15 Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Is your big day coming up? First, Happy Birthday! Second, are you planning on having a special photoshoot done?

There are some lovely ideas online and your local photographer may have a nice setup for this occasion. But, if you’re looking for something a bit different, read on. Today, we’ll take a look at 15 photoshoot ideas, so you may just get inspired as well.

Kids Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Kids and photoshoots often don’t mix well. Maybe one of these will make them happy on their big day.

Cake Smash

Who says that a cake smash shoot is only for babies? Probably 8-year-olds, but never mind. The point is that this style of photography is popular for a very good reason. It’s fun!

Plus, you probably already have a photographer close by that specializes in this genre. Even if you’re not bringing in a pro, all you have to do is take a lot of burst shots and pick the pictures you like.

Now, the only question that remains is should you smash the birthday cake or get a separate one? Well, two cakes don’t sound bad at all!

Superhero Brawl

Kids like superheroes. It’s no revelation it’s worth putting out there.

Any kid would love to dress up as their favorite Marvel or DC character and recreate one of the movie posters. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get premium costumes since we have photoshop. A few clicks and all that polyester will look like the real deal.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can film a few clips as well. You can find a bunch of apps that will allow you to add special effects to those videos. Your kid will love those more than most of the presents they will receive on their birthday.

All Grown Up

Children can’t wait to grow up. No bedtime, no school, can eat all the cookies they want, can play video games all the time… Heaven, right? So, give them a taste of it.

Well, not exactly it, but what would it look like to be what they want to be when they grow up. If you already did the superhero thing, this is another cool dress-up idea. For them now, it’s a preview of their dream. For you when they are teenagers, it could be good blackmail material.

Milestone Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Your life itself is worth celebrating, so let it be an inspiration for a great shoot.

Sweet 16

You are far more likely to have a photoshoot for this milestone, than when you turn 18 or 21. It’s easy to put on a lovely outfit and a tiara and call it a day. But you’re here for something else, right?

At 16, you can drive so why not put on racing overalls to go with that tiara? At 16, you can get a passport so why not go for the “Around the World in 80 Days” theme? At 16, you could be called to save the universe (according to comic books and movies), so why not slay a dragon? With tiaras on your and the dragon’s heads.

Fab At Any Age

I love Helen Miren because she posts Instagram videos of herself twirling in pretty dresses. Though she hates being a poster child for aging in style, we should all learn from her how to be awesome, full stop.

Sure, you can get yourself super-pretty and sit for a lovely portrait, but that’s boring. Get off that chair and go enjoy life and enjoy being you. If you want to twirl in a pretty dress, go ahead. If you want to go bungee jumping or maybe picking strawberries, go ahead. Whatever is that makes you happy, go ahead and do it. Leave it to the photographer to capture you being awesome.

Warrior’s Birthday

Life never promised us roses. Everyone will face big challenges that will be difficult to beat. But once you beat them, it’s time to celebrate.

Create a physical representation of the thing that was plaguing you last year. Then, stomp on it, raise a glass and/or a cupcake, and celebrate your victory. That’s playing it safe – you can always go full WWE if you want too.

Your attitude will matter the most. Always remember that this birthday means that you are still winning in this game called life, so treat yourself as a proper champion.

The Birthday Party Photoshoot Ideas

You’re already putting the decor and the outfit together, so why not use them for the shoot as well?

Before The Party

This is similar to getting ready shots in bridal photography. You can have someone take picture of you getting ready: putting on makeup, picking an outfit, having a moment to reflect, etc.

These photos will probably have an introspective tone. Where were you a year ago, where are you going from here… But if that’s too somber for you, you can make it look like those behind-the-scenes photos from Fashion Week.

During The Party

You have two options for getting awesome birthday party pictures, and neither includes your friends being stuck to their smartphones all evening.

The budget-busting one is to hire a professional photographer. The good news is that newbie photographers do a lot of these events for experience before moving on to bridal. So, you can get someone for a lot less money than what you would pay for a wedding.

The other option is to let your friends and family take the pictures, but with disposable cameras. It’s going to become a highlight of the evening. For older folks, it’s a blast from the past, for the youngins, it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma. And for you? It’s a surprise when you develop them.

But whatever you choose, ban posing and go for candid pics. You’re trying to capture how much fun you had, and not shoot for a Sears catalog.

After The Party

Picture the scene: destruction everywhere. Empty bottles and glasses on the table, cake smudged on the floor, confetti all over the place. And there you are, relaxing after an amazing party. After all, can a party be considered good if everything stays in perfect order?

While the first two were introspective and fun respectively, this idea is pure rock’n’roll. The pictures don’t have to be perfect; you don’t have to look perfect. The only thing that matters is that the person looking at them thinks, “I wish I was there that night”.

Friends and Family Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Do you wish to share your spotlight with your loved ones? Here are a few ideas.

Sharing The Date

Is someone else’s birthday the same day as yours or happening soon? Do you like this person? If you do, consider doing the shoot together.

From a practical perspective, your wallets will be happier if you’re planning on hiring a professional photographer. But when it comes to everything else, imagine how much fun you can have!

For example, you can go for the “opposites attract” theme. Your pics together will have this fun dynamic, and when it’s time to go for ones where you appear solo, they will be distinct and special.

Celebrating With Those Who Matter the Most

Once we have kids, it’s difficult to put ourselves into the spotlight even for a day. So share it with them.

There’s nothing cuter than getting your little family into matching outfits and surrounding yourselves with balloons and cupcakes. Even if it’s just simple white T-shirts and jeans, it will send a message that this is a special day for all of you. It’s a simple idea, but good ideas don’t need to be complicated.

By the way, there’s a huge bonus hidden here. You get to do stuff like a cake smash as well. If you were too embarrassed to do something like that before, now you have kids around. Blame it on them and go smash a cake.

Mommy And Me

Let’s be honest, without your mom, your birthday would not exist either. Inviting her to join you on the shoot is a great idea at any time, but especially on those special milestones.

You can be silly, you can be classy – whatever you choose, it will work out great. And I bet you that you will make your mom’s day when you ask her to have this photoshoot with you.

Our Story

You can also always coordinate a birthday photo shoot with your nearest and dearest, then create an album. Each person has a shoot on their own, but you all share a theme. When the year wraps up, you have an amazing art piece. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you have been friends with your core crew for 10 years now. The theme could be “Us, 10 years ago”. Every person tries to reproduce what they looked like in their birthday’s shots from that year. Of course, feel free to glam it up (especially if you were going through an awkward phase back then).

Once all the photos are collected in one spot, you not only have a cool collection, but also a celebration of your friendship.

The Over-The-Top Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Okay, time for some fun. This section is for those who have a bit more cash to spare or have enough creativity to pull it off on a budget. Let’s go that extra mile!

Jet-Setter’s Birthday

Did you know that most of those influencers that show off their ultra-rich lifestyle are faking it? Did you also know that all those mansions and private jets are filming sets that you can rent out?

Yes, you can rent out these things as well. For a price, of course. If you have some spare cash in your budget, you can make it look like you took a private plane and walked the red carpet somewhere. Those who don’t have any of these places close by can always rent a limo and use it both for the shoot and to get to their party in style.

However, if you are on a budget, I hope you have a green screen, a decent set of lights, and good photoshopping skills. After all, if you can’t go to the Oscars, you can always photoshop yourself on the Oscars red carpet.

Fantasies And Fairytales

We are all leads in our personal stories. And what better way to express it than by going full theater kid on your birthday photoshoot.

This is another birthday photoshoot idea that calls for elaborate (and often pricey) sets, but without luxurious condos and celebrity parties. You also get to wear an awesome costume and do elaborate makeup. After all, you are already doing a shoot, so why not go crazy with it? It’s not like they are your wedding photos.

You can probably go to your local theater and gain access to everything you need. Pick ones that puts on opera and ballet since they will have the best stuff. Plus, if you rent one of their stages, you also get all those amazing lights.

No money? No problem. Green screen, photoshop, again. You would be surprised what you can achieve with some tinkering and a chiton made from a bedsheet. Fancy being a Greek god or goddess for your birthday?