Left Over DIY Fabric Ideas

My grandma had gifted me left over fabric she had from some projects. Some of the fabric wasn’t much to speak of, but she had made me a crib sheet from one of the fabrics that I used with both of my children. So, there was a lot of sentimental value with the fabric, and I was looking for a project to complete that I would be able to cherish for year to come. As well as a project that didn’t require much fabric.

I can’t remember where I found this idea, but it looked like you simply tied fabric onto a string of lights. And that was truly it! I love how this project required minimal material and minimal amount of time.

Required material:

  • Left over fabric
  • Scissors
  • String of lights
fall lights 1

I started off by cutting the fabric to have similar length in pieces. Also, to create as many pieces as possible to cover the entire strand of lights. My fabric was in different shapes and sizes, so I didn’t measure and just eyeballed the strips I was cutting. I used scissors to the fabric, but I wish I used my rotary cutter for cleaner lines.

fall lights 4

I then tied a knot in the fabric around the lights. I added two fabric ties between each light and when I had extra fabric, I added it where I saw fit.

fall lights 3

As I was tying the knots in the fabric, I noticed that is would then become hard to see the fabric pattern. A lot of the white on the background of the fabric was being displayed. To correct this, I folded the top and bottom of the fabric for when I created the knot, the pattern would then be displayed. It took a little extra time to add this step, but man was it worth it!

fall lights 8

I had at first chosen to use two different fabrics. I had one with a leaf pattern and one with a Halloween pattern. I thought that these two patterns would work well and then I could use the lights with my fall and Halloween décor. After starting the project, I did not like how the two fabrics looked together. So, I decided to stick with only the leaf pattern.

fall lights 5

Once I had all the fabric on the light strand. I decided to plug the lights in to see how well it truly looked. I adjusted the placement of a few pieces that were covering the lights.

fall lights 7

Next, I added the lights to a fall sign and added a string of leaves from the Dollar Tree to go along with it. I like how the lights gave my sign a nice glow and I’m sure I can also incorporate these lights with my Halloween décor too.

fall lights 6

I’m looking forward to finding more items to create with my left-over fabric. Even if there isn’t much fabric left, it’s nice to be able to put it to good use!