Best Jewelry Making Kits

DIY jewelry not only looks great but also save you a lot of money.  We found that making your own jewelry makes for great gifts that let you unleash your creativity. These days high-end brands can charge absurd prices for jewelry, and you can avoid this by simply making your own. Another great aspect of learning to make your own jewelry is that you are able to fix any other jewelry that you have. Jewelry kits are meant to have everything you need to make simple jewelry piece and also fix many different kinds of jewelry with the specialized tools. If you really get into it, these jewelry kits can also be the start of your new side hustle. Jewelry making techniques may take some practicing to perfect, but jewelry-making kits help you get set up for success. You are able to make your own unique pieces at a fraction of the cost. Depending on the types of jewelry you want to make you are sure to find the perfect kit for you. 

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Jewelry Kit Components

There are a number of different jewelry kits on the market that are made for different levels as well as different ages and types of jewelry. Some kits are made to be kid-friendly and include bigger bead shapes and charms that are less of a hazard. Jewelry kits for adults are more comprehensive and have sharper tools and materials that can make all styles of jewelry. When selecting the perfect kit for you, the components are incredibly important. You can always purchase add-ons and any additional jewelry pliers or wires you may need, but the main essential tools that come with the kit help you get started. Some fundamental tools that all jewelry kits should have are jewelry pliers. This is because more jewelry includes wires and materials that are hard to open and close with just your hands. Some jewelry kit essentials include:

  • Different types of pliers: Some common types of pliers include round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers, tweezers, and wire cutters. These tools are great for opening and closing small fixings. Especially for beaded work or smaller charms, bracelets, and more detailed jewelry wires and jewelry findings for jewelry repair, these tools are essential. The type of tools depending on the type of jewelry you are working with, but having a couple of different options lets you create a more versatile variety of jewelry. A jewelry tool kit can also assist you in fixing any opened or broken jewelry. Some kits come with multi-purpose pliers which can be great for versatility, but specialized pliers give you better results. 
  • Findings: These are essentials in a jewelry making kit since they join different jewelry components together. Different kits come with different findings, so make sure the kit you buy has the ones that you need for your specific jewelry products. Some common findings in jewelry making kits include jump rings, crimp beads, chains, leather cord, rolls of copper wire, rings, beading string cord, earring hooks, clasps, ribbon clamp crimps, and other specialized pieces. A kit with a wide range of different findings makes for a great starter kit that lets you experiment with different materials and kinds of jewelry. 
  • Beads: Not all kits come with beads, but they can be great if you are looking to get started with beaded jewelry. This is not essential since you are able to easily purchase beads on your own. There are many different types of beads and you are able to find ones that fit your style and color needs. 
  • Specialty items: Especially if you are looking to make non-beaded jewelry, there are kits that come with specialized items that help you get started on other types of jewelry such as metal, resin, or leather jewelry. These kits are more specialized and can be a great addition to further your jewelry making skills. 

Not all kits need to have all of these, but getting started with the bare-bones essentials helps you determine which tools you may need. Some kits come with beads and others do not. Some people may prefer a more comprehensive kit, whereas some like to choose specific beads for their jewelry. 

What to Look for in a Jewelry Making Kit


This is especially true for the tools in your kit. The beads are easily replaceable, but if your tools are low-quality, you might as well buy separate tools that are more suitable for your needs. Even though a jewelry kit is mostly used as a starter or base kit to add to, the quality of the tools is essential to making high-quality jewelry. Low-quality tools will start to rust or break easily over time. While the price may be a bit higher, investing in high-quality jewelry repair tools helps you make and repair your jewelry much more easily. The quality of the findings is also important to ensure that your jewelry won’t easily break and fall apart. Many people believe handmade jewelry to be low-quality and flimsy, but having high-quality tools and materials helps to ensure the longevity of your creative projects. 

Type of Kit

There are a number of different kits designed for every type of crafter. Some are great for beginners, whereas others are more specialized to make specific types of jewlery. Others are made more for repairing jewelry. With all the different kits, you are sure to find the one that has the accessories that you need. 

5 Best Jewelry Making Kits

1. OPOUNT Complete Jewelry Making Kit

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This Opount jewelry making kit is a comprehensive kit that is great for those that want to get started on experimenting with different types of jewelry. It is also affordable and contains 1960 different pieces to make all types of different jewelry pieces. The kit comes with 16 jewelry making tools, which includes three different jewelry pliers, tweezers, wire cutters, needle threaders, gloves, and much more. It also features 1350 different jewelry beads that come in all different colors and shapes for versatile beading projects. Along with the beads, the kit comes with different wires and charms to add to your beading projects. The comprehensive kit also comes with 566 pieces of jewelry findings for you to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even make repairs to your own jewelry. Even though this is a starter kit, the tools that come with this kit are high-quality and made to last. All the components come in a compact 4-tier clear organizer that keeps all your components separate and organized. If you are looking for a kit to start experimenting with you can’t go wrong with this one. 


– comes with a large array of tools and materials

– comes with a compact organizer

– high-quality tools and findings


– bead designs may not be suitable for all tastes

– kid-friendly so tools may not be as sharp

– no instructions

2. Shynek Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

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The Shynek Jewelry Making Kit is a high-quality kit that comes with everything you need to get started. This kit does not come with any beads, which allows you to choose ones that best fit your needs. This kit does come with 3 different jewelry pliers as well as a number of different strings and cords including 2 rolls of copper wire, elastic string, waxed necklace cord, necklace chain, needles, tweezers, jump ring opener, and much more. The tools feature non-slip handles and have a double leaf spring that gives you the best results. The tools are all organized in a compact zip pouch for easy portability and storage. A great component that sets this kit apart is the helping hands. This tool essentially holds your project in place while you are gathering other components you may need. Along with heavy-duty tools, this kit also comes with superior findings that come in silver and gold tones for greater versatility. You are able to craft or fix nearly any type of jewelry. If you are looking for a comprehensive tool kit to get you through all your projects look no further. 


– expertly crafted tools

– findings come in gold and silver

– helping hands come with a magnifying glass for detailed work


– does not come with any beads

– not as kid-friendly

3. Paxcoo Jewelry Supplies Kit

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The Paxcoo kit is another jewelry kit that does not come with beads but is great for crafting and making jewelry repairs. This set comes with three superior pre-oiled beading pliers with non-slip handles in fun colors. The kit also comes with various types of jewelry making accessories. The findings come in bronze, gold, or silver-tone for more versatile items. There are a total of 2,046 findings that include open jump rings, lobster clasps, eye pine, headpins, crimp beads, earring hooks, and even rubber earring backs. This is a great base kit that has all the bare bone essentials you may need. If you are looking for a kit that does not have all the extra fluff that may be great for kids, this kit is simple, yet high-quality. 


– has three tones of findings

– high-quality pliers that do not rust

– comes with case for easy portability


– does not come with any beads

– tools can be a bit small for some

4. Modda Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit

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The Modda jewelry kit is another comprehensive kit that has it all. This kit is great for kids and adults alike. It is a slightly bigger investment, but this kit has everything you need to get started right away. The kit comes with three different pliers, tweezers, and wire cutters that are sharp, yet still kid-friendly. The kid also comes with a large variety of different beads and wires to create necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Since it does have a larger variety of items, the fixings are not as comprehensive as some of the other kits. Overall, this is a great beginner-friendly kit that still gets the job done. The tools all come in a handy carrying case that keeps everything organized. This set also comes with a video course that helps you get started in the world of handcrafted jewelry. 


– comes with wide variety of beads

– includes video course

– carrying case keeps everything organized


– more optimal for beginners

– types of beads may not be suitable for everyone

5. KUUQA Jewelry Making Kit

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The KUUQA kit is a smaller more simple kit that gets the job done. This is an affordable, high-quality option that is made more for preparing and focuses on different types of findings. The kit comes with 15 different jewelry findings, a brass ring, 4 different kids of beading wires, and much more. This set comes with one set of pliers, but is of good quality and works with a variety of different uses. With this set, you are able to easily fix opened or broken jewelry and even create your own. This is a great gift for beginners and comes with a compact carrying case for easy storage. If you are looking for a simple kit to get you started, look no further. 


– simple and straightforward

– focuses on findings

– multi-use pliers are heavy-duty


– smaller, less comprehensive kit

– does not come with any beads

– pliers do not fit in kit


Handmade jewelry can spark a conversation and add uniqueness to any outfit. A jewelry kit can help you get started in the vast world of jewelry making. Depending on what you want to make, you are sure to find the one best for you. You can craft jewelry to unleash your creativity as well as save money on overpriced jewelry. If you are interested in crafting your own unique pieces, a jewelry kit is a great place to start.