15 Cloud Ceiling DIY Ideas

You’ve seen it on Instagram and TikTok. You’ve also seen those sped-up videos that make it look easy, so now you want to deck your ceiling with clouds as well. But, where to start?

Start with your vision. Imagine what type of a cloud you would like to have hanging above your head. No worries if you’re completely out of ideas because I have something below to get your creative juices going. I also have the list of appropriate materials, so you don’t pick up the wrong stuff and set yourself on fire.

If you’re ready to go on this journey, let’s get to it without further ado.

The Right Tools for the Job

It’s easy to think that all you have to do is to pick up some cotton batting and old Christmas lights, and you’re ready to go. But wait there for a minute, you could be making a big mistake. As in, a visit from your local fire department.

The Cloud Fluff

Cotton batting sounds like a great idea. It’s cheap and fluffy, and it would look great. After all, you’ve probably used cotton balls at some point to make clouds. But, not so fast.

Cotton has good resistance to heat. However, when it catches fire, it burns at incredible speed. So, having so much exposed raw cotton is a no-go.

Polyester to the rescue! Yes, polyester is essentially plastic and has less resistance to heat. But, it won’t cause your house to burn down if something goes wrong.

Here are some good options:

  • Loose polyester fluff, like this stuff from Fairfield or Butuze. This is the same material that most of the Instagrammers and TikTokers are using in their videos. As little as a couple of pounds could be more than enough for your project.
  • Polyester batting like this one from Mybecca. Rarely used in those trending videos, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some on hand if you want to create more texture. Or if you want to make those waves you can see when flying above the clouds in a plane.
  • Finished clouds like these from Jetec. However, they are rather pricey, so it’s better to use them only as accents.

Let There Be Light

While ye ole Christmas string light will do the trick, it’s better to invest in something a bit safer and more modern.

First, the old ones emit quite a bit of heat. And considering that your clouds are going to be lit up longer than an average Christmas tree, that may turn out to be a problem.

Second, they are boring. And they will not give you the same effect as more contemporary models. That being said, here are cloud ceiling light options that you can check out.

  • They don’t have to be fancy as long as they are safe. Tape lights are a lot safer than string lights, making them perfect for this project. If you are in the market for plain white lights, check out these from Daybetter. They come with a dimmer so you can adjust them to your mood.
  • If you want color, these lights from Govee are my top choice. They connect to an app that allows you to set the color, rhythm, and brightness to your liking. One thing that is extra special about these is that you can set which segment will emit which color.
  • A good budget buy are these from Daybetter. They don’t come with an app, but they are a perfect option if you have a lot of “sky” to cover. You can still customize them by using the included remote control.

Putting It All Together

So, how do you stick the ceiling clouds up there?

First, you will need a couple of more things. You’ll need to pick up some poster board, double-sided tape, hot glue gun, or spray adhesive. If you’re using the spray, prep a mask and gloves to protect yourself.

Attach the poster board to the ceiling using double-sided tape. Even if you’re not renting, you don’t want to start gluing everything to the ceiling directly.

Attach the lights with tape or glue, your choice. Just keep in mind that it will be difficult to reuse or replace them if you glue them on.

Then, pick up your adhesive of choice and chunks of poly fluff, and have at it, simple as that!

Feel free to add other elements like baubles or decals if you wish. Have fun with your design.

Cloud Ceiling DIY Ideas

Here’s some inspiration to get the creative juices going. Of course, you can place the fluff randomly and it will still look great. After all, real clouds don’t go through a strict planning process either.

But if you don’t like leaving things to chance, let’s see what other people have done and if we can get inspired by them.

1. The “vanilla” sky

cloud ceiling


This is probably what got you hooked.

Feel free to attach the lights to the ceiling in a wiggly pattern and then just pack the polyester fluff randomly as you go. It’s bound to look interesting no matter what.

2. Pink paradise

cloud ceiling 2


The ultimate girly room, only missing a winged unicorn.

These clouds are not as lit as other options on the list, but it shows how they can still create a dreamy feel.

If you already live in a pink world/room, feel free to create some interest and contrast with yellow and/or turquoise lights.

3. Sky bar

cloud ceiling 3


This is a great idea for a home as well as a business. Especially if you are considering one of those lounges that play nothing but smooth jazz or trip-hop.

Or, you can pull this idea out if someone makes you responsible for your school’s prom or winter formal.

4. Stormy skies

cloud ceiling 4


Here is proof that you don’t need a lot of colors to achieve dramatic results.

The key to getting this much drama is to pack the clouds in certain areas very tightly. And don’t skimp on the light. Position them just off the thinner areas and turn the brightness to the highest setting. This could be another fun craft to do on a rainy day, pun intended.

5. Cloudy with a chance of sunshine

cloud ceiling 5


For this project, you don’t even need to buy the lights. Just concentrate on packing the clouds and let your regular ceiling light play the role of the Sun.

6. Going down?

cloud ceiling 6


So, this looks a bit scary. Still awesome though.

This picture goes to show that you don’t have to go for a cyber or celestial theme to enjoy this project.

7. Life in monochrome

cloud ceiling 7


The owner of this room must love blue a lot.

Going monochrome for interior design can look good, as long as you know what you’re doing. In this picture, the solid blue is broken up by lights in complementary colors. Meaning, even though this is a “young” trend, it can still make your space look expensive.

8 Accent colors

cloud ceiling 8


From a single glance, you could hardly tell that most of the things in this room are either black or white.

A bold accent color can do a lot to elevate a space, and LED lights make it easy to create any look that comes to mind.

9. Let it show

cloud ceiling 9


It’s fine to let the lights show here and there. It could even mimic the look of a night sky.

By the way, this is the only time that it’s okay to use classic string lights since they drape better. Just be careful not to leave them on when you leave the house.

10. Complete the kids’ room

cloud ceiling 10


Of course, that this trend is perfect for kids! And it will work with almost any theme and decor. It will also match well with the Moon clock, star lamp, and everything that flies.

11. Do you ever leave the house?

cloud ceiling 11


If we’re playing a fun game, probably not.

Cloud ceiling lights shifting through all the colors of rainbow match perfectly with gaming gear. I love the matching lights attached to corners and furniture. With this much color and light, who needs the Sun?

12. Making the toilet look nice

cloud ceiling 12


Okay, this is not a toilet in the picture, but you get the gist.

In short, you don’t have to confine cloud ceilings to your bedroom, but use them to beautify any other room in the house.

13. Thunderbolts and lightning

cloud ceiling 13


Let’s talk about two things. First, your cloud ceiling doesn’t have to be on the ceiling alone.

And second, get to know your lights. With some smart planning, you can either create a celestial effect or a thunderbolt frozen in time.

14. In the eye of the storm

cloud ceiling 14


Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a center of a tornado? Well, now you can do it without blowing yourself away to Oz.

Or you can use this idea and create a completely new design. Or do two layers of light: one for calmer skies and one when you’re in a mood for a tornado adventure.

15. The ceiling cloud

cloud ceiling 15


Before this trend, if you were to google this topic, you would see advice for soundproofing a recording studio.

This cloud’s purpose is to reduce reflected sound in large and open areas. Well, our cloud can do the same job, and it will look great while doing it.

Here’s Another Easy Way to Make DIY Cloud Ceiling

What You’ll Need:

  • Plywood or other sheet material (depending on the size of your desired cloud ceiling)
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Circular saw or jigsaw
  • High density foam insulation (enough to cover the plywood you selected)

Step One: Measure and Cut the Plywood. Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure out the dimensions for your cloud ceiling. Then using a circular saw or jigsaw, cut out the shape of the clouds. If you are making more than one cloud, make sure to mark out where each one will go before cutting.

Step Two: Cover the Plywood with Foam Insulation. Cut pieces of high density foam insulation to fit over the plywood clouds. Use spray adhesive to attach them, making sure to get all the edges and corners.

Step Three: Enjoy Your New Cloud Ceiling! Hang your cloud ceiling in a place where you can enjoy the view. You may want to use some hooks or nails to secure it in place. And that’s it! You now have a beautiful sky-inspired addition to your home.

Modern Chandelier Cloud

Modern chandelier cloud

First, choose an area of your room where you want to install the new feature – this could be in the middle of the space or off to one side.

Next, decide on what type of chandeliers you would like to use as well as their size and shape. You can go for something classic and timeless, such as elegant crystal pendants or bright glass globes, or opt for something more contemporary with sleek metal fixtures and minimalist designs.

Once that’s done, measure up how much lighting cable you will need so that each individual fixture hangs at different heights from the ceiling. This part requires patience and accuracy but don’t worry if you make mistakes since most hardware stores stock extra supplies just in case.

When everything is ready, hang the lights one by one until they are all securely attached – making sure not to overload any circuits in the process.

Finally, add a fluffy white fabric canopy underneath them which will catch light beautifully and give your new installation a dreamy ethereal atmosphere.

It doesn’t take much effort to transform a mundane living space into a magical getaway – just pop open those toolboxes and get creative!

Cloud Time

Pick out a design or you can pick your supplies and get started. The ideas will come to you as you create your design. That’s what’s awesome about clouds. And if you need to look back as a reference it’s easy to do so.

Next, check out our DIY electric fireplaces. These are also, becoming all the trend these days, and for a good reason, they look amazing! Happy crafting!