The Best Woodworking Kits For Beginners Guide And Reviews

The idea of working with wood is appealing to a lot of craftspeople because of the feel of the material and the opportunity to create something beautiful and practical. But, you can’t jump into woodwork and designing your own pieces without a little practice. In this guide, you will learn a little more about the best woodworking kits for beginners. This means wooden kits and sets to encourage skills in construction and carving to help your build knowledge and confidence.

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Where Should you Start with Woodworking Kits for Beginners?

A quick online search shows that not only are there countless wooden kits available from various brands, but that they focus on different skills and age ranges. The first thing to consider here is whether you want to work on a building kit or a carving kit. Building kits are more common as there is a clear set of pieces to assemble into a recognizable shape. You could end up with some nice decorative pieces or perhaps some with moving parts. Carving kits teach a whole other skill with different tools. There is an end goal here, but the process of getting there is a lot different.

Your choice here ultimately depends on the skill you are most keen to learn. If you see yourself carving animals and figures from pieces of wood in the future, these carving kits are a good stepping stone into this hobby. If you see yourself designing and building structures and practical items for the home, the building kits are a nice introduction. After using one of these kits, you can then get a set of woodworking tools for beginners to take this craft further. There will be one of these at the end of this guide.

Then there is the factor of the recommended age. Some sets are great for adults with no previous experience while others focus more on kids and teens. You can use this to either find something appropriate for a pre-teen to work on independently or something that you can build together as a parent-child project. As you improve your skills you can work on more complex items or complete a wider range of pieces from a set.

The Best Woodworking Kits for Carving

Carving sets are a little rarer than the building sets below. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good product that will help you learn valuable skills with carving tools. The best woodworking kits for carving should have a nice piece of wood from which to carve your design. The given tools should be sharp and strong enough to glide through the wood and give the right effect. It also helps to get some detailed instructions. From there, it all comes down to the design you want to make.

1) BeaverCraft Wood Carving Kit Comfort Bird

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If you like the idea of being able to whittle birds from wood in the future, this set is a great starting point. You get two blocks of wood, a nice sharp whittling knife, sandpaper, instructions, and the tools for polishing up your finished bird. The concept here is a Comfort Bird for anxiety, which could make the finished item a great gift for someone dear.

2) Paperdot Elements Wood Carving Kit for Beginners

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Next, we have this alternative kit for carving wizards. This is an interesting way to test out your carving skills on some stylish and fluid forms. While the bird can be a little rough and abstract if it goes wrong, this offers more of a challenge when it comes to the form of the figures. You get three blocks of soft wood, the carving knife, sandpaper, safety tape, and the instructions.

The Best Woodworking Kits for Building

Building kits are a lot more common because it is so easy for companies to cut a series of pieces of wood into the right shapes, box them up with some tools and instructions, and send them out. This can lead to a range of designs but also a difference in quality. So, be careful when choosing your products to be sure of a quality item.

When choosing the best woodworking kits for building, you need to look at the full inventory for the kit. Do you get all the right tools and fixtures or do you have to get them separately? The quality of the wood is also important. Cheaper sets may use very thin plywood that is prone to splintering while others use quality pine. A good set of instructions and diagrams also helps.

1) Amy&Benton 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock Model

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Wooden puzzle kits are a great way for novices to get to grips with the feel of wood and how to put it together. After a few of these sets, you can then think about creating your own pieces and designs to work from scratch. There are so many brilliant puzzles for adults, but this clock takes things to a new level as you have to be sure you have a strong structure for this working timepiece.

2) SparkJump Birdhouse Craft Kit

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Below there is a simplistic wooden birdhouse for kids. This one is very much the grown-up version that requires more time and patients to get right. There are so many small individual pieces of cedar here that can help you learn about the construction and work that goes into crafting an item like this. The level of detail in the shingles for the roof and other elements is impressive and should help you get a better idea of intricate construction.

The Best Woodworking Kits for Kids

Choosing a kit for a child is tough because you don’t want something that is too easy and childish but you also want something safe and manageable. There has to be that fine line between providing a challenge they can learn from and giving them an achievable accomplishment.

When choosing the best woodworking kits for kids, you need to start with the theme. Anything that works into a current interest or hobby is ideal. From there, you can look at the number of pieces and proposed difficulty to ensure it is age-appropriate. Also, look at the tools provided and make sure there are adequate instructions. If your kid wants to do this by themselves they need enough written guidance or clear diagrams to follow. If you are unsure, talk to your child and see what is most interesting to them. They may surprise you with their answers and their ambition.

1) Toysmith Beetle & Bee Build A Bird Bungalow

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This is a great DIY kit to enjoy as a family because not only do you get all the pieces for a fun build, you also get something practical at the end. There are FSC certified wooden pieces pre-cut to form a cute little birdhouse. You get all the glue and nails need to fix it together, teaching kids the basics of construction. Once finished, you can add the chain and hang it outside.

2) Auryee Solar 3D DIY Wooden Ferric Wheel

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Next, we have something that is a great STEM toy for kids that want to bring some engineering into their projects. This set creates a 11.8 X 9.0 X 5.5 inch Ferris wheel with little swinging cars and a secure base. Kids can learn how to construct the pieces into a functional wheel and connect it to the motor. The motor can run on 2AA batteries or on solar power. This design comes with pre cut parts and requires no glue or screws to assemble. There are visual instructions however, some users report that they are hard to follow. While this is less about woodworking skills, it does lead to a great finished product that can inspire kids to do more.

The Best Woodworking Tools for Beginners

Finally, I want to highlight a set of the best woodworking tools available for beginners. You can take what you have learned from the kits above and apply them to your own work. You might not create something with quite the same flair or precision without the pre-made pieces or instructions, but you can build confidence through your own work. Look out for simple kits that offer the basic tools with well-crafted implements, ergonomic handles, and a nice case for storage. You don’t need anything too fancy at this stage.

1) Wood Carving Tools Knife Set for Professional and Beginners

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While the name here does say for professionals and beginners, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find this set to be helpful as a novice. There are lots of great wooden tools here for carving wooden utensils and bowls. This is a great way to learn a practical skill to expand upon in the future. You get a good range of items in a stylish case, all with sharp blades, durable construction, and nice walnut handles.

Finding the Best Woodworking Kits for Beginners

As you can see, there are different routes that you can take here. It is up to you which way you go as you may have an immediate preference for carving or building. Or, you may have kids that want to work with you and need something more age-appropriate. Don’t be afraid to start with a simple novice piece and work your way up from there. You still get a sense of achievement with even the most basic of kits.