Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas for Beginners on Canvas

If you have been trying to start a career as an artist and you don’t know how to go about it, then you’ve come to the right place. The content below has some easy acrylic painting ideas for beginners on canvas, to give you the inspiration you need to progress in your artistic journey. Whatever idea you try, you have to try to be too consumed by a desire for perfection. Try to have fun in the process and don’t fear trying several times before succeeding.

Painting on a dark background

Working on a black background is one of the easy painting ideas for beginners on canvas. You get a clear picture of what you’re working on as you progress because the black background makes everything more vibrant. The brightness is a good thing, but it also means you must be careful when selecting your colour schemes. Start with very simple pictures and learn to mix different colours until you get the exact outcome you want.

Acrylic painting flower on dark background
Vertical card of rose peony flower and leaf on black background

Nature inspiration

You can also try painting the natural landscape and the things you see around you regularly. Visualize mountains and trees, then try to put that image on the canvas. You can try with one item if combining them is still challenging. Make the landscape more interesting by adding highlights and some texture.

Autumn landscape with a tree.
Autumn landscape with a tree. Digital painting

Dot designs

Sometimes the simplest designs help you grow and enhance your skills in the art industry. Although most people consider dots to be great for rock painting, they can also serve as a good starting point for beginners. Make them as colourful as possible, and don’t be afraid of using different brushes to create different dot sizes. This idea will also help you practice your strokes and precision before you move to bigger ideas. If you mix the colours well, you’ll be surprised by how attractive your dots appear on the canvas.

Alternatively, you can try painting other geometrical designs if you want more dynamics. This may be better on a colourful background since you’ll need to make every design stand out. Use different colours on each design to make the painting pop.


Availability of different types of flowers makes it easy to find one that is unique for your canvas. Whether its lilies or roses, you can find a favourite flower to paint. Challenge yourself by adding details on different parts. Make the petals and stem stand out by giving them different textures and suitable colours. Our goal should be to make the flower as real as possible.

You can also try abstract painting as use flowers as inspiration. Remember, you can use any other object as inspiration, and you don’t have to use brushes. Spread liquid acrylics with a pallet knife, and you’re good to go.

Flower painting on canvas
Collection of designer oil paintings. Decoration for the interior. Modern abstract art on canvas. Set of pictures with different textures and colors. Peonies on a gray-blue background.

Chevron painting

Chevron patterns are some of the easiest for beginners. You can find contrasting colours to paint the chevron with, and you can use any pattern you prefer. If you’re concerned about making the patterns more accurate, you can use a painter’s tape to paint of the canvas. Alternate the different colours to make the painting more vibrant.

Acrylic pouring

Acrylic pouring requires some skill, but it is very easy once you learn the techniques. You can use the cell technique, which requires the use of oil and water-based paints. You add a heavier pigment on top of lighter ones to allow it to sink through. The mixture will have puddles that will give you the effect you need. You could also try the floetrol technique, which requires the use of water-based paints. You’ll still get the same results as you would with oil-based paints, and you won’t have visible brush marks on the painting. Whatever method you choose, you can make it better by adding a gold leaf.

Heart paintings

When drawing a heart, you have to place your colours carefully to give it a realistic feel. It is the easiest shape to work with, which makes it the perfect idea for acrylic painting on canvas. Use darker shades in the back and lighter ones in front. Give it warmer tones as well, but you can also use darker shades depending on the emotions you’re trying to arouse.

Painting monograms

If you’re good with a pencil drawing, you will find this idea interesting and most applicable. It involves drawing with a pencil first, then using a brush to paint over it. You are free to use any colour you like in the background and the monograms. Other than a monogram, you could also pain your favourite quote on the canvas. Use different shapes so it won’t look boring.


This is one of the most creative yet easy acrylic painting ideas for beginners on canvas. You can use all colours you love, and you won’t be restricted with the paintbrushes to use. You have to be careful about the splash area to avoid the paint overtaking the entire canvas. After you’ve controlled where your paint lands, you can use a brush splatter to paint the remaining parts as you like.

Acrylic painting tips for beginners

Always have the canvas and all the items you need to paint ready before thinking about the pattern of the design idea. You will have an easier time achieving your painting objectives.

 Choose the right brushes for acrylic painting on canvas. Brushes that have long handles and stiffer bristles will be better. An acrylic paint pens here can also be used on canvas if you are familiar with them.

Make sure your canvas is well prepared before you start painting. Use materials that will seal the fibres on the fabric and make it easier for you to paint smoothly. A primer or a gresso will do the trick. You can add a primer after your painting dries to give it a nice shiny look.

If you’re using multiple colors, you should try them out first before putting them on the canvas. It’s okay to use a piece of paper for testing, but you have to wait for it to dry to get the exact appearance. Use different textures when testing to explore all your options.


Accent art is another great idea you can try out. Limit your colours to two with accent art. Start by painting half the canvas and putting details on it. Finish the other half when the first one dries. Whatever idea you try, have fun and be creative.