Christmas Lights Project for Kids

christmas light box 1

It’s always fun to put the Christmas lights up, not so much to take them down! Even harder I’ve noticed since we’re have kids. Our kids love our Christmas lights and they actually get sad when we take them down. So, my husband has just replaced our water heater and had the box laying around and thought this would be a fun idea!

I took a screwdriver and made holes on the top of the box for the Christmas lights to go in. Then I added the Christmas lights. Same theory as putting the Christmas lights on the tree. I started with the end that needs to plug into the wall and made sure that could reach the outlet. Then, I pushed one light into each hole. I guessed on the holes, so as I went, I had to make some extra holes because sometimes the lights couldn’t reach. Also, at the end I didn’t have enough holes. I didn’t waste the time to count the holes and needed a few extra. Which was no problem. This was such an easy Christmas lights project! No real planning required, who doesn’t love that?!? Also, I’m sure you have everything you need on hand already: Christmas lights, a screwdriver, and a box.

Man did the kids love this idea! My baby who could crawl at the time and 3-year-old played nicely in the box for a few days. The box ended up lasting a week, which was longer than I anticipated. But it was fun, easy and a way the kids could slowly say goodbye to the Christmas lights.

Keep in mind when you take out the Christmas lights that they do fight tightly into the holes in the box. I’d recommending wiggling the lights first to increase the hole size in the box. Otherwise, the light bulbs can become detached and create another issue and project in itself. Hope this brings your family as much joy as it did ours!

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