DIY Birthday Wreath

When our son was born my neighbor made him a birthday wreath. It was a deco mesh wreath with a cute sign with his name, birthday, birth weight and height on it. It looks really cute and is very sentimental now.

My neighbor every year for the month for her kid’s birthday she then displays it. We’ve been enjoying carry on that tradition with my son’s birthday wreath. So, when it came time for my daughter’s birthday, I wanted to make her a birthday wreath.

I went to the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby to get the supplies (these will be listed below) and try to attempt this design. Let me just say that it looked easy then it was, until I saw this helpful video. So, to set you up in the right direction check out this video. Then, I’ll also breakdown the steps I did and some recommendations from what I ran into. I followed along with a similar design as the 1st wreath in the video.

7 Deco Mesh Wreath Bases / 5 Different Methods All Using a 14" Dollar Tree Wreath Frame


  • 3-4 rolls of deco mesh
  • Wreath frame
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • Sign to write on
  • Any other embellishments
  • Marker or paint to decorate sign
  • Zip tie
  • Scissors
diy birthday wreath 1

Step One— Tie the deco mesh in a knot around the inside rung of the wreath frame. In the first video she layers her deco mesh for a fuller and contrasting look. I used a single layer since I was using the same color of deco mesh and also planning to only do deco mesh on 60% of the birthday wreath. I simply did a little bit more deco mesh between each frame then seen in the video. Also, in the second video she uses a lot of zip ties to hand things in place. I found that knotting worked just as well, required less material, and less time. That’s win, win!

Step Two— Pull the deco mesh through each rung to make a loop. Starting from the inside rung, then the middle rung, then the top rung. You should have 3 loops. Decide how big you wont your loops to be. The bigger the loops, the fuller the wreath. But also, the more deco mesh you need. Keep in mind if you want your wreath to look rather full, you’ll need at least 4 deco mesh rolls.

Step Three— Now that you have the 3 loops, scrunch them together. Then, twist the deco mesh rolls that should be underneath the wreath frame.

Step Four— Repeat step two and step three all the way around the wreath frame.

Step Five— When you get to the end of the deco mesh roll, simply cut the end off the roll. Then you could tie the end again to the wreath frame, like when we started. Or you can twist the deco mesh and then twist it around the wreath frame. I typically tie min in place to keep everything securely in place.

diy birthday wreath 2
This is what 1 roll of deco mesh looked like on the wreath frame.

Step Six— Start again from step one tying the new deco mesh roll to the wreath frame and repeat all the steps until your wreath frame is fully covered. I wanted my daughter’s wreath to be similar to my son’s wreath. So, I left at least 30% of my birthday wreath bare and then simply wrapped mesh tube around that side. It’s up to you if you want to add a different feature to your birthday wreath or do all deco mesh. On my son’s wreath he has ribbon wrapped around the side, which is another great idea.

Step Seven— Now that you’ve finished added the deco mesh to the wreath frame, go around and adjust the deco mesh by pulling it to create your desired look.  

Step Eight— I added the mesh tubing by wrapping it around the wreath frame. Like I said, you can also do ribbon or even stick with deco mesh for the whole wreath. With the mesh tubing I used hot glue at the start and finish to hold it in place.

Step Nine— Create your sign for the birthday wreath. I added my daughter’s name, birth weight, length, time of birth, and of course birthday.  

Step Ten—Add the embellishments to the wreath with the hot glue gun.

Step Eleven—I added a zip tie on the back of the birthday wreath to easily hang the wreath.

diy birthday wreath 4

At first, I started with pipe cleaners to tie the deco mesh to the wreath frame. I’m glad I switched to twisting and adding knots to the deco mesh instead because it was rather time consuming to go the pipe cleaner route. Also, the pipe cleaners weren’t keeping the deco mesh in a uniform look, and I was adjusting them. Which would then create holes in the deco mesh.

In the end the wreath looks amazing! I look forward to creating another one for the holidays and different seasons, or for when a friend has a baby to keep the tradition alive.

Another DIY Birthday Wreath

This one is simple enough for anyone to do, and it will add a festive touch to your celebration. we will show you how to make a DIY birthday wreath using materials that you probably already have in your home. Let’s get started!


  • Cardboard or foam board
  • Craft paint in various colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or lace trim in a variety of colors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wire hanger

Step One— Cut a circular shape out of the cardboard or foam board. The size of the circle will depend on the size of your wreath, but we recommend making it at least 18 inches in diameter. If you want to make a really large wreath, you can use a piece of plywood instead of cardboard or foam board.

Step Two— Paint the cardboard or foam board in your desired color(s). We went with shades of pink and purple for our wreath, but you can use any colors that match your party theme.

Step Three— Cut a length of ribbon or lace trim and hot glue it to the edge of the circle. We used two different types of ribbons for our wreath – one was satin ribbon in purple, and the other was a metallic silver lace trim. Glue down about an inch at a time around the whole perimeter so that it stays nice and neat!

Step Four— Cut another color/patterned piece of ribbon or lace trim and glue it in the center of the circle. We used a pink satin ribbon for ours.

Step Five— Cut a wire hanger to the desired length, making sure to leave enough room at the top to form a loop. Twist the ends of the wire together to form a loop, and then hot glue it in place on the back side of the wreath.

Now your DIY birthday wreath is finished! Hang it on your front door, or anywhere else you want to add some festive decorating. Enjoy your party!

Summary of DIY Wreath

-Cut a circular shape out of cardboard or foam board.

-Paint cardboard/foam board with craft paint in various colors.

-Cut ribbon or lace trim to go around the edge of the circle. Glue down about an inch at a time.

-Cut another color/patterned piece of ribbon or lace trim and glue it in the center of the circle.

-Form a wire hanger to desired length, making sure to leave enough room at top to form a loop.

-Twist ends of wire together to form loop, then hot glue in place on back side of wreath.

-Hang your DIY birthday wreath on front door or any other place you want festive decorating!

Happy Birthday! 🙂

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