DIY Chocolate Pretzel Spider Web

I saw a design like this somewhere and thought it would be fun to try for a playful food idea. To make this cute spider web you really only need pretzels and chocolate. Then you can add various sprinkles to achieve your desired look. We even added eyes to your spider webs to give it the illusion that a spider was looking at you from behind the spider web.

I like how this design is quick and easy. Plus, it only takes a few simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand.

Supplies needed:

  • Small pretzel sticks
  • White chocolate that’s made for melting
  • Sprinkles
  • Parchment paper
  • Cookie sheet
  • Ziplock sandwich bag

Step One

We started by added the parchment paper to our cookie sheets.

Step Two

We picked a handful of pretzels and aligned them into a circle on the parchment paper. The key here is to make sure that the inner portion of the spider web has the pretzels close enough so the chocolate can hold them all together without breaking. When we were done making theses and they set, you could pick up the pretzel spider web and enjoy a 360 degree view with maybe only some sprinkles falling off and nothing else.

Halloween pretzels 1

Step Three

Melt the chocolate and then place into sandwich bag. This will make clean lines when pouring the chocolate for the spider web. Squeeze all the chocolate into one corner of the bag then, cut the corner of the bag off to create a pouring tip.

Step Four

Go around in a circular motion to create the spider web. Don’t put too much thought into it. It’s easy to go back around to adjust your creation. I also added a little extra chocolate to the middle of the pretzel sticks to hold them all together nicely without breaking.

Step Five

Add sprinkles to your design. We used a Halloween sprinkle premade mix and then added the eyes to the spider web.

Halloween pretzels 2

Step Six

Let the chocolate cool. You can put into the freezer to speed up the process. Or you can leave it on the countertop to cool.

Step Seven

We then placed the chocolate pretzel spider webs into a zip lock sandwich bag and gave them out to neighbors and family. We left the sandwich bags plan because we were short on time. However, it created a nice look to be able to truly admire the spider web. It would be fun to add some artwork to the sandwich bag or even some Halloween stamps for a fun homemade feel.

We Hope you Enjoy!

This one of our favorite treats that we made this year as a family. The kids and I enjoyed how simple the steps were. The kids were able to help with each step. And we were done in no time flat! What I loved the most was that there were only a few steps. Then I wasn’t having to run around trying to prepare the next step for the kids while they possibly interfered with the previous steps. We’ll definitely be trying this again next year!