White Lie Party Ideas For Memorable Shirts And Favors

Deciding what to wear for a party can be difficult enough at the best of times. But what if you get invited to a white lies party or are asked to host one of your own? There are lots of funny white lie party ideas you can play around with. But first, you need to know what this is all about.

What Is a White Lies Party?

If you are new to the concept of a white lies party, the basic idea is that you go dressed in a t-shirt with a white lie you once told printed on it. The statement doesn’t have to be true, but it is more fun if it is. You can make the statement as outlandish as possible and maybe even make it relevant to the current situation. Or you can keep it simple with some of the more generic options that are played for laughs, such as the “I totally want to be here” slogans or “I don’t need drink to enjoy this”.

What Is the Point of a White Lies T-Shirt?

The statement on your white lies tee should be used as an ice breaker. It is a way of starting conversations, but also making sure that everyone at the party is on a fairly even playing field. There are no issues about designer clothes, team colors, or anything else when you are all in a basic white shirt with a printed slogan on it. The hard part is thinking of the best white lie shirt ideas. 

Should You Buy a White Lies Tee or Make Your Own?

This is a great question that you should consider carefully because the answer will take you on two very different routes. A pre-printed shirt from an online retailer is the easiest option, especially if you aren’t that bothered about what the shirt says. You can pick up something fairly cheap, knowing you will only wear it once, and go with the flow. You may end up being one of a handful of people that picked the same slogan, or variations on the same theme, but that could give you people to gravitate towards at the party. It is all about minimal effort for maximum reward.

The shirts sold by White Lie Party Decorations are a great example of this. They have multiple shirts with bold slogans on unisex shirts that are cheap and easy to wear. Just pick from the statements and off you go. This is the best option for anything a little more obvious or for more adult humor. Be aware that there are lots of options related to sex, drugs, alcohol, and mental health. So, this isn’t the best approach for those that are underage or a little more sensitive to these subjects.

Alternatively, you may have something very specific that you want to put on a shirt. It might be something unique to your own experience or something that you want to pass on as a message to other partygoers. These shirts can be a great way of confessing a secret to close friends – as long as you know you will be in company you can trust. Or, these shirts could be even a form of coming out in some way.

In these situations, you need a way of customizing a white shirt to suit your needs. The first option here is to find a company such as Kenzel Customized that will print a customized slogan onto a basic white t-shirt and send it out to you. You run a risk with companies like this because of the potential for typos or handling errors. But it may be worth it for something a little more unique and professional looking.

Making Your Own White Lies Party Tee at Home

Personally, I would take the time to make a shirt if you want to make that big of an impact. If you have t-shirt printing tech at home, then you are halfway there. If not, borrow someone else’s. A Cricut machine with infusible ink, heat transfer printer, or heat transfer vinyl is a great way to get a quality design with a nice finish. The other benefit of this approach is that you can print on other blanks like totes and mugs. So, if you host a party, you can print party favors with slogans like “This was the best party ever!” or “little white lies”.

You can get custom Cricut blanks online, such as this Cricut Blank White Shirt, which means your printed shirt won’t look out of place against the mass-produced ones. Look for blanks that can take the infusible ink as these can look better in this sort of situation. The approach is more time-consuming and costly, so I appreciate that it won’t work for everyone. But I can also see why it is so popular when creating something that is unique and memorable.

I also recommend considering some fabric pens if you don’t want the hassle of sourcing a Cricut machine. You can pick some up for very little money, such as this cute Zenacolor 20 Fabric Marker set. This one has plenty of colors so you could stand out with something that isn’t written in black – as black is the go-to color on white lie tees. The only downside I need to point out here is that you need pretty good penmanship and planning to get a good-looking piece of text on your shirt. Take your time with those great white lie party shirt ideas!

White Lies Party Ideas to Make People Think

There are lots of ways to get the ideal shirt for the next white lies party you are invited to. I recommend taking some time to really think about what you want to say and to plan out some bold white lies party ideas for shirts and other party favors. Don’t forget that you can use these printing techniques to make multiple items, which is perfect if you end up hosting one of these yourself. How fun with it and enjoy the reactions at the party.