How to Get Wrinkles Out of Polyester

Polyester fabric may be wrinkle-resistant but there is no fabric that is 100% crease-free. Polyester can have wrinkles at one point, and if you’ve never tried getting rid of creases from this fabric before, then this guide will give you the best tips on what to do.

But first, let’s understand why polyester may wrinkle.

Does 100% Polyester Fabric Wrinkle?

Yes, polyester can have wrinkles. Polyester is a synthetic fabric made from petroleum by-products and it is strong, durable, and holds its shape well. It is a popular fabric to use in uniforms, sportswear, and military wear since it requires very little care.

Polyester may wrinkle under two kinds of circumstances:

1.When the Polyester Fabric is Blended

Plenty of fabrics are not 100% polyester. They may be a blend of polyester and cotton, which wrinkles easily. 

2.Heat-Set Wrinkles

Sometimes, when the fabric is in a dryer or when worn in a hot and humid environment, the fabric can have creases. Heat can cause the polyester fabric to create wrinkles and when this happens, there are simple ways you can remove them.

Three Methods To Remove Wrinkles From Polyester

1.The Steamer Method

steaming her shirt at home
Young woman steaming her clothes at home

The steamer method is the best way to remove wrinkles on polyester. If you don’t have a fabric steamer, you can use the seam setting in a regular iron.

Turn your garment inside out and hang it. Fill your steamer with water, turn it on, and wait for the steam to come out of the nozzle. Place the steamer about 1″ from your garment, and move up and down. 

2.The Dryer Method

Most dryers have a permanent press setting that is designed to use on synthetic fabrics. This setting does a great job at removing wrinkles, with some machines even calling this setting the “wrinkle control” setting.

In this setting, the dryer alternates between mild heat and cool-down periods, and this avoids the intense heat that can set wrinkles into polyester fabric.

If you’re unsure, use a cold setting on a dryer to prevent the fabric from being exposed to high heat, which can melt and twist polyester. You can also include a fabric softener that prevents static electricity in the dryer. 

3.The Iron Method

ironing polyester fabric with iron

This should only be done as the last resort, such as when you don’t have time to steam or place your garment in a dryer. Remember that heat is polyester’s worst enemy so when you do iron your garment, make sure to use the lowest heat setting.

Use a spray bottle to dampen the wrinkled area on your garment. Place a pressing cloth or if you don’t have one, a tea towel over the flattened area of your garment. 

Move the iron back and forth over the protective cloth smoothly.

Once you’ve steamed, ironed, or dried your polyester fabric, hang immediately and do not place it in a closet while it is still damp. Let it dry completely first. When hanging polyester garments inside a closet, make sure you leave some space between the garments as placing them too close to each other can create wrinkles.

When traveling, use a garment bag or roll them completely inside a suitcase.

Polyester may be wrinkle-resistant but it is not crease-free. It will have wrinkles if exposed to heat. Try these methods for the simplest and easiest ways to remove wrinkles from polyester.