leave you with plenty of information and resources to start right away. 

How to Choose & What to Look for When Buying Acrylic Paint Pens

Many factors come looking around the corner when buying markers with acrylic paint. You will want to consider what is important to you and what kind of surfaces you will use them. We suggest you take some time to consider the following things before you do so.

Nib size

As you could read in our reviewed items above, the size of the tips, or nibs, from the paint markers may vary. The size of them often corresponds with the matter of detail you will work in. To decide which nib size suits you best, it is recommended to determine what you will use the pens most for. Are you in to larger, graffiti-like art works? In that case, we suggest you opting for a set that includes larger and medium sized nibs and can fill in larger areas with paint. As mentioned, fine tips work good for fine details.

However, many sets include extra nibs, changeable nibs, and a combination of different sizes, a great overall option when your work varies.


Acrylic paint is water-based and dries up quick. When it is dry, with good quality pens and paint, it lasts long. However, this also depends on the type of surface. The acrylic paint is more likely to stick (permanently) on rough or uneven materials such as rock and canvas.

On soft and smooth surfaces (metal, glass, plastic), the paint is easier to remove by using water and a mild soap or by scraping it off. In case you wish to seal the paint applied on smoother surfaces, it is a good idea ot use a sealant or varnish. On ceramic craft, for example, or any type of art work that is suitable to finish off with heat (in an oven), you can use the paint pens on them, and use the oven to seal the paint for a permanent finish. 

Quality, price, and durability

Price will always be a big factor in any purchase we do. And that is for the best. It is important to see for yourself how much you would like to spend on a paint pen or a set of them. When you are just starting out to see if this type of painting is something for you, it might be a good idea to go with a budget-friendly option or compensate on quality a bit. In terms of durability, a paint pen with refillable and replacable qualities is a good solution.

Safety and ease of use

Although acrylic paint is water-based, there are typical substances involved in the production process of the paint. Luckily, there has been a lot of improvement in the industry, what leads most brands to perform an outstanding quality control. That’s why many paint pens now are non-toxic, conform to different safety standards and contain no or less xylene. We recommend you always reading the labels on the product itself to be sure of the safety. 

Pens of acrylic paint are safe to use at almost any age, however, kids below the age of 5 years old should never use the pens unsupervised by an adult.

Taking care of your acrylic paint pens

To contribute to the quality of your acrylic paint pens yourself, it is important to take care of them. Try to see if the nibs are cleanable, for example, and use them only on surfaces that are suitable for acrylic paint. 


Many paint pens come with a small storage case. Either way, it is important to, after each use, close the cap securely and store your pens with the nib down to avoid leaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions and answers around this topic, please read on below.

What are the best acrylic paint pens?

In our opinion, the best choice of acrylic paint pens for DIY Craft project is our number one reviewed item by Artistro. The markers in this complete set all have an extra-fine tip. This fact allows you to apply even the most light and fine details. Also, it is a great value for money, as you will get no less than thirty different colors for a very fair price.

Are acrylic paint pens good?

Given the fact that acrylic paint pens can be used to decorate many different types of surfaces, these types of markers can indeed be considered as good. Also, they are safe to use for children as well, which makes them even more attractive. In addition, these types of pens are available in different felt sizes, allowing you to create the finest details but also larger areas. 

What pens work on acrylic paint?

You can use both oil-based acrylic pens on any artwork you made with acrylic paint as this won’t bleed. However, it is important to let both paints dry well and consider where you will place your artworks, outdoors or indoors – as you might have to check if it is water-resistant or you will need a sealant. 

Of course, you can also use acrylic paint pens on regular acrylic paints. Although the substance might differ a bit as pens often contain thinned paint, they still have the same base. 

What pens are as good as Posca?

Next to the well-known brand Posca, other great brands in acrylic paint pens include:

  • Molotow 
  • Arteza
  • Artistro
  • Niutop
  • Sakura

But, besides this brief list, there are many other great brands on the market that may be less famous but still deliver reliable quality.

How long do acrylic paint pens take to dry?

As acrylic paint pens are non-translucent, opaque, and quick-drying, it won’t take too long. However, it also depends on the surface you use. Smoother surfaces such as plastic or glass might take longer, especially when you are using thicker layers. 

Top tip: you can mix the colors while the paint is still wet and over paint once it dries. Also: seeking a watercolor effect to your painting or illustrations? Try adding a drop of water.

Where can I get acrylic paint pens?

Many of the reviewed product brands above have their own website where you can purchase them. However, on larger retail websites and online shops such as Amazon, you can find infinite options as well. Amazon often has discounts. Next to these two options, Walmart offers a selection of different types of acrylic paint pens as well. 

Are paint pens waterproof?

When it comes down to acrylic markers, many of them are indeed waterproof. However, there are many factors this comes down to, such as the surface and the composition of the substance inside the paint pen. As acrylic paint can be thinned by water, it doesn’t wholly assure you of a waterproof layer; for that, it could be a good idea to use a sealant. As for oil-based paint pens, these naturally dry up as water-resistant, depending on the surface.

Are paint pens permanent?

That depends on the type of surface you use the paint pens on. Acrylic markers are often permanent on a porous surface, but erasable on glass, and do not penetrate on paper. Although, there are numerous ways to make your artworks stick permanently to the surface you applied the acrylic paint on. 

A Few Final Words on the Best Acrylic Paint Pens

As mentioned before, acrylic paint pens are a lovely way to DIY and decorate all your art projects both in detail and on larger surfaces, and they limit the mess when compared to using paint and brushes! Not only are they suitable for any age, but they work on infinite types of surfaces, such as wood, metal, different types of paper, cardboard, and canvas.

However, if you use an acrylic marker on a smooth surface, such as glass, you can scrape it off afterward with a scouring sponge or knife. It is super permanent on absorbent surfaces such as wood, textile, or paper. The paint markers are often water-based and non-toxic, so why not give it a go?

There are many different types of paint pens available to us right now, but hopefully, our article and review guide has helped you find the right set that meets your needs! What is your favorite brand, and what kind of paint pens will you go for? Feel free to leave a reply and let us know in the comments below!